Decorating the apartment with his hands: how to make the inner lining of house

Decorating the apartment with his hands (48 photos). Features easy and overhaul


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Sooner or later everyone will repair the apartment. Many, this word scares, though, if the plan it properly and in advance, nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, furnish the apartment with his hands in the end will bring moral satisfaction.

Light or heavy?

Decorating the apartment with his hands

Doing the repair yourself, you will win on several counts. First, save your hard earned, and secondly, you get an excellent opportunity to realize personal look at the question of design.

First of all, determine what repairs you need. Easy, cosmetic or major. Redecorating is usually meant by a plaster and whitewash, painting, wallpapering, replacing skirting boards and the floor a minor update.

Remodeling and new plaster the walls with his own hands while not commonly done cosmetic repairs or performed on a small scale.

If you plan to major repairs, it is necessary to count already for a longer period of work, and a large amount that will be spent. Usually the work begins with a full or partial redevelopment of the premises with the replacement of plumbing in a finished bathroom, floor heating system, as well as doors and windows.

Interior finish home with their own hands

Of course, with such a serious process is not completely handle each. It will have at least some types of work to invite specialists, as rarely anyone at home there is a full set of necessary tools and skills in all kinds of construction work there is not everyone has.

Many rely on the basic design and working professionals, and is already own interior at home with their own hands. So much easier, faster and more reliable. A time-saving at the same time is quite noticeable.

Where to begin

Such a plan, you can make yourself

Such a plan, you can make yourself

subtleties of calculation

First of all it is necessary to determine the order on how much you want and how much time should be carried out construction work. Often the owner does not plan everything in advance, it does not fit in the allocated budget for that, or do not have time to time.

And in such cases, repairs may take a long time or stay at the most inopportune moment. Such a turn of few people rejoice.

Calculating the amount to be spent on building materials and the involvement of experts, if required, add to the result 20-25%. Then, the resulting amount will be more real, because in the course of work for certain unforeseen expenses.

Choosing a style

Decide how in the future you want to see your home. What are your preferences in color, style and material. If you are under the power to design their own. Look at the finishes of other houses and apartments to select for themselves their favorite pieces of design or a complete solution.

If you are afraid to take on the development of style of your apartment, leave this matter to the designer. Specialist, figure out your preferences, do the job at a professional level.

Further, when you already have on paper the idea ready, you are ready to purchase materials. In this case, there are two important nuance. The first - purchase materials with a small margin, because in the process of work, you may find a marriage. Especially it concerns the finishing tiles and wood flooring. Second nuance - the procuring all required in full.

Getting Started

Prepared space to work

Prepared space to work

Now that all required purchased when you have decided what and how much will be done, you can begin to repair itself.

  • First of all, you need to move all the furniture out of the room, and then gently begin to dismantle everything that is planned to be removed.
  • Clean off old wallpaper or paint the walls, the ceiling is cleared, cleaned the floor. If to be a global re-planning, it is necessary to dismantle the wall or partition, disassemble the floor, remove the old heating system.

Count while his forces. If one person is will be a difficult task, it is better attract helpers or workers. In addition, it is unlikely that you can find a complete set of tools needed and buy them in the right quantity will be much more expensive than to invite experts with them.

  • After removal of old plaster, configured dismantling the entire surface and unnecessary cleaned should begin sealing of joints and cracks and further putty. Thus, you have to prepare the ceiling and walls to the final finishing.
  • Along the way, installing windows, doors, furniture assembled team, if it is provided in the interior. It is a new heating system, plumbing supplies. And conducts electrical work and installation of household appliances.


When the main surface preparation is complete, you can proceed to the final stage of repair work. It begins usually from the ceiling. If you decide to whitewash or paint it, you must first apply a coat of primer and filler, as well as to align all the irregularities.

If, however, conceived a more complex treatment - hanging installation, tensioning systems, require a longer training, prospective candidates of the ceiling type.

The next step should be finishing the walls. Wallpaper conduct a thorough alignment of the plaster walls. For further painting on a layer of putty is necessary to apply a special primer.

After finishing the walls, gets to work with the floor. If the setting of the system of floor heating, the work begins with the installation, followed by a multi-layer thermal and moisture insulation, screed, finally laid flooring.

Tip! Independently you can hardly, observing all the rules and requirements, mount the floor. Therefore we recommend to invite for this job.

Sex requires a long and careful preparation than the ceiling trim and walls. Even if you do not fit the heating system itself laminated flooring process before the base coat will require a serious approach.

Note! Ignoring the rules is not the best way affect the durability of the floor and its performance. Before mounting the floor on their own, be sure to consult with a specialist, or at least carefully review all the details of preparation and packing.

After all the finishing work is finished, it comes the most pleasant moment - decoration and interior finalization. Hang curtains, lampshades, arranged the furniture, décor items. It depends on the price of the decor of your efforts.

This step is important, from a serious approach to it will depend on the final form of the room. Properly selected decor and accessories give the interior habitable and comfortable, finished look. Competent approach will give you the confidence that the repair is made with high quality and for years to come.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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