Repair the walls with his own hands: technology, insulation, trim plasterboard

Repair the walls with his own hands. Using drywall. Finishing in houses of clay and wood. Insulation of the outside


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  • 1 finishes
    • 1.1 color
    • 1.2 Plaster
    • 1.3 Wallpaper
    • 1.4 Tile
    • 1.5 Bung
    • 1.6 Drywall - a unique material
  • 2 Houses made of clay
  • 3 Houses made of wood
  • 4 insulate outside
  • 5 Summing up

Quite a crucial stage during the repair of the room is a wall decoration - those parts of the interior, which is always in full view of guests and residents of the apartment. It is thanks to them to create the necessary atmosphere and design of the room.

In this article, we'll show you how to do the repairs of the walls with his own hands, what materials to use and how to do the job efficiently and quickly.

Repair the walls with his own handsAny repairs to the room with your hands consists of several stages, including and walls. The easiest embodiment in this case, of course, is the alignment of the plaster and subsequent painting surface.

This solution does not require a large amount of financial investments and carried out fairly quickly. But if you want to create a unique design to repair the approach should be quite different.

Overhaul process includes warming the room and alignment surface and the further operations depend on the selected coating.


Repair the walls with their hands Video



Coloring - a rather outdated method of decorative finishes of walls with his own hands, but in combination with other materials, it is possible to achieve a rather interesting design effects.

Traditionally used those kinds of paints, which do not violate the moisture exchange: acrylic, water-based or vodnodispersnuyu.

Note! With latex paint can be painted not only the walls, but the wallpaper.


Another option could be finishing decorative plaster. Resilience, ease of application and a variety of colors - it's not all advantages of the material.

With the help of plaster can achieve the simulation of different materials: flock, stone, wood, fabric.


More often than not, to repair the apartment with his hands - the walls are covered with wallpaper. This is a fairly cheap option, allows you to experiment with color and texture of the coating.

Wallpaper for painting, glass, vinyl - there are plenty of options to create in making repairs in the room exclusive design.


In rooms that are exposed to high temperature and humidity, using a ceramic tile. Durable and beautiful material easy to clean and allows selection of a plurality of colors, textures and patterns. By the way, the repair of the walls in the bathroom and the bathroom was performed using tiles.


If the coating beauty is not an important factor, it is possible to use cork. It's pretty good stuff, because it has good sound and heat insulation. And the price sure to please economical builder.

If price is no object and you want to get a truly unique construction - wall decoration is done with a cloth. This new type of coating features easy installation and a wide selection of colors and textures.

Drywall - a unique material

Repair of walls with plasterboard

Furring for gypsum board

Finishing with plasterboard with their hands, not only the walls, but the ceiling is now the most popular. Thin plaster sheets covered durable cardboard, you can create any decorative elements in the room, quickly and easily prepare for further finishing.

By itself, drywall repair is quite simple. By means of screws or nails with wide sheets of caps fastened to the sheathing.

Suffice it to prepare in advance the placement drawing sheets, cut into pieces of the required size and fasten them with a drill at low speed.

For a brick wall will require a framework of wooden beams, which will be strengthened and sheets. Putty gaps close and bolt heads are covered with lacquer to prevent corrosion.

When using frame increase the heat and sound insulating properties, but can be used and the method of direct pasting when the sheets are mounted directly on the surface.

If you are still afraid of their own to make repairs plasterboard walls - a video in this article will help you understand the intricacies of the process.

Houses made of clay

Repair wall decoration

adobe masonry

The walls in high-rise buildings do not require special handling during the renovation, all that can be required of you - a rough alignment. Quite a different approach is required for repair in private homes that are made of exotic materials.

A house with adobe walls. Such built in areas rich in clay deposits. The clay blended with any fibrous materials (hay moss, wood chips), and the bricks formed from it.

Saman good quality is easily chopped ax without cracks and may fall from the height of human growth without breaking. Masonry is the same as a brick.

Performing repair adobe walls, you should know that their destruction is due to the lack of proofing.

The main factors to be overcome:

  1. Create the necessary conditions that prevent wetting of the ground water, as well as to make cold-resistant cap. For protection against rain needs ledge width of at least 40 cm. Heavily damaged areas are replaced by taking care of waterproofing.
  2. When the buckling and deformation, check the building structure. It is necessary to reduce the lateral pressure and strengthen the overlap.
  3. With the destruction of the roof, take care of waterproofing and only then handle the repairs.
  4. Also these damages may occur destruction of angles and slopes of edges that obscure or eliminate plaster special tool - an extruder designed for operation with adobe.

In order to strengthen the old pottery designs can perform a simple set of works, which allows to bring the surface in perfect condition.

  1. First, remove all the clay, behind the sublattice.
  2. From scrap materials manufactured metal frame, which is fixed to the wall with brackets.
  3. Smeared all cracks cement solution, sand, and clay. After drying is carried out plastering.
  4. For decorative effect we put the finishing putty.

And help to repair the walls of video, specially prepared for you.

Houses made of wood

Repair of video walls

Wall of a wooden house

Not less common in wood structures. The ambiance inside such buildings acts on the guests and the hosts calming and fresh and fragrant air gives a good mood.

Wood requires constant care, the only repair option - replacing sections.

With the system supports the load on the damaged portion is removed, damaged timber is removed and replaced with new ones. This work is quite complicated, requiring the participation of several people.

It is better to take care of waterproofing, facing the exterior walls suitable materials, creating a system of gutters and drainage of the soil under the house.

insulate outside

Repair of the wall itself

Exterior insulation

For any required external facing surface. Wind and rainfall gradually erode any material adverse effect on its thermal and sound insulation qualities.

Furthermore, after prolonged exposure which may lead to collapse of a wall and the necessity of costly recovery.

insulation procedure:

  • On the surface of the adhesive layer is applied, which allows secure insulation materials.
  • On this layer with attached plate anchors based foam.
  • Set on top of the foam masking grid is applied two coats of putty.
  • Performing repair and insulation of exterior walls, the last stage is applied decorative and protective layer of silicate mineral plasters or facade paints.

Summing up

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