Repair room of 18 square meters with a niche: Improvement finishing 9, 10, 14 and 17 squares

Repair of a room of 18 square meters (30 photos). Decorating the bathroom, child. variants of planning


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During the repair of the apartment the biggest inconvenience deliver small rooms, especially if they have a specific shape. The problem is not in the repair, and in the design of interior spaces, as small area does not turn design ideas to their full capacity.

In this article, we'll show you how to properly perform the repair room of 18 square meters. m.


Repair of a room of 18 square metersNormal living room in most homes takes 17-18 square meters. m. Such a small size does not particularly turn, but still leaves room for the realization of projects.

Of course, if the apartment or private house in the repaired house has plenty of room, it is better to repair the room with an area of ​​18 squares, planning it as a dining room or nursery, but if there are no options have still to create a reception room guests.

Term priority task is to expand the area. Quite often, a kitchen and living room are adjacent and separated by a thin wall. In this case, quite convenient to combine them, having a spacious room.

Properly executed with their hands Repair of the room 17 square meters. m provides a comfortable and functional studio. With such a layout in one of the renovated rooms are located sofa, table and TV, and the other - the kitchen, separated from most of the space bar. Thus, we get the two areas and plenty of space.

Of course, such a room can be designed both as the bedroom. Here layout is standard: a large double bed in the middle of the room at one of the walls, dark shades in the design, chest or small wardrobe for clothes and shelves for decorations.

The lighting should not be too bright, because this is where the residents to relax and rest after a hard day's work.

If the room is quite small

Repair of the room 17 square meters

Example of a small area


Repair of the room 14 square meters. m requires a more careful approach to the design and selection of furniture. The choice of style give preference to light country, the modern high-tech, or Japanese minimalism. From classical and Art Deco will have to give up style data require a massive furniture, heavy textiles and natural materials.

Color and lighting

The most advantageous design will look in bright colors. Pastel colors and shades will help to visually enlarge the size and give a good mood.

Lighting - another important factor in the design of the room repaired. The windows should not be massive curtains and drapes, overloading the room, it is better to use light blinds and air curtains. In the room itself should not hang a massive chandeliers, lamps on the perimeter of the ceiling to cope with the task of lighting and decorate the ceiling.

Proper placement of furniture can help to improve the design space and create a feeling of clutter. Furniture for a small area selected multifunctional and convenient, for example, pull-out sofa bed, a wardrobe, tables with wheels that can be easily moved around the room. Price transforming furniture a little higher, but we strive for comfort. Better place furniture on the perimeter, leaving the center free.

Bath or children from a small room

In cases when the room needs some repair 10 square meters. m, the owner of the apartment there is a bit of its arrangement methods. Often this area adapts to the bathroom, but it can very well cope with the role of the kitchen or nursery.

Everything for bathrooms 10 m² used classical decoration materials, floor and walls are covered with tiles, painted ceiling, or mounted in a hinged design.

In the case of residential use, the repair process will be a completely different way. You must correctly calculate the plan for future bedroom or nursery to get a nice and cozy room. Traditionally, it is recommended the use of bright colors in the design and a minimum of furniture.

When the repair room 9 square meters. m is made with the intention of using it as a kitchen requires a special approach to the choice of finishing materials. To make better use of floor laminate or tile.

Walls can be painted or covered with wallpaper waterproof. The ceiling is still recommended attachments. Furniture for the renovated kitchen to perform better on the individual order, with an emphasis on the location of built-in appliances.

Other options planning

Repair of the room 10 square meters

Making niche

Among the owners of small square rooms there are those who are truly fortunate. The room in which accommodate niches bonus is present at the interior.

  • To repair flat with a niche - a true pleasure for the experienced designer. It allows you to make an ordinary room plasticity and diversify the usual wall.
  • The main rule of registration niche - Finish in the same color with the wall, or a sharp contrast in colors. If you make a niche lighter volume of the room visually increase.
  • To create a more interesting effect it is recommended to use a variety of finishing materials - decorative stone or stucco embossed. For office or dining room is best to frame a niche with glass or metal.

Note! Additional decorative effect can be achieved by creating artificial lighting in the alcove. LED lamps warm tones may well be replaced by a night light in the bedroom or living room to decorate.

Quite problematic is the repair of the entrance room. In this case, the main thing - the right placement of furniture. To avoid creating a "labyrinth" effect when it is necessary to bypass the interior, better to leave a passage from door to door, and all the furniture is dispersed on both sides of the aisle.

Summing up

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