Repair of roll roofing: SNP, OKDP, device installation, the necessary equipment

Roll roofing repair: restoration of soft and hard coating


Table of contents

  • 1 Roof - the basis of home
  • 2 Repair of soft roof
  • 3 Looking for professionals
  • 4 membrane roofing
    • 4.1 coverage Features
    • 4.2 Basic principles of repair work
  • 5 Repair of hard roof
  • 6 Summing up

This article will talk about the repair of the roof of the roll, as one of the most popular and user-friendly finishing materials used in the construction of roofs.

Roof - the basis of home

Repair of roll roofing

From the roof of the integrity of the insulation of the house directly depends. From school physics course known to all that warm air convection rises.

If the integrity of the material, which repair soft roof held has been broken, the warm air will go into the atmosphere, which will cause an increase of space heating costs. Many materials currently used for the manufacture of roof:

  • soft: roofing felt and roofing material;
  • Rolling: soft shingles, membrane;
  • Metallic Materials: flat steel sheet and copper, steel or aluminum sheets;
  • cement or ceramics: tiles, slate.

During prolonged operation under the action of heat, air, mechanical coating or chemical exposure becomes unfit for use and may require repair.

The most common home owner has to repair the roof of the roll - coating made of soft roofing materials. More responsible and time-consuming option - replacing the rigid roof.

Repair of soft roof

Consider how to implement the replacement of the roll of a soft roof, that it is necessary and it is better to entrust this important matter. Defects of the roof covering can be detected with an annual inspection condition roofing.

Do not forget about it, because of the uncontrolled destruction of soft materials will follow the destruction of leaf base and the roof structure, which, in turn, will lead to more expensive repairs roof. In the case of early detection of defects of soft roofing is necessary to carry out the following steps.

  1. Determine the scope of necessary repairs.
  2. Obtain a hardware store in a sufficient quantity of web material which has been used in the manufacture of the roof and the necessary adhesive and moisture composition - mastic.
  3. Remove damaged parts and dry basis.
  4. Cut with a knife the required number of pieces of roofing to size.
  5. Install the new pieces of the soft roof of preheated (if required by the application of technology) adhesive - putty.
  6. Treat the edges of patches for additional proofing mastic. Cold mastic is applied via bulk containers and distributed over the surface of a wooden rack with attached thereto in the form of a piece of thick fabric of the torch. The hot paste, heated to 90 degrees, is applied in the same manner, observing the safety rules.
  7. For small sizes of defects can be carried out working liquid rubber, causing it directly to the place of destruction and the surrounding part of the roof covering. Due to the increased ductility liquid rubber is resistant to temperature changes.

Looking for professionals

In the absence of sufficient experience in conducting such work, it is better to entrust them to professionals engaged in repair and roofing. Serious organizations have a staff of experts, not only of working professions, but also engineers, quantity surveyors. Compliance with existing building codes and regulations is one of the main indicators of the quality of work performed.

On the organization's website or directly in the office specify that the company has a license for specified in the qualifier OKDP roof repairs. Specialized company and has the necessary equipment that is difficult to purchase a separate individuals.

Experts do not only constitute the terms of reference, which will indicate all marked defects produce a calculation of all necessary expenses, but also produce quality restoration of the roof of your home, and may enter into a long-term contract on the control condition of the roof and the subsequent current or overhaul.

Typically, these construction firms have specialists who can help to restore and construct the roof, if the scale of destruction and touched her.

Repair rigid roof

Conducting roofing specialists

You can certainly find a number of free builders teams, but in this case the quality of the work performed and the materials used can be very low, and in the near future, you may need to re repairs.

Seasonal crews, unlike the construction firms can not provide guarantees for the work performed. And even if such a service will be provided to the customer, to find if there are problems artist without a legal address and legal documents will be very difficult.

membrane roofing

coverage Features

Separately dwell on the roof membrane. This new material in the construction is actively gaining market. Wide application due to the large number of positive properties.

It is easily mounted on almost any ground, which allows for large volumes of work, has a very high strength and moisture barrier, durable - lifetime up to fifty years old, can be installed on the roofs of different shapes, including landscaping.

Basic principles of repair work

Installation of PVC- and TPO membranes less labor intensive than the production of any other roof. Repair basically consists in recovering the tightness of joints between the individual webs, as well as patches in locations overlaying mechanical or chemical damage.

Mounting sheathing is carried out using hot air special machines that make the process fully secure but requires high professional workers.

Therefore, in the present installation of roofing membrane coatings only produce a specialized construction companies and organizations, guaranteeing the high quality of the work undertaken and used materials.

Repair of hard roof

Roof repair liquid rubber

The repair process solid roof

In case of application for roof decking of metal roofing, repairs will require more time and effort. Metal - Galvanized steel sheet is profiled, imitating natural tile, colored in various colors.

Despite the fact that the metal is much stronger than a soft roof, over time, require repair to him. In the case of detection of scratches, opening the metal, it is necessary to produce a defect embellishment metal paints. They produce the same work and places cutting sheets into individual blanks.

The protected dyes loud and places fracture zinc or polymer layer provide durability and corrosion resistance. Upon detection of deep discontinuities metal formed by cleaving with ice roof, roof repair of metal will be held by the following scheme.

Repair and installation of roof

Repair of the roof of metal

  1. Obtain the required number of sheets of the same profile and color as on the roof.
  2. By using the screwdriver with a special nozzle under a hexagonal head unscrew the screws, fastening the damaged sheets.
  3. In the event of breakage of sheets in the middle of the roof is required to remove and undamaged sheet disposed below or above.
  4. Replace the damaged plates with new ones.
  5. Lock previously removed intact sheets, observing the necessary overlap.

Important! For fastening sheet metal to the roof of the elements necessary to use special screws, painted the color of the sheets.

As you can see, the process of repair of private houses with their own hands the roof - rather laborious and complicated process.

To reduce the risk of destruction not only of the roof coating, but also the roof, you need the most attention pay respect for roofing manufacturing process technology in the construction of a house or overhaul roof.

Try to use only high-quality durable materials. Cost savings and an extremely low price of the acquisition of building materials will result in a much greater cost.

Summing up

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