Repair of a one-room apartment in Khrushchev: pantry finishing options

Repair of a one-room apartment in the Khrushchev (48 photos): extension, design and redevelopment


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Unfortunately, there are many people in our country still live in cramped and uncomfortable small apartments built in 60-70 years of the 20th century. The problem becomes more acute if only one tiny room in possession.

How to make repairs in the studio Khrushchev, to make optimum use of such a meager living space?

We are expanding to the maximum

A visual extension of the space

The most annoying thing in the one-bedroom apartments are not their interior, and a critical lack of space, and with it the air and swing. Your primary task - is to maximize it. This can be achieved by means of visual deception, using a competent selection of facing materials and color.

Very often the means of achieving this goal are the mirror or mirrored surface. It is also widely used bright colors and more light both artificial and natural.

Repair of a one-room apartment in the Khrushchev


Drastic and expensive solution - to remove the partitions. It is worth noting that such actions require the consent of the housing and communal services. If it does get rid of the walls it does not work, you can change them on the tower. They not only play the role of support, but also will become the core of the interior.

Repair in a studio Khrushchev

Studio apartment

now very popular studios, where she living room, decorated with their own hands in kitchen, hallway and loggia transformed into one room, only conditionally divided into zones. This not only increases the used area, but also looks very stylish.

Often removed only one partition that separates the bathroom and kitchen. The vacant space is used for the bar or a small sofa. Increase the size of the room or the kitchen, you can connect them with a balcony. The result is a spacious and bright room.

Thinking interior of the one-room apartment, divide it into separate zones. This will help you cabinets, screens, walls, furniture and special design tricks. For example, it is easy to visually divide the room into sections, using it simultaneously tile, laminate and carpet. zoning method works and the ceiling trim.

Note that the door between the zones will kill the whole effect. Your task - only visually and functionally divided into several zones.

Re-planning of a one-room Khrushchev

Repair options Khrushchev

Khrushchev after the dismantling of the walls

Khrushchev has many drawbacks. Bathroom it is connected to the toilet, a little hallway displays to the same tiny kitchen.

Repair Khrushchev in one-room it is best to start with its redevelopment. Depending on your needs, you can make out of it a studio apartment or converted into a bedroom.

Standard one-bedroom apartment consists of living space, kitchen, hallway, balcony and bathroom. If you have children, it must be reprogrammed in a two analogue. Work should start with the living room. It should be done in the middle of the septum, thereby highlighting the bedroom, which is a separate entrance to arrange necessary.

Get a small bedroom will have enough space to install a double bed and a couple of cabinets. The remainder of the space will serve as a living room. For this purpose it is combined with a kitchen, by removing the partition.

Very often, between the living room and kitchen as a kind of partition used a bar, which is convenient to use as a desktop.

All the furniture is recommended to place along the decorative decorated walls, it is best to buy a sofa and a small (coffee) table to him. Living room combined with kitchen redevelopment, will be a big and bright room where you can bring a lot of design ideas.

To select a zone, experts recommend the use of a variety of decorative items, interior finishes and experiment with lighting.

The price of this redevelopment - the lack of a window in the bedroom. This problem can be solved by simulating arrangement with glass windows, shutters, decorative artificial scenery, window sills and even fluorescent light.

The easiest option repair Khrushchev in a brick building, remodeling in such a finished apartment does not require approvals. Thanks to competent planning hallway in your apartment will be much more in it fit a wardrobe, as well as a small sofa, which can be combined with shelf for shoes.

Tip! If you can not do without interior doors, it is recommended to use a sliding design, as they significantly save space.

Taboos in design and redevelopment of Khrushchev

  1. It is forbidden to bear load-bearing walls or support in an apartment. It does not apply to partitions.
  2. It is impossible to destroy the ventilation system, furnished apartment. If you still had to do it, restore them to their original form.
  3. You can not completely cover the availability of gas columns, pipes and valves. Note that any changes related to the supply of gas to the apartment, only specialists of organization can be made responsible for it.
  4. It is forbidden to change the location of the toilet room in Khrushchev repaired, especially if its new location - above the living quarters from the bottom neighbors.

Summing up

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