Decorating houses: inner and outer skin, types of work, instruction, video and photos

Decorating houses - overview of upcoming work with relevant quotations


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  • 1 All you need to know about finishing work
    • 1.1 Repair of exterior and indicative prices
    • 1.2 Repair of the interior and the indicative prices
  • 2 To summarize
Country house can be a comfortable, practical and beautiful - the main thing to plan a list of finishing works

Country house can be a comfortable, practical and beautiful - the main thing to plan a list of finishing works

Finishing of country houses - is not an easy time-consuming work, after which the housing would be suitable for a comfortable stay. I tell you, from what stage is the cosmetic improvement of the cottage. And also inform how much it will cost performance of each of them.

All you need to know about finishing work

illustrations Types of works and their description
table_pic_att14918674851 Exterior finish. It is a complex construction and repair work aimed at improving the performance and aesthetic qualities of the exterior of the building.

This includes such tasks as:

  • roughing and finishing plaster walls;
  • Painting works;
  • device ventilated facades etc.

A separate category of works on the exterior of this heat and sound insulation of exterior walls.

table_pic_att14918674872 trim. This is a list of works designed to improve the aesthetics and performance of a private house interior.

The category of interior decorating related decoration of walls, ceilings and floors. And if during the external works, focuses on the reliability of the finished result, the execution of interior decoration is focused on aesthetic appeal.

Most of the finishing work can be carried out with their own hands without the involvement of specialists. At the same time, you can order a turnkey arrangement of the cottage. What to choose?

The reasons for the independent performance of repair and decoration:

  • The acquisition of personal experienceAs self-made repair the cottages - an experience that can be useful later.

Reasons to entrust the work of specialists:

  • Save time and effortAs self-consuming repairs and then, and more.
  • saving moneyAs the skilled artisan would not allow expenditure of costly materials.
Profitable ordered home renovations turnkey one contractor, while the individual stages of finishing, ordered from different artists, will cost more

Profitable ordered home renovations turnkey one contractor, while the individual stages of finishing, ordered from different artists, will cost more

What determines the price of repairs, if ordered by the key?

  • Workload. The greater the volume, the more attractive prices will be on the performance of each individual step;
  • The type of technologies and materials. Price finishes will be available if the work is done with the use of modern technologies and related materials;
  • Dates allotted performer. For fast results will have to pay. But is it worth to hurry if deadlines are not going to benefit the quality of the finished trim?
  • The time of year when scheduled on the main scope of work. If repair and finishing works are planned for the warmer months, the price of the finished result will be slightly higher than the cost of repairs carried out in the winter.

Repair of exterior and indicative prices

illustrations Description stage average price
table_pic_att14918674914 Removing the old coating. Before you proceed to finish the external walls, it is necessary to completely remove the old paint. This is a time consuming task, which will depend on the quality of the subsequent finish. Depending on the type of coating: 100-250 rub / m 2.
table_pic_att14918674925 Debris removal. Country house - it is a large object, so when removing the old pavement will be a lot of waste. To bring the trash to the dump, need special equipment. Depending on the time of day, the export of up to 5 tons: 3500-5000 rubles.
table_pic_att14918674946 rough plaster. This step involves surface preparation of the walls (dedusting, assembling and installing a reinforcing mesh beacons) and applying a base layer of plaster.

The price and the timing of stage depends on the type of plaster mixture and the applied layer thickness.

Layer to 100 mm. 300-500 rub / m 2
table_pic_att14918674957 Finishing plastering bearing walls. In order to proceed with the painting works, rough plaster covered with a layer of leveling putty. From 130 to 200 rubles / sq. M. m.
table_pic_att14918674968 Decorative plaster. Instead of aligning the finishing plaster can be applied with a particular decorative effect. For such purposes plasters are applied with special fillers. From 150 rbl. / Sq. m.
table_pic_att14918674999 Facade insulation plaster. Thermal insulation of external walls of the outside plates is performed polystyrene or mineral wool.

No matter what kind of insulation used under the plaster, you need to properly perform its installation and thus guarantee the quality of the finished result


Depending on the type of material from 1200 RUB. / Sq. m
table_pic_att149186750010 The apparatus of ventilated facades. Installation of ventilated facades with siding or wood lining - an alternative to traditional plastering. assembly instruction ventilated facade allows to insulate and seal the walls. 600-700 rub. / Sq. m

Repair of the interior and the indicative prices

illustrations Description stage average price
table_pic_att149186750211 screed floors. Device screeds - is a basic step, necessary for the subsequent laying of the final coating.

In the interior of the screed can be laid pipe or cable "warm floor" system, or to lay the communication corrugated pipe.

Depending on the type of material from 400 rubles. / Sq. m
table_pic_att149186750812 Laying of floor coverings. The market offers a wide range of floor coverings, among them: parquet, wood block flooring, laminated flooring, soft roll coating.

Something of these materials can be put to, but working with parquet or floorboard are best left to the professionals, including the repair of apartments.

Stacking of a parquet from 500 rbl. / Sq. m
table_pic_att149186750913 Decorative plaster walls. To the interior was stylish and practical at the same time, for finishing walls decorative plaster applied. Work on the interior, as in the photo, is more thorough and accurate in comparison with the facade. From 500 rbl. / Sq. m
table_pic_att149186751114 Painting works. In many modern houses, ceilings and walls are painted with a continuous layer. Painted surfaces - it is fashionable and practical trend.

Staining is preceded by preparatory work including plaster and sanding surfaces priming.

It depends on the state of the surface and the volume of preparatory work
table_pic_att149186751215 Installation of wall and ceiling panels. This is an alternative to painting or plastering of the ceiling and walls. The panels are installed not only on the glue, but also on the crate. The gap between the initial surface finish and can lay communication and sound insulation materials. Adjustment of wall panels PVC from 250 rbl. / Sq. m

To summarize

Now that you know what steps includes exterior and interior of the cottage. Referred to in Article prices are relevant for the spring of 2017. Additional information is available in the video in this article. If you have questions about finishing techniques - ask in the comments.