Repair of the room 12 square meters: where to start, you need ideas for finishing the interior

Repair of the room 12 square meters (33 photos). Drawing up a work plan. Decorating the room in a dormitory and housing for women


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  • 1 A work plan
  • 2 Consider the nuances
  • 3 Preparing in advance
  • 4 Additional features in the repair of a small room
  • 5 A room in a hostel: it is necessary to
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Repair small area of ​​the room for most people it seems an impossible task. And not because the very process of repair that hard to do, the main problem - a design space. Quite often there are situations when this room is also the bedroom and the location of the table with a computer. We have to go to various tricks to harmoniously accommodate all interior items in a small space.

So, how to make repairs room of 12 square meters and have the perfect solution - this in our article.

A work plan

Repair of 12 square meters roomConventionally, repairs may be divided into several phases in the room.
  1. Preparatory. In the first place from the room make all the furniture, leaving a completely empty room. Next is the dismantling of the old coverings, walls and ceiling cleaned of wallpaper, the floor is removed and the old parquet floor.

It is advisable to change the old Windows on metal-plastic in order to make a renovated room with modern design. Soffits and window sills are made in the last instance, after aligning the walls. It is also necessary to change the door, considering the future design.

On the floor leveling layer is applied, after solidification ready for stacking laminate or carpet. The walls and ceiling are aligned with the help of plaster. It is best to re-lay the wiring and install additional power outlets. At this stage the price of your safety.

  1. Repair. At the time of his completing the repair of the premises and attach it beautiful.

If you do not know where to begin to repair the room, remember - it is always done from the top down.

Ceiling align and re-stain or assemble the hinged design that can make a beautiful design, but visually reduces the space.

In the case of a simple alignment of walls select beautiful wallpaper and pasted them. However, often in old apartments is very difficult to align the walls and you have to carry out finishing drywall.

Between the layer and the wall of the encasing material keeps insulation, allowing to make the room more warm. Directly on the plating layer can be wallpaper paste. Placed on the floor of the selected coating - laminate or carpet.

Note! In the case of replacement windows should not immediately make the slopes and install a window sill. If the walls are sheathed be any material, the thickness will increase accordingly increase the required size of the sill and slopes in a new window.

  1. Design. So, preparation is completed and begins the creative stage.

Depending on the purpose of the room pick up the furniture. It should not be too much, because the room and so can not boast a large size.

Consider the nuances

Where to start repair room

example repairs

Of course, we have described the process of repair in general. You can implement your own ideas for the repair of a small room, but do not forget about some of the little things that can seriously ruin your mood in the process of repair.

  • Prepare for the fact that the cost of repair of one room will be at least 2 thousand. dollars, taking into account all the necessary building materials and workers' labor costs. Furniture in the estimate is not included.
  • Do not plan in advance. Estimated time and money can be safely increased to 2 times.
  • Do not buy materials in advance, even if you can find in stores tremendous discounts. The gradual use of the material makes it possible not to clutter up a finished apartment with his hands and some tools may not be useful in the future.
  • Do not skimp on materials. Repair - a rather time-consuming operation, therefore it is necessary to do as little as possible. The use of durable and quality materials make your life easier during the works themselves. Dear windows, plumbing and flooring will allow them to operate much longer.
  • You can save a little on the repair work. Pokleit wallpaper and bed laminate and can be on their own. But on the difficult tasks - like laying wiring, replacement of windows, doors and radiators, it is better to invite experts.

Preparing in advance

So, decide what you need to repair a small area of ​​the room. Calculate the cost of dismantling the old coating, add the cost of coating materials (primer and plaster), wall and ceiling, the cost of wallpaper and linoleum. The minimum estimate is.

Of course, in the case of global alterations of the cost of repairs will increase, which is only the replacement of windows and doors, installation of false ceilings, new radiators unit, laying wiring and alignment of the walls plasterboard.

Add to this the cost of accompanying materials and get a fairly large amount. However, do not be upset, the money will be well spent and for at least another 5 years to repair the issue can not be returned.

Additional features in the repair of a small room

Repair dorm room

Room with balcony

Quite often, a room with a small area has access to the balcony. More often, it turns into a warehouse of various trash without performing any useful functions. By following a few simple steps, you can join the balcony to the room, increasing the available space and the rational use of the entire apartment.

Thus, repair of the room with a balcony is a little different from the standard. In addition to the complex repair work in the room itself, the operation added insulation, installation of additional windows on the balcony.

  • First of all it is necessary to install new plastic windows on the balcony and take down the partition separating it from the room. In this way you get rid of the extra cost of installing balcony doors and additional window you can put plastic frames with double or triple glazed windows facing the street.
  • In order to take full advantage of new residential meters and not to cool the rest of the apartment, it is necessary install a special screen, closing gaps at the bottom of trim balconies and insulate all the cracks in his walls.
  • Usually used for this construction foam and silicone sealants, as a standard mortar is gradually destroyed by the wind and the temperature. The screen itself is made of metal profile and polymer materials. It is quite reliable and does not require repair for a long time.
  • Sheathe the inside of the balcony by using siding or lining. Laminated chipboard or ordinary board can blend in a floor covering.
  • Well, if on the balcony of the unit will be installed radiators, thus avoiding on electric heating costs and make the room cozy and comfortable. With the renovated balcony with their own hands or the hands of professionals, except for additional square meters, you get better protection from street noise and dust.

A room in a hostel: it is necessary to

Repair of the room with a balcony

Dorm room

In contrast to conventional rooms, renovated dorm room includes its versatility.

Attention to the wiring

First of all, it is necessary to take care of the wiring. Often in the same dorm room is a large number of high-power electrical appliances: microwave oven, electric kettle and tiles, a TV, a few computers.

In addition, should take into account the load lamps. Reliable electricity system with an uninterruptible power source will allow the use of all appliances, without fear of overloading.


It's easy to share a room using plasterboard ceilings. Visually enlarge the space will use bright colors in the design.

Furniture is better to use a collapsible or multi-functional. Items that can be easily rearranged: trolleys, padded stools and shelves, also help to improve the interior and do not reduce the useful floor area.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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