Child's room for two girls 8 years and flat design for girls

Child's room for two girls (36 photos). Features bunk beds and structures inside the cabinet and bed-podium


Table of contents

  • 1 Choosing furniture
  • 2 types of beds
    • 2.1 Bunk
    • 2.2 The bed inside a cabinet
    • 2.3 Bed-podium
  • 3 About the importance of zoning
  • 4 Summing up
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Room for any girl - is, first and foremost, private space, which should correspond to the children's notions of beauty and comfort. Thus, the interior of a child's room for two girls should include a small amount of furniture, low pedestals and cabinets with open shelves.

The style of its execution will depend solely on the age and the nature of your child.

Child's room for two girls

Choosing furniture

design of the room for two girls

The interior in pastel colors

Note! It has long been denied by a rule that the design of a child's room for two girls provides exceptionally bright furniture and pastel tones. You can safely choose bright shades and colors.

  • If you want to dilute some monotony of the interior, use stickers or application on the wall. It is possible to represent the favorite cartoon characters or animals, birds and butterflies.
  • For a teenage girl interior may be made with hearts elements. If you want to create a marine or natural atmosphere, make a choice in favor of photo wallpapers and various decorative elements.

Typically, design of the room for the girls performed in less variegated colors, it is more restrained and austere.

Design for two girls

Bright solution for furniture

  • Very often designers prefer white. This is due to its versatility and ability to form color duets with different shades. Therefore, the choice of material and color of curtains, bedspreads or rugs you will not have problems.
  • Before you proceed to the process of transformation of the children's room soberly assess their capabilities and take an interest in the views of the child.
design for girls 8 years

Original covers in the room

  • If you are not willing to change the interior design every few years, just buy a good-quality furniture with the possibility of transformation and increase in area and height. Years later, you will only have to update the decor, curtains and bedspreads. The furniture will serve you for many years, of course, if it is reliable and meets all quality standards.

Types of Beds:

  • bunk;
  • bed-podium;
  • withdrawable bed;
  • Bed inside the furniture.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

types of beds


When selecting this design very often flare up scandals and battle over the one who is going to sleep on the top floor.

Note! When choosing this type of bed in the store the first thing you should notice is the height of ceilings in the apartment. If it is less than 260 cm, a child who sleeps at the top may be too stuffy. In this case, the idea should be abandoned.

The bed inside a cabinet

interior for two girls

Example beds, built-in furniture components

Very often the interior of a child for the two girls is complemented by a special bed, which is located inside furniture, such as cabinet. This design solution is considered to be quite costly, but practical, it will significantly increase the working space.


Settling due to lifting of the floor, and even allows you to fit a large double bed with no loss of usable space.

There are several options for podium performance that differ in height.

Podium, whose height is 30 cm, can be used as a sofa or bed, and at the same time be a place to store the bedding (blankets, bedspreads, pillows and linen). In this case, it is best to use the front loading.

design for girls

EXAMPLE extendable bed-podium

The second variant of the podium - foam. In this case, the height of the canister must be calculated on the assumption that it should fit sleeper.

During the day this space is empty, and in the evening your child to easily roll out bed, upset his mattress up and arranged to sleep.

On this podium can be placed chairs, ottomans, mobile tables.

About the importance of zoning

It is very important to design a child's room for a girl of 8 years is fully consistent with the individuality of your child. The room should be properly zoned. Each zone should be responsible for a certain period of time the child's daily routine.

Do not forget that the girl is very important to have mirrors and room for changing clothes. The ideal goal in this case can serve as a closet with a mirror.

Summing up

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