Redecorating the room of 16 square meters: to start, the sequence of work

Repair of the room (photo 36): the sequence of work


Table of contents

  • 1 What are the rooms in modern apartments
  • 2 Where to begin
  • 3 The sequence of work
    • 3.1 dismantling
    • 3.2 alignment walls
  • 4 Decoration Materials
  • 5 Summing up
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After reading this article, you will learn about how to make the repairs of the room with his hands how to come up with the design, choose finishing materials and, step by step, to perform all the work.

What are the rooms in modern apartments

repair roomSoviet experience in repairing rooms with their own hands is still close to many of our fellow citizens.

Houses that were designed 20 years ago, have balconies, tightly the partition window. Thus, the sunlight can not even get inside.

homely comfort of the old Soviet habit is created by lining up a series of brown cabinets On the one hand, and the wall opposite it usually takes a number of seats (sofa and a couple of monster seats).

View of the cabinets with this view, indeed, offer the most panoramic. Thus the room betrayed the missing sense of a narrow corridor. Carpets on the walls with psychedelic patterns complement the cozy interior of a typical room in a typical apartment. Familiar?

Cosmetic repair room

outdated design

When deciding how to make repairs in the room, first of all get rid of trash, as well as design ideas in the history of a bygone era. Today in fashion bright rooms, cheerful colors, functional furniture and large spaces.

Where to begin

Decide to which room to start repair. According to the rules of major repairs in the apartment starts from its farthest corner.

In last renovated entrance hall. Why? Because the corridor - the winning place in the apartment. Therefore, debris, dust and dirt anyway will appear here. Not so bad if they will cover the old finish, are you still going to be removed. But if debris lands on the brand new recently decorated the walls in the hallway, you will realize their mistake quickly.

Having defined the repair site, decide how should look the outcome of your labors. Do you want to make only cosmetic repairs, or dream of global changes of the interior?

On a sheet of paper or in a specialized computer program to create the future of space sketch. By adopting a "project" to the family and to coordinate it with the budget, sign phased steps to achieve the goals.

Note! Even if you are very economically expend money for repairs, at the stage of the design project still would not hurt to take the help of professional designers. They will not only change the interior correctly, increase the space, but also to choose finishing materials, which perfectly fit into your budget.

Repair of the room 16 square meters

Removing wallpaper

The sequence of work


The sequence of repair rooms, as well as any other premises, as a rule, no different variety.

  • Repairs begin with the removal of the walls and ceiling of old coatings. If you plan to perestilat flooring, demolition work will touch and sex.
  • Preparations for dismantling is the removal of all furniture. If this is not possible, all surfaces are covered better.
  • At this stage, removed the wallpaper is removed from the walls and ceiling paint and plaster. Further actions will depend on what kind of finish apartments with their own hands, you're going to do.

alignment walls

  • If the wall is planned to stick thick wallpaper, upholster wall panels and ceiling close clamping or hinged design for surface leveling can not waste time. These finishing materials perfectly hide all the flaws.
  • In case, if the repair is pasting thin paper wallpaper, application of decorative plaster layer on the walls, smooth surface is required. Excellent results are achieved by depositing on the walls and ceiling of the primer, and 2-3 layers of fillings.

Note! Before the application of a new layer of putty you need to let it dry for 24 hours.

  • If the repair involves the installation of electrical, reset the heating pipes, the installation of air conditioning, tension and false ceilings, these works are carried out prior to the finishing room.

The last stage - the walls of wallpaper pasting, installation of wall panels, application of decorative plaster. From all of the above the most democratic price inherent in wallpaper.

What to do repairs in the room


Decoration Materials

The selection of materials should take into account the type of room where the repair was performed. For example, for finishing children's suit cheap paper wallpaper or decorative plaster, which has resistance to mechanical damage.

Carrying out repairs of the hall, purchase the more expensive materials, as a living room - the person at home. Decorating the bathroom assumes that heat and moisture resistant materials - tiles, suspended ceilings film.

At room renovation, 16 sqm. m can take wallpaper rolls 6 and 6 packs wallpaper paste. It should take into account these figures in the procurement of materials in store.

Thus, the repair of the room - it is though tedious, but solvable problem, which (if podnalech her whole family) can be solved as soon as possible. Of course, it all depends on the room size that you are going to repair.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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