Canopies over the porch: wood and other construction, how-to instructions, videos and photos

Peaks above the porch: 3 simple manufacturing method


Table of contents

  • 1 Option 1: made of corrugated board
    • 1.1 Design
    • 1.2 Making the brackets
    • 1.3 construction assembly
  • 2 Option 2: Convex polycarbonate
    • 2.1 Design
    • 2.2 making
  • 3 Option 3: wood
  • 4 Output

Protect the porch from the precipitation is only one way - by setting them on the visor. But not everyone knows how to do it correctly and secure. I am ready to tell in detail how to make a canopy over the porch, and the photo-guide will allow you to get acquainted with the process.

Make a canopy over the porch is every home craftsman

Make a canopy over the porch is every home craftsman

So, then, consider three relatively simple option of manufacturing the visor:

options cornices

options cornices

Option 1: made of corrugated board

If you have a welding machine and experience in working with metal, you will not be difficult to make your own simple design of metal profiles and sheeting. The process of its manufacture can be divided into several stages:

manufacturing phase

manufacturing phase


At the design stage the following steps:

  • Defined with structure sizes
    . To do this, you need to accurately measure the size of the porch. Keep in mind that the canopy has to be a little more of the porch;
  • Make drawing. Future scheme visor can be done even by hand. Most importantly, draw on it the basic details of the cornice, and specify their size.

Driving a simple framework based on four rectangles

The design of the cap in this case will consist of several arms-boxes that perform the function of the structural core. These triangles are united crate, which is laid roofing.

Making the brackets

For manufacturing the base need profiled or shaped metal angle pipe of small cross section. The manufacturing process is as follows:

illustrations Description of action
table_pic_att14932267784 Preparation details:
  • Mark the metal profiles into segments of which will be carried out rectangles. In this case, keep in mind that the short leg determines the angle of slope canopy, and the long - the length of the ramp;
  • Cut sections according markup grinder or hacksaw.
table_pic_att14932267805 Welding profiles.
  • Cook profiles of rectangles. Their number is calculated taking into account the fact that the step should not exceed 40-50 cm;
  • Welds treat sandpaper or a grinder.

At this metallic frame, i.e. its main elements are ready.

construction assembly

Now we start to establish canopy over the porch with his hands. Work is carried out as follows:

illustrations Description
table_pic_att14932267826 Preparing the Wall:
  • Before making a canopy over the porch, it is necessary to mark the wall. To apply this horizontal line using the level on which design will be aligned;
  • Then apply a vertical line, which will be aligned brackets;
  • On the bracket arrangement lines, drill holes for dowels.
table_pic_att14932267847 Mounting brackets:
  • Mark the brackets and drill holes that are aligned with the holes on the wall;
  • Secure the brackets with dowels or anchors.
table_pic_att14932267878 Installation of corrugated board:
  • Attach the frame battens with screws;
  • Cut size corrugated sheets visor;
  • Attach the sheathing sheets of corrugated board, as shown in the diagram.

Make the canopy can be not only of metal but also of any other material.

table_pic_att14932267889 Construction of abutment node: To canopy over the entrance to the house has turned tight, the area interface visor to the wall needs to be fixed abutment bar. Place its junction with the wall necessarily need to be sealed.

On this ledge ready. Now it can be clad bottom boards or plastic.

Option 2: Convex polycarbonate

It is interesting to look arched canopies over the entrance door of a private house. The coating is used for them polycarbonate. It is a flexible translucent sheet material, which comes in many colors.

These sheds are made simply and quickly. Only, as in the previous case, the welding machine is needed for manufacturing such a structure.

Arched canopy of polycarbonate - the perfect solution for a country house


The arcuate design differs little from that described above. The only difference is that the upper part of the bracket, which is attached to the polycarbonate has an arcuate shape.

The design process is performed according to the scheme described above, so will not be repeated.


Canopy over the porch of polycarbonate is as follows:

illustrations Description of action
table_pic_att149322679111 materials:
  • The profiled tube section 10x10 mm;
  • polycarbonate sheets;
  • A connecting profile for polycarbonate;
  • End profile for polycarbonate.
table_pic_att149322679412 Production of arcs:
  • Apply the marks on the profiled pipe and cut them into strips of which are made of arc;
  • Bend segments. To do this, it is best to use a tube bender.
    If you do not have the tube bender, hammer metal rods into the ground, placing them along the radius of the arcs, and then bend them around themselves arc.
table_pic_att149322679613 frame Manufacturer:
  • Connect all of the arc in a single structure, welded to both sides of the profile tubes. The length of these sections determines the width of the canopy;
  • Now you need to make the brackets. To this end, each