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Landscaping ideas (42 photos). Development of the project area. Features tracks, waterfalls and slides


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  • 1 Independent development of the design portion
  • 2 the maximum Ideas
    • 2.1 Mounting arbor
    • 2.2 waterfall device
    • 2.3 Construction of the pool
  • 3 About tracks and slides
  • 4 Styles: what to choose?
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If you are a happy owner of your own home and the area around it, then your worries extend not only to the interior, but also in the arrangement of the surrounding area.

About what can be landscaping ideas, and we'll talk.

Landscape Design IdeasIndependent development of the design portion

Even a tiny portion can be aesthetically pleasing

Even a tiny portion can be aesthetically pleasing

According to numerous polls, independent landscape design infield or the court - much more pleasant for the owners than the accomplishment of the inside of the house. This is not surprising, we all miss nature, waiting for holiday and summer outdoor activities.

Not everyone has the opportunity to go on holiday away from home, and it is not always necessary, because you can equip a cozy nook of nature that go and do not want in their backyard.

In order to make your site truly a paradise and there are many design ideas that make possible everything.

In order to fulfill this dream, let's take a little bit of attention to the ideas that will make your design a garden plot 6 hectare exclusive and unique.

the maximum Ideas

center of the composition at the site

center of the composition at the site

Mounting arbor

Let's say you have identified on the site a place for relaxation and comfort the size of a 1-2 weave. This, believe me, is enough.

Note! Originally, we pay attention to where you sit and enjoy nature. This so-called center of the composition. A place for a table and chairs, sofas or chairs better to lay tile, stone, gravel, sand or pour concrete. It all depends on the style.

For rustic better lay a podium from boards, pre-treating them with an antifungal compound. Alternatively pave pad cobblestone or stone slabs. On this site placed a table, chairs, perhaps, BBQ.

For mounting gazebos dug pit, put the rack and filled with concrete mix.

Chatter can be a

Chatter can be a

Further, the roof and the decor you arrange to your liking. Very effectively in relation to the decorative look perennial vines that wrapped pergola.

waterfall device

If you have free space, it can be equipped with not only the arbor, but also a small swimming pool or pond.

  • A small waterfall can confine to the water tank. Waterfall constructed on the basis of a small hill of earth or gravel, covered with waterproofing material is installed a small pump for supplying water through a hose at an upper point.
  • Water intake takes place down in the pond where it will drain. Thus, the water will constantly circulate. But then begins the most interesting - the creative process.
  • On the hill, on top of the film, stacked stones and small boulders. Small pond at the bottom of it is also advisable to lay the film.
  • Pebble stack on the bottom of the pond, large stones - along the perimeter.
  • Let water and stones laid on the hill so that the beautiful waterfall over rocks falling down.
  • On the sides of the entire composition planted perennial water-demanding plant.
  • Finally, all errors are masked with sand and small pebbles.
Pond with waterfall - a popular idea of ​​landscape design

Pond with waterfall - a popular idea of ​​landscape design

Construction of the pool

If you space allows, in the territory can be made small pool. Particularly cozy look pools in the courtyards.

Check out this pool can be an infinite number of styles and options. Then everything will depend only on your taste and opportunities. Very popular now multilevel pools, where the water flows down from the upper stage to the lower level.

Of course, should be given considerable attention to the overall harmony and design of the adjacent to the pool area. Track around it, you can sprinkle clean sand, which will give a pleasant warmth in the summer.

About tracks and slides

The tracks in the garden can be of anything

The tracks in the garden can be of anything

Most often, the track laid out a stone, cobblestone, tile. Very nice effect is obtained if the tiles or uneven stone does not fit tightly to each other, and in between breaks grass.

This gives the effect of a kind of deliberate savagery and natural naturalness. Of course, do not forget about a place for relaxing by the pool. It can be chairs, benches, deckchairs.

Same track all sorts of options and perfectly harmonious look in the garden, no matter what style it may be issued.

Alpine coaster - very fashionable decoration. Optionally, the water supply, it suffices to build one or more of such slides, to lay them with stones, with jagged edges and undemanding plant perennials. Slides in perfect harmony with small glades, lawns planted with dense short grass.

Small pond lined with pebbles, with floating water lilies and running it koi complement your site. The more space you need for it a little, and by the laws of Feng Shui the owner of the pond with carp will certainly get rich.

The only thing you need to periodically take care - it is regular cleaning.

Small beds, pots, rock garden, alpine slides, original track, stream or waterfall - all this can be done by hand with minimal costs. Old barrels, stones, broken bricks, polystyrene, logs, tires on the wheels - all this can be applied with advantage, if we approach the matter creatively.

Styles: what to choose?

Landscape design in classic style

Landscape design in classic style

No matter how much free space you have on your site, and no matter what you have conceived it to do, it is important to consider one small rule.

Landscape design is dictated by the style, fashion and trend, as well as any home interior design. Before proceeding to the design of the site, decide what style you prefer.

Will this prim classic English style, modern minimalist image, perhaps a rustic area of ​​almost untouched nature and tropical paradise. Once you have decided, look the photo work of professionals, create a sketch and easily get started creating your personal recreational areas, a paradise.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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