Repair of the roof of the garage: repair and galvanized iron roof with his hands, estimates, videos and photos

Repair of the garage roof. Types of roofs and roofing materials. Flat and sloping lean-design. Solid roofing materials


Table of contents

  • 1 How to make repairs
    • 1.1 Types of roofs and roofing materials
    • 1.2 Flat and sloping roofs Shed
    • 1.3 Solid roofing materials
  • 2 conclusion

It is useful to learn how to do the repair garage roof with his hands, or need to call on the help of experts, whose services need to pay. And I must say, it costs money, of course, if you are dealing with professionals.

Faced with roof repair any person who owns a country house, cottage or just above garage - sooner or later, the roof can be worn out, and if time does not take action, the room begins proceed. Therefore, we suggest that you understand the basic roofing materials, methods of installation, as well as the possibility of cases of local replacement coverage.

Repair iron roof gable roof

Repair iron roof gable roof

How to make repairs

Types of roofs and roofing materials

Note. In small architectural structures - small houses, cottages and garages usually do gable or lean-roof, although you can also find buildings gambrel or hipped type.

However, local repair of the roof is almost independent from the complexity of the design, as the replacement to be only a certain area.

Types of roofs for houses and country houses

Types of roofs for houses and country houses

You may need the following types of repair:

  • Fill the damaged places with hot tar to create coating integrity;
  • installation of a patch of soft roofing materialsFor example, on top of the old roofing material on a particular area you can lay a few strips of new material, but it is also sometimes fix resin;
  • Replacement of hard roofing material in certain areas: Slate, corrugated, tiles;
  • In addition, it can be a repair seam roofThat has a bit more complicated and requires certain skills tinsmith.

Much also depends on the design features of the building:

  • For example, if a collective garage, in most cases, it is a soft material based on bitumen (roofing felt the same), since no one would cover its part of the construction of more expensive materials;
  • but if it is a separate garage, cottage, villa or a house, there is already used by more durable Solid materials such as, the same slate, decking or tiles of various kinds (ceramic, metal, bitumen);
  • processing hot tar roof sealing is usually made only on the uni-directional sloped or flat roofs - to bi and complex construction impermeability coating is achieved through the roofing element overlaps at each other.

Flat and sloping roofs Shed

Filling the point of damage

Filling the point of damage

Even if you fix the leak yourself, you do not interfere with estimates for the repair of the roof. So you can not only to determine what materials you need, but also buy them in advance, so that during the operation did not arise force majeure.

Climb up and go on the roof, visually identifying the damaged space - make it easy, as it is usual gaps or holes in the roofing material. If they do not have much, you do not have to cover the entire roof or its separate part - you can just do a small patch.

Fill up the damaged place tar

Fill up the damaged place tar

At the site of injury is cut roofing material in an envelope, to get four of the triangle, and is bent them around to clean out debris from getting inside. Then fill up to the molten tar.

Next, drop the triangles back and on top even fill up this place is a resin that was not visible seams (as in the top photo). If the hole is large, the top further paste a piece of tar paper and plastered it with resin, too.

Recommendation. If you need to close up one or two injuries, then for that you do not need a lot of pitches.
Therefore, you can melt the piece in the bucket directly on the roof, heated with a blowtorch.

installation of roofing material

installation of roofing material

Make repairs and construction of the roof on the flat roof with roofing material is very easy. To do this you will need a certain amount of roll (it should be calculated from the sheltering area) and tar. However, it is better to melt on the ground and then lifted in the bucket using a rope.

First you take away from the roof all the trash, including old paint if it is torn. Then pour melted tar on sites, so that was enough for the roll width or two widths, if possible.

Then simply roll it rolls on the roof so that they overlap each other, ie, overlapping. A connection point necessarily smeared with resin to prevent wicking precipitation.

