Repairs to Stalin: finishing the walls and floor kitchen and bathroom ceiling

Repairs to Stalin (photo 42): Finish the walls, floor, ceiling and kitchen arrangement


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  • 1 Where to begin
  • 2 Decorating the walls
    • 2.1 What's inside?
    • 2.2 finishes
  • 3 finishing the floor
  • 4 finishing the ceiling
  • 5 kitchen renovation
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House of the Stalinist type, built in the 50's of last century, for its durability will give odds to any of the buildings now being built. However, this applies only to the brick walls of the houses, because the inner "filling" leaves much to be desired.

Repairs to Stalin, perhaps the most difficult of all kinds of residential repairs. But that is no reason to panic.

Repairs to Stalin

Where to begin

  1. We must start by finding out all the details about the order with which you are dealing. Stalin Stalin discord in many homes of this type throughout their life made the restoration of the replacement of wooden floors with concrete. In addition, it is necessary to know the condition of the wooden joists (beams, which trail floorboards with wooden box), uniquely available in the design stalinki floor.
  2. Partitions in such apartments usually wooden and curves, so you should think about the possibility of dismantling and erecting new ones.
  3. You also need to understand for themselves what type of finish for each surface (walls, ceiling, floor) will be the most acceptable both in value and practicality.
  4. Begin repairs need to replace old windows with modern plastic. Due to the fact that the walls have stalinok thick and low total thermal conductivity, PVC windows are an excellent complement structure that preserves the coolness in summer, while in winter the cold is not permeable.
  5. The next step would be to replace the wiring. Due to the fact that the house is erected from entering timber elements, the requirements to fire stalinki increased.

Making repairs in stalinki walls need to install wiring inside them further by placing it in a corrugated insulating tube.

Decorating the walls

Repair floor in Stalin

Decorating the walls with plasterboard

What's inside?

"Native" type of plaster stalinki - clay, which is located under the so-called shingles - wooden board that provides the basis of partitions inside the apartment, and often mezhkvartirnyh partitions.


Here, the choice has the following options:

  • removal of old plaster and a new device - an expensive and time-consuming method that is suitable in cases where the old plaster completely unsuitable for either restoration or for decoration;
  • leveling plasterboard walls over old finishes - a way to cheaper and less time-consuming, but the side effect a slight reduction in area of ​​an apartment, because the profile of the drywall and together have a thickness of at least 3 cm;
  • papering of the old plaster - is acceptable only if the walls smooth and reliable; of course, the cheapest, but at the same time rarely encountered option.

Removing the old clay plaster is carried out using the punch with a chisel. After removing the old impose new plaster layer smooth, and then - putty.

For decoration plasterboard walls with their hands to vertically fasten special aluminum profile with a pitch of 60 cm along the central axis which is set strictly by level.

Then put plasterboard sheets so that their junction is strictly accounted to the central axis of the profile (width of a standard sheet of drywall 1.2 m) and screwed with screws.

To make repairs in the bathroom Stalin, using this design can be hidden in the wall of the sewer standpipe.

Tip! To give better sound insulation walls can be laid in the recesses of the profile batten mineral wool.

Now the walls are ready for wallpapering.

Individual attention interior partitions. Before the start of wall decoration they should understand, and in their place build a new lightweight thin cinder block.

finishing the floor

Bathroom renovation in Stalin

Installation of the floor in Stalin

Probably the most difficult process in the restoration of the apartment - floor repairs in Stalin.

If the floor is flat, does not creak and not serious, do not hesitate to Stela flooring. Otherwise, you need to open the floor and diagnose the problem. Under the floorboard can usually be found, though slightly curved for dozens of years of service, but not rotten logs, waking up slag.

They are using substrates and planing should be aligned.

The sequence of works:

  1. Layer was extracted old slag.
  2. In his place is filled with a lighter and has better sound and thermal insulation performance, expanded clay sand, the price - from 122 rubles ..
  3. Installed and fixed with glue and screws dry screed plate (GVL - gipsovolokonnyh sheets).
  4. They are spreading face cover.

This tie has a number of advantages over wet: it is enough simply to install, easier, and in terms of reliability is not inferior to the standard.

It should be noted that producing a bathroom renovation in Stalinka, you want to use GVLV - waterproof plates.

Tip! To make the screed more monolithic slabs joints need to accurately process a waterproof sealant.

finishing the ceiling

finishing the ceiling with his hands procedure is complicated by a need to remove the old plaster, also consisting of clay. The rest of the repair of the ceiling in Stalin is no different from the classic. It is recommended to install the profile-drywall construction or suspended ceiling.

kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation in Stalin

Kitchen renovated in Stalin

If you do not want to make alterations, repairs in the kitchen Stalin has no singularities. If you are not satisfied with a small kitchen (often its dimensions 2x3 m), it is possible to demolish the wall between the kitchen and a finished bathroom.

Usually stalinok plan allows you to make one big living room studio, kitchen. This solution is visually increase the functional areas of both rooms.


Summing up, I want to note that producing stalinki reconstruction, to be ready for a large number of construction waste and processing time. But please be patient and be sure to acquire your apartment features a cozy shelter.

Summing up We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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