Design studio apartment project: interior tech

Design project of studio apartments (36 photos): creation and design options


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  • 1 Create a design project
  • 2 design options
    • 2.1 The principle of zoning
    • 2.2 Colors and redevelopment
  • 3 Summing up
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In this article, our renovated school will talk about how to create your design project studios, as well as consider the most interesting options for the implementation of this interior.

Fashion for the studios came to us from the west. In the US, they appeared in the 20s of the last century and is quite popular now. Design studio apartments with their own hands - this is the best budget accommodation for one or a family of two people, mostly young people.

design project studio apartmentsThe popularity of such a plan in the post-Soviet space is easily explained. Modest "odnushki" after the demolition of interior walls and look much more spacious, and are used much more functional.

It is worth noting that the studio apartment now - it is not just fashionable, but also prestigious, because such housing looks pretty stylish, it shows the creative nature and gives the owner a lot of room for fantasy.

Create a design project

design of apartments in the style of high-techSeparation columns using the bar and

If you decide to turn his apartment into a studio without resorting to professional designers, is useful to you plan to carry out the necessary works:

Measurements room. Measure is not only the distance between the walls, but also the distance to objects - windows, doors, etc.

Direct planning of premises:

  • which contains the basic functional groups;
  • like arranging furniture;
  • as inserted by the sanitary equipment;
  • how resolved the issues of rest (if the family will live two people) and storage.

3D-visualization. In any graphics editor draw the plan of the future premises, causing objects (windows, doors), and then place the furniture.

Tip! If you plan to leave something out of old furniture were measured her and "try on" on the plan.

Do not rely on the good eye: thumbs sticking angle of the fenced box or completely spoil the interior design studio apartments.

Design. Using the same renderer pick up color and texture of the future finishing, decoration and other interior solutions.

Additional plans. If necessary, make a plan for dismantling of barriers, lighting plan and placement of outlets.

design options

Interior design studio apartments

Designer partition

Planning home design - the most interesting part of the creation of the design project. You can connect all their imagination.

Consider the most functional solutions, which can be taken as a basis for future interior.

The principle of zoning

Designer baffle acts as a "flavor" of the interior, as well as the basis for the mounting bracket under the TV.

Zoning clearly emphasize the difference in floor coverings and sharp color contrast between the violet kitchen and sleeping area, brick-colored.

Despite the combination of space, there is room for a little privacy, for example, when the hostess prepares a landlord watching TV. Quite suitable option for a family.

Zoning performed using a column coupled to an opening simulating arch, as well as the bar.

Colors and redevelopment

  1. The room is decorated in green, and the kitchen - blue tones. The difference leads to a single floor finish.
  2. Suspended from the ceiling to watch TV comfortably while in any zone. This option is ideal for both families as well as for one tenant, it will also be very useful when receiving guests.
  3. If the room is narrow, it can be extended by combining with a loggia. Instead of partitions, you can install shelving that will be used for storage or for decorative purposes.
  4. The lodge can arrange a small "office". Run easy zoning using shades of wallpaper, but this does not necessarily - the rack is well shared area.
  5. This version of the design ideas fit with the L-shaped layout, when the kitchen is around the corner and is designed for a single occupant.

Tip! Studio apartment can be created from a one-bedroom apartment. In this case, if there is a need to separate the bedroom, you can do so using the parent (for hi-tech or modern) or sliding (classical style) partitions.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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