Interior of a small children's room for a child 7, 8, 9 years old

Consider a unique project from the by Pavel Gerasimov .Interior design of a small children's room only 11 square meters. Everything, that have conceived to make, it turned out prevoskodno.

What we managed to do in the children's room

Design a small children

Photo 1 - Design of a small children's room for two girls

A small children's room for two girls housed a workstation, a spacious closet, shelves and two full beds that turn into two small sofas,freeing up space for games.

Than the walls are decorated with a floor and a ceiling in the children's room

The room is decorated in warm light colors. Plinths of plasterboard, serving the demarcation of space, are a continuation of the walls and painted in the same light beige color. White sections on the walls visually draw the room and make it lighter.

Podium in the children's room


Photo 2 - Children's room with a podium. Original design

Beds in the nursery, pushed into the podium. Lots of free space

Photo 3 - Beds in the nursery, pushed into the podium. A lot of free

mice The floor is finished with a light laminate, at the window it goes to the podium. The podium in the room performs a huge task. It is in it, 2/3 of the beds are hidden during the day, and children's toys appear on the vacated place from the hatch located in the center of the podium.

Two-level ceiling in the nursery combines two types of finishes. On the edges of the construction of gypsum board, painted in white. In the center is a glossy stretch ceiling of terracotta( orange) color, which thanks to the built-in illumination is able to change its hue.

Correct furniture in a small nursery

Designing a work area in the children

Photo 4 - Designing a work area in a children's room for girls

A miniature two-winged wardrobe, like a desk, is located on the catwalk at the window. They are made of wood and harmoniously correspond with the main colors of the room. Functionality space adds a large number of shelves for books and for toys. Retractable beds are also made of wood, orthopedic mattresses on them are carefully covered with quilted covers.

Multifunctional lighting in the room

Built-in LED ceiling lighting is more decorative, the functional load carries spotlight. Built-in lamps are located around the perimeter of the ceiling part of the plasterboard. In addition, over each bed, closed wall lights are installed.

Do not forget that such a small room was meant for two girls. And it was necessary to make a game zone, since the girls are only 8 years old.

The small area of ​​the room ( only 12 meters) is not burdened with a lot of additional decor, its role is played by toys placed on open shelves and colored pads on improvised sofas. Rolled Greek curtains with an intricate children's pattern are complemented by a light light green tulle .

Author of the design: Pavel Gerasimov

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