How to repair their own hands: the sequence of articles and ideas for finishing

How to repair their own hands: the ceiling trim, walls and floors


Table of contents

  • 1 Preparatory stage
  • 2 Finishing work
    • 2.1 finishing the ceiling
    • 2.2 Decorating the walls
    • 2.3 finishing the floor
  • 3 Summing up

If repairs are needed, and finance - are limited, you can not do anything except how to repair their own hands. However, do not despair, on their own, without attracting specialists to make repairs is quite possible.

How to repair their own handsSo, throwing doubt, the host for the repairs. The first thing you need to consider when planning a renovation of an apartment with his hands - it's her next appearance.

Selecting and discussing the future with domestic interior, you can proceed to the compilation of the estimates. It should include all the necessary repairing construction, building supplies and tools.

On some instruments you can save by renting them. And indeed, no doubt you would buy an expensive punch, if you just need something and that a dozen holes in the walls for mounting the shelves!

Purchase the necessary materials according to the estimate (mentally prepare yourself for the fact that re-buy will have to be sure), you can go directly to the repair work.

Preparatory stage

Ideas for repair their own hands

finish dismantling

Preparing for repair will vary depending on several factors:

  • condition of the apartment;
  • Overhaul;
  • desired result.

Naturally, the larger the edge of the planned works, the extensive preparations. To overhaul dismantle all finishing materials.

  • Old wallpaper scraped with a metal spatula, pre-soak water from spray bottle.
  • To clean the walls of oil paint to iron their iron over the foil, so the paint is softened and removed by the same spatula.
  • Old tiles from the floor and shear walls using a punch.
  • Blur whitewash.

As a result, we have to stay bare walls and floors (or concrete screed in a satisfactory condition).

Cosmetic repairs on their hands

replacement of pipes

Once finished, we coped, proceed to the plumbing work. If we have decided on a complete replacement of all plumbing, at this stage it will have to replace the risers water, sewer, and it must be done quickly. After risers replaced, it is possible to gradually change the tube.

Parallel can be replaced radiators.

The steps for finishing the surface preparation:

  • On the floor, if the state requires it, we put fresh leveling screed. The bathroom and toilet under screed mount layer of waterproofing materials.
  • Walls shpatlyuem finish putty, and if the curvature is significant, line the walls with plaster and only then shpatlyuem. Similar work is carried out with respect to the ceiling.
  • Possible and drywall - sheets of plasterboard paneling. In this case, the walls themselves better to handle antiseptic materials that prevent the likelihood of fungus under a layer of drywall.

Note! Sheathe the walls of bathrooms and toilets with plasterboard (even moisture-resistant) is not desirable!

Finishing work

Once training is finished (and floor screed coat has dried completely, walls and ceiling are aligned), one can proceed directly to the finish.

The main thing that you should remember, doing repairs on their hands, the sequence of repair work looks like a "ceiling - walls - floor" and nothing else.

finishing the ceiling

Beautiful repair their own hands

finishing the ceiling

The traditional and the cheapest way of finishing the ceiling - a whitewash. Price consumables for preproteins small, whitewashing is done easily, but today we can safely say that this method of decoration is outdated.

Alternative whitewash:

  • Painting of the ceiling interior paint.
  • Wallpapering (for painting).
  • Stucco decorative plaster (here can be applied as a plaster, tinted in the mass, and white plaster, followed by staining).
  • Pasting special polystyrene ceiling tiles.

One of the best of finishes to date is the installation of stretch ceiling. We will not describe all the advantages of such ceilings, except to say that it is necessary to perform the work seek professional help, self-install the suspended ceiling you are unlikely to out.

Decorating the walls

Also, there are many options for finishing walls. To decide on the design, be sure to look for relevant examples, repair their own hands will take a lot easier if you clearly understand the desired result.

Consider the finishes that you can do yourself.

  • Pasting of walls with wallpaper - a simple and most common finishes. With a wide range, you can choose suitable wallpapers for any design decisions.

At the pre-leveled walls, you can easily apply wallpaper, even if you do not have much experience. A separate line can be distinguished cork wallpaper as eco-friendly and very presentable finishing material.

  • Another option - to paint the walls. Today, the market is a fairly wide range of interior colors, including the so-called structural. Such paints can achieve interesting effects inhomogeneous surface, which means that the painted walls will look really strange.
  • Universal variant finishes - decorative (Gross) plaster. Having put on the prepared wall lined base layer textured plaster, we will immediately, without waiting for it to dry, forming a texture.

Note! Depending upon the tool used and the art of forming a relief pattern obtained by varying, however decorative plaster is very wide scope for design your imagination.

  • Decorating the walls in the bathroom and in the toilet you can tile or if the area of ​​the premises allows you to "steal" of the space, to sheathe the plastic panels.
    Articles repair their own hands

    Wall cladding tiles

finishing the floor

floor finishes also depends on your budget, the general design ideas and the desire to cope with all stages of repair.

  • The easiest way to finish the floor - laying linoleum. Even an inexperienced master is able to cope with this problem, the main thing right to choose linoleum and do not forget about the substrate, performing the function of thermal insulation and cushioning.
  • As an alternative to linoleum laminate acts. Contemporary laminate models allow us to collect the floor like a constructor, so the proper skill you will be able to get him without attracting artists from the side.
  • In the children's room will look good cork floor, which is laid on the principle of the laminate, snapping "the castle."
  • For bathrooms, hallway and kitchen is suitable floor tiles of ceramic, porcelain, natural or artificial stone.

Naturally, this is only the main points that you may encounter, having decided to make a nice repair their own hands. In fact, the nuances in this delicate matter so much more. And yet, we are confident, if you seriously take up the case, you need all turn out!

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.