Room Renovation: room design with two windows, trim a large apartment

Repair of the room - design (36 photos) Interior children's room, hall and bathroom


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    • 1.1 General requirements for the registration of children
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Repair - a great opportunity not only to update the interior materials on the walls and ceiling, but also to create a completely new interior.

In this article, let's talk about the renovation of the room: interior design for different purposes.

Repair design of the roomPhase of the design project premises - this is probably one of the most difficult and interesting tasks that you have to carry out during the repair room. Take a pencil and paper or open a special computer program, which can be used to create a model of the room in 3D, and consider in what the interior would you like to live.

Even if you have limited funds for repair, it is better to allocate a certain amount of this stage, to consult with a professional designer. The specialist will help make an interesting and harmonious interior, as well as tell you how to choose the finishing materials that will fit in the allotted budget.


Repair of a large room

design of child

Style and interior children's room is directly dependent on gender and age of the child. A special feature of this room is the fact that after the repair the children's room will combine the functions of a working cabinet, bedroom and space to play.

General requirements for the registration of children

  • security;
  • functionality;
  • the presence of color in the interior;
  • the presence of roomy cabinets and drawers for storing clothes and toys.

Note! A nice addition to the room a child of any age (from the youngest to the teen) is the presence of small secret spaces.

It is clear that the design of child can not remain the same over the years. The child grows up, changed his tastes and needs of various interior elements.

Choosing materials

Choosing finishing materials for the repair of nursery for a boy or a girl, pay attention to the not very expensive, but resistant to mechanical damage.

The room, decorated in black and white, and with a dark brown color is not suitable for toddlers. In the design of the children's best to use light pastel shades.

If it's a room for very young children, use pictures or stickers on the walls in the form of cartoon characters, the price of vinyl stickers - from 290 rubles.

Note! Allocate space for the creativity of the child, you can save the finishing room. This area can be creative wallpaper area where the child was allowed to paint, cabinet door, covered paint for slates, cork on a wall, which could be attached crafts, toys, drawings.

Fairly common design solution for the decoration of a child's room - the use of the interior of a stretch ceiling with a pattern of clouds. Who of us at a young age did not like to lie on the grass and watch the sky? Ceiling, imitating the blue expanse with clouds floating over it has a calming effect on the child's mind, and fits perfectly into the interior of the room.

Since the children's room - multifunctional space where the child will learn, play and sleep, use the reception zoning - the separation of the premises with the help of furniture or color schemes on the walls and ceiling are several functional zones. Of furniture in this can help screens and shelves.

Repair hall

Repair of the room with two windows

design hall

Repair of a large room involves the creation of a cozy sitting area for the whole family and guests at home.

Therefore, the design of the room should be both comfortable and representative. In the largest room, usually set a comfortable sofa and armchairs and a table, which is convenient to put drinks and snacks for the guests.

Creating from scratch the interior of large buildings, designers especially come up with some detail around which to build further conditions. This piece can be a fireplace in the room, TV, coffee table or even window.

Depending on the intended use of the repaired hall selected finishing materials for its completion. If a large room used for family buddy, watch TV, meet with friends in a quiet environment, it makes sense to create an interior in pastel colors.

Natural materials in the decoration - straw, wood will give greater comfort and atmosphere of home warmth. A living room, which is used as a place for noisy parties can be framed in a bright and cheerful colors.

We should also be said about the repair of the room with two windows.

Interior design in the room with two windows can be decorated in the same style, or in several different directions. Holistic perception of space from that in no way affected, since each box will act as a delimiter interior areas, while remaining within a single space.

For example, in a room with a classic interior design area in the vicinity of one of the window can be sustained in Provence or baroque. In the room where the interior is designed in the style of the country have the opportunity to mix several cultural areas - the western and eastern styles.

bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design

Modern bathrooms in homes and apartments - is not only a place for receiving water procedures, but also the space where people can truly relax and unwind. And his opinion should not cling to the various imperfections in the interior. In contrast, repair and design of the bathroom should contribute to a good mood.

  • If you wish to issue its own bathroom in a classic style, the walls are better oblitsevat marble tiles and furniture to choose from natural stone. Drawing and color cabinets and shelves in the bathroom should overlap with the finished wall.
  • Color gamut of tile chosen close to granite or marble, and classic style in the bathroom fit and finish of Venetian plaster, imitating natural stone.

Note! Traditional finishing material for the bathroom is tiles. Many owners of apartments and houses underestimate the decorative plaster. And yet it is beautiful and durable finishing material, which is excellent withstand high humidity.

  • bathroom design in a rustic style allows you to use natural materials in the interior, as well as elements of decoration of handwork. For example, often installed in bathrooms wicker furniture, made from special resistant to high humidity materials.
  • The atmosphere of luxury and antiques in the bathroom created with their own hands with the help of retro design. The decoration of the walls in the bathroom is dominated by natural wood, it is appropriate wooden furniture with wrought iron elements.
  • Expanding opportunities for experiments gives ethnic style. Bathroom finished with natural wood or stone wild preferably gray or brown.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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