Mounting soft weld coating

Mounting soft weld coating

Nowadays there are a worthy replacement of roofing felt - a soft coating on the fusing bitumen basis, the strength of which is much higher. Therefore, when using them the life of the facilities is greatly increased.

They have several layers and can be made on the basis of:

  • glass fiber,
  • fiberglass,
  • polyester.

The material adhered to the Draft base bitumen on heating, as shown in the upper photograph. Such coatings may be different from each other, but the bottom of them milestones fusible film is intended for mounting (for bonding) - sometimes it may be sprinkled with quartz sand.

The quality of such coating for the most part dependent on the mixture of bitumen with polymers - this layer is middle sheet between its protective, the topsheet and the base - fusible film, which was mentioned above. The mixture may look slightly different in their composition, as it can be oxidized bitumen, as well as the same bitumen but with the addition of polymers.

You'll see the difference immediately - firstly, if there is no polymer, the material cost is much lower and, secondly, the operation he is not able to retain heat and loses its elasticity at low temperatures.

Note. One of the worst enemies of soft coatings can be called atmospheric precipitation in the form of snow.
The fact that such a roof is usually done on the uni-directional and flat roofs where the snow begins to melt, then freeze, and this cycle is repeated.
And this is not the best way affects the coating integrity.
Therefore, the snow off of roofs should be cleaned before the onset of the thaw.

Solid roofing materials

Replacing a broken slate new

Replacing a broken slate new

But in the repair of the roof garden, house or cottage, most likely, need solid roofing materials. If this slate, then you are very lucky - it is very easy to replace, in contrast to the standing seam cover.

In order to replace one slate, you first need to remove it. And it will have to "disturb all sheets which are adjacent to it, i.e. the overlying it and under its edge. At least the three sheet - top, bottom and one side of which is located above and closes its overlapping neighboring wave.

The most important thing in this case - carefully remove the nails that it does not damage the good (a) material. And to do such an operation is sometimes very difficult, as the rusty nails and stretch crowbar you will be nowhere.

Therefore, the most suitable option in such situations - cut nail heads grinder, if you have the opportunity to get her to the roof by connecting an extension cord. Those without hats nails then you can just bend under the wave, resting in them than the flat, for example, a chisel or an old chisel (new nail just to score next - it will not cause any problems).

Note. We do not even mention the replacement of materials such as metal or corrugated board, as they practically do not need to be replaced.
But if you still have to do it, the principle is the same as for the slate, only the process is much easier.

types of folds

types of folds

So, if you have a roof is covered with sheet iron and you need a repair of the roof of the cottage (home, garden, garage) here everything is much more complicated, because you have to decompress folds to dismantle the old coating. And then compressing them again.

Unclench rebate too hard, maybe even harder than roll. The fact that it will have to be done carefully, a chisel, then to align the edge of the band remaining on the roof for later use.

As a rule, it does not need a sophisticated tool - this band is aligned with two hammers. In addition, the replacement is very important to measure the size of the sheet, so that it came close to the seat - otherwise it will be of poor quality seaming.

Repair of galvanized roofing - roll seam roof frame

Repair of galvanized roofing - roll seam roof frame

There are three basic types of folds:

  1. recumbent;
  2. stand-up corner (L-shaped);
  3. just standing.

So for roofing, as a rule, used a third version of the stand-up castle. He is strong enough, tough, and will not miss any moisture from rain or snow melts from the masses.

Therefore, after removing and aligning the edges of the remaining roof material neatly stacked up and fed replacement. The difficulty lies in the fact that these bands have a total length of the ramp, and they need to be fed so that they are not bent.

Roll roofing frame lock, although for this there is also automatic and semi-automatic faltsezakatochny tool. And it is best to use a universal frame for closing the seam.


Of course, if roof repairs are metal roofing materials, non-galvanized or alyumootsinkovannoy cover the mandatory require painting to protect the coating from Corrosion. All repairs are generally made by the same materials that are used in this case.

Well, if you have any suggestions, questions or comments - please post them in the comments.