Room design project, a ready example of the interior apartments for a teenager with his own hands

Design project of teenager's room (36 photos): color, decoration and furniture


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Developing a design project for a teenager room necessarily need to take into account the fact that adolescence age is a turning point in a person's life when the character is formed, and the world system values.

It was as a teenager for the child so important to have a separate room, some personal, separate territory, which the teenager will feel protected.

room design project

A separate room or a part of?

Personal room for a teenager is a kind of "marker of independence" and therefore, in its planning, design and interior details can not be.

Note! Preferably, if the teenager will be allocated is a separate, detached from the other room, and not just the area in the common room or workplace for schoolwork.

Naturally, the possibility is not always, however, strive to planning the interior design of the room for a teenager, it is necessary to do so.

Working on the design ideas of the room, you need to consider both design aspects (style of the room, finish, color, materials) and functionality.

Private room at the disposal of a teenage student, must be equipped with workplace, it should It is a place to relax, as well as a sufficient number to store school supplies and personal cupboards and shelves of things.

In addition, student room design would have to assume that there is sufficient lighting as a general (chandelier or lamp) and local (different sconces, lamps and table lamps).

Also, when choosing a room make sure that that there were enough large windows. No artificial lighting and ventilation can not replace natural sunlight and fresh air.

room design project for a teenager

Natural lighting is very important

Picking up the decoration and furniture, you can use ready-made design projects of apartments.

However, it is best to design your own and bring to work on the design and finish of the teenager.

Choosing a color scheme of your room, thinking through the design of the walls with his own hands, choosing wallpaper or furniture, he will feel that you are his trust, you think it quite independent to make responsible decisions and, therefore, think is already enough adults.

Such moments of constructive self-assertion are critical in the formation of the adolescent's personality.

design subtleties

Choosing a color scheme

The initial stage in the development of design - a selection of colors.

  • Please note that the room your child will be a long time, so the palette should be supportive, not irritate the eyes and do not oppress the teenager.
  • interior design of the room for a teenager

    Color spectrum

  • Optimally, if the room is decorated in light and bright, but natural, not acidic tones. Shades of yellow, orange, green, blue or blue should be fine.
  • But dark tones - bottle green, purple or dark blue will act oppressively.
  • You need to be careful in the use of red in the interior of the room. The abundance of red, scarlet or purple will irritate and provoke nervousness, but few Red accents on a more soothing colors will invigorate and enhance mental activity.
  • With the colors of a teenager's room can be divided into different zones. Part of the bed (relaxation area) can be designed using quiet, light colors - beige, light blue or pink, and the region around the working table can be finished in contrasting colors.

finishing room

The decoration of the walls is most often used wallpaper, wall panels or paint.

Wallpaper is better to choose with your child, you yourself can hardly guess what pictures or colors will fall to his liking.

Keep in mind that the tastes of children in adolescence are changing very rapidly, the more independence show the teenager in the selection of wallpaper, the fewer problems it will arise later to the interior of the room.

Note! Even if the wallpaper in your child's preserved well enough in the design should be replaced for the teen room design.

If you want to design an apartment in the style of minimalism, as a finishing material suitable structure paint or decorative plaster. They are practical, durable, and allow you to choose a wide range of colors and shades.

As a floor covering can be advised practical combination with a bright cork floor carpet or carpet quality. Drawing and color palette of the last should be in harmony with the overall finish.

Design apartments in pictures


Complement the finishing can be different stickers and stencils, which today are abundant in building supermarkets. Choosing this decoration can be entirely trusted to the teenager, and stick them he can independently.

Note! If you develop the design of the interior with their own hands at home for schoolboy teenager's room is necessary choose building and finishing materials specifically certified for use in children institutions.

If the seller can not give you a certificate certifying the safety of a material, give up its acquisition, however attractive it may look, and what may be the enticing to the price.


If you have studied modern design apartments in the pictures, you could not help but notice that a modern room for a teenager - a multi-functional space.

ready design projects of apartments for free


This is both a bedroom and living room and game room, and an office. Consequently, furniture should be versatile enough to suit any situation, while at the same time not to clutter the limited space.

The room must be sufficiently large and comfortable wardrobe. The presence of his closet with clothes will promote adolescent self-reliance and self-help skills.

Dressing the girls to do a little larger than a wardrobe for a teenage boy, in addition, for girls is almost binding is the presence near the wardrobe dresser with a sufficient amount of shelves and drawers, as well as large mirror.

Sleeper can be a classic bed, sofa, sofa or couch. Original solution could be a bed, a wardrobe, a retractable day in a niche in the wall and reveals to sleep.

Also important is the choice of furniture for the workplace of a teenager, especially schoolchildren. Today, there are many models of desktops, but be careful, most of them are suitable only for adults because of their dimensions.

By selecting a desk and chair (or chair) considering its growth. In no case do not buy the furniture "for growth", this has a negative impact both on the bearing, and the child's vision.

Free project design apartments

Workplace schoolboy

Diversify the interior of a room for a teenager can be a variety of ottomans, Sonetka, bean bags, original and unusual furniture.

Friends of your child coming to visit, appreciate this diversity.

If a child is interested in computers, trimmed with him a room in a futuristic style, or hi-tech style.

If it drags science - highlight in a small corner of the room under the mini-lab.

Wildlife enthusiasts will love the aquarium, terrarium or cage with the animals.

No matter how sophisticated the professional design projects, nearer and dearer to your child's room is that you furnish your own hands.

Thus, the design is approved, it's time to start its implementation. If you will do this together, a room to your son or daughter just love it!

Summing up

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