Fixing plasterboard to the wall without a frame: video-installation instructions with their hands, how to sheathe, paste, Price, Photo

Fixing plasterboard to the wall without a frame on the glue


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  • 1 frameless installation
    • 1.1 Preparing walls for work
    • 1.2 Mounting
  • 2 conclusion

In some cases, the walls of plasterboard lining without a skeleton is a necessity. Most often, this method is used in small rooms where the area does not allow to build the frame.

All the subtleties of the process we describe in our article.

Installation of drywall on the walls without a skeleton on the glue

Installation of drywall on the walls without a skeleton on the glue

frameless installation

Glue for drywall EUROVIX «ET-51"

Glue for drywall EUROVIX «ET-51" (the price - from 340 rubles).

To install the FCL without sheathing designed a lot of kinds of glue, so the question of how to sheathe the walls of plasterboard without frame has only technical in nature. Currently in stores you can find such popular brands as PERLFIX, SUPERFIX, EUROMIX, POLIMIN and this is not an exhaustive list.

Preparing walls for work

Cleaning of old paint on the wall

Cleaning of old paint on the wall

  • To paste the drywall on the walls without a skeleton, the surface must have a good capacity for adhesion, but in any case not to create conditions for cohesion
    . In other words, the adhesive must interact well with the work plane, but it does not tear out when drying sections. The latter case, if the wall there is old paint, wallpaper or plaster ill keep.
  • To get rid of old paint or wallpaper, you need a hard short spatula width 8-10 cm, cut the length. For such work are ideal old metal spatulas, made in the Soviet Union, where the metal is quite thick and bends.
Cleaning the walls of old wallpaper

Cleaning the walls of old wallpaper

  • In order to remove from the walls of old wallpaper, as shown in the photo above, they should be wet cloth or sponge soaked in water. After 20 minutes it is possible to start working.
Repel the old plaster with a hammer and chisel

Repel the old plaster with a hammer and chisel

  • Removing old plaster, we create not only the conditions for good adhesion, but also saves a distance as to fix the drywall to the wall without a frame to the main vertical need to rationally. Do not forget that to win at least 2-3 cm in the area, you may be able to accommodate the same bath that will not fit earlier or install a wider sink. (Cm. also the article How to plaster plasterboard with their hands.)
  • Old plaster can obbivat with an ax, a hammer and chisel or punch the control to the striking position without drilling (icon - hammer image). If you plan to make installation of drywall without frame on the wall should not be shot down and not cleaned up plots.
  • Scrape off the paint with a cement base is difficult, but the glue stick on such a surface will not be. In such cases, small ax, inching, the colored layer is removed and the other output does not currently exist. Of course, this work is very time-consuming, but the instructions for any required adhesive surface with good adhesion.

Council. When cleaning the walls of any material other than wallpaper (they are soaked), will raise the dust.
So when you work, use a respirator and occasionally spray the surface with water.


Primer wall maklavitsey

Priming the walls with his own hands with the help of maklavitsy

  • After cleaning the surface of the old paint, wallpaper or plaster and wall sheathing before plasterboard without frame, you need to sweep the rest of the dust cover vertical deep penetrating primer. But routine use of mohair, wool or foam roller is not suitable, therefore, for a primer in such situations it is best to use maklavitsu.
Mixer for thick solution

Mixer for thick solution

  • Now let's look at how to glue the drywall to the wall without a frame. Prepare a solution of the adhesive powder dry weight. For kneading one bucket solution you need to fill it with water to 1/3, and gradually podsypaya dry mixture, stirring mixer for thick solution. Here wonder mention of specific configuration of the mixer as a device for whipping the paint is very difficult to kill a thick glue.
  • The whole process is done using a special drill with a low speed, if not, you can use a regular, pre-switching frequency control speed to a possible minimum. After 3-5 minutes of mixing to do the same pause and then beat the mixture again, it will get rid of dry lumps. The consistency should resemble a glue is not very thick mashed potatoes. (Cm. See also article Plasterboard partitions in bathrooms in particular).

Council. If Mixing spray fly across the room, set the reverse in the reverse position and the mixer, rotating counter-clockwise, will not scatter the solution.

Glue is applied to the GCR-point method

Glue is applied to the GCR-point method

  • Adhesive is applied with a trowel or spatula to the drywall to the wall itself or dot manner. The sheet is then applied to the wall on the same level and it is leveled. It is also possible to align the GCR construction rule, or any smooth profile.
The installer aligns GKL rule

The installer aligns GKL rule

  • In some areas you may need sheathing, especially in those places, where the water or sewer pipes or uneven rough bases too large. If the drop is 4-5 cm, frameless method can not be used, it is suitable only for smooth bases. (Cm. also Article Niche under the TV plasterboard: features).
  • The glue dries fairly quickly. Primarily occurs solidification process that can be treated as ready for further finishing drywall. In fact this is not true and the further trim GCR can begin no earlier than one day, especially for heavy materials (ceramic tiles).

Council. If the floor will be poured screed, lift the GCR just above, substituting for his crop. This will allow the solution to get under the sheet, securing it even tougher.


Now you know what a finish drywall without a skeleton. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find the necessary information on the question.