Decorating of fireplace with his hands: the better and faster to finish all

Decorating of fireplace with your hands (33 photos): video instruction to perform work


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Decorating of fireplace with his hands - a difficult task, but fascinating. Any webmaster wants to create a self-renovated home is the fireplace, which he dreamed.

A whole variety of ways fireplaces allows you to select the design option that you like.

Decorating of fireplace with his hands

The most popular ways of finishing today are:

  • lined with ceramic tiles;
  • cladding tiles.

It is this way of finishing and is dedicated to this material.

Ceramic plating

How to decorate a fireplace


Facing ceramic tile - a relatively simple way to finish. Do the job almost anyone can master - most importantly, choose the right materials and comply with particular stacking technology.

types of tiles

  • majolica (pressed tile patterned coated glaze);
  • terracotta (unglazed ceramic);
  • clinker;
  • granite.

All of these materials except large thermal conductivity, characterized presentable appearance, mechanical strength, surface resistance to high temperatures and durability.

refractory majolica

Refractory majolica (price - from 600 rubles. pcs.)

Tile size for lining is also important. Elements of large size is easier to style, however, it is much more difficult to adjust under the required size and irregular shape parts of the fireplace (tabs, shelves, niches).

In addition to choosing the tiles for finishing special attention must be paid to the choice of adhesive. For facing fireplaces suitable heat resistant adhesives such as "refractory BIRSS 26 G-2". It is composed of elastic material, which neutralize the thermal deformation of the adhesive layer resulting from the heating and cooling.

The sequence of work

  • The surface is carefully cleaned from dust and mud particles. Laying seams deepen on 10-12 mm (actually perform the same operations as in the preparation of walls under plaster). If the fireplace has previously been painted, remove paint using a wire brush or anchoring on the surface mesh with 15x15 mm cell.
  • Customized elements for stacking, cutting them according to the desired shape and size. Laying begin after the set trimmed in size.
  • Immediately prior to laying the mark up the surface. For the markup, we can use a plumb line or level. Also (if possible) the horizontal level can be set with the help of lasers.
  • Laying begin with the bottom row, with the first whole tile. Apply the adhesive to the surface the size of a two-tile and distribute evenly with a notched edge trowel or spatula. Pressed against the glue hands, rap hammer with a rubber attachment if necessary.
  • After laying a number check via level laying plane. The earlier conducted such an audit, the easier it will be possible to make corrections.
  • To gaps in the row and between rows are the same, use the remote dividers (plastic crosses, which can be purchased at any hardware store).
  • Immediately after the tile is laid, remove solution residues from its surface.
  • Grouting (jointers) manufacture once fully frozen glue. For use Guta grouting mortar on cement basis, which fill the joints with a rubber spatula or trowel. Filled align the seam with a damp sponge.
  • After fugovochny solution dries (15-20 minutes), the surface being cleaned hard sponge or flannel cloth clean.

After polymerization, the adhesive joints can handle the dirt-repellent composition. Your fireplace is ready to use!

Facing tiles

Fireplace, lined with tiles

Fireplace, lined with tiles

Facing stoves and fireplaces with tiles is a finishing technology, the waste for centuries. They are a special form of ceramic tiles.

According to the structure of the tiles are smooth and raised, by the nature of the surface - glazed (majolica) and terracotta. The most common type are coated with majolica smooth pattern.

Unlike the ceramic tiles is present on the inner side of the open box projection (Rump). With Rump fastened to the surface to be covered, providing heat accumulation and the heat transfer quality.

Rump the tile


Note! The mass of elements is much greater than the mass of any ceramic tile, so the foundation should be appropriate. In addition, stacking technology requires that the lower their number also relied on the foundation.

Independently brick fireplace tiles difficult, but still possible. But even if you choose to seek help from a professional oven-builder, a basic knowledge of the lining of the fireplace and plaster furnace technology you can not hurt.

Before laying the elements one party is required to sort, since some error in the shade is still possible. Darker over the lower part.

All elements customize the size, cutting unnecessary protrusions. This can be done either conventionally through the steel strip and using the grinder. The sections were matched tiles grind on diamond circle (you can use the same grinder).

For surface elements secured with steel wire. Series (vertical and horizontal) are interconnected flat steel braces.

For mounting use crutches - segments of steel wire of about 5 mm in diameter, which are inserted in holes Rump.

finishing technology:

  • Before installation to half fill Rump solution mixture of clay and broken bricks (used ordinary red brick). The same solution rather than lime plaster is used to fill the space between the rows of stacked items.
  • After that, the holes Rump insert a crutch. By mid crutch bind soft steel wire, the other end of which is embedded in the masonry joint.
  • Rump fill to the brim with clay mortar with brick rubble.
  • Tile laid on a desired place and presses it tightly embedded wire extending from the crutch seam between the bricks in the brickwork.
    Scheme facing tiles

    Driving lining

  • Several established thus contractible elements interconnected metal straps or wire.

As you can see, tiles cladding technology has many nuances. Adds to the complexity and high cost of even "practice" without spending is unlikely to succeed.

But a fireplace can be painted with special heat-resistant paint or decorative plaster to treat their own hands.

And if you decide to do on their own facing the fireplace, we advise you not to rush and to examine thoroughly as possible all the recommendations on this issue.

Ceramic tiles and tiles - is not the only answer to the question "How to decorate a fireplace?". In any case, the final result depends on your imagination and skill.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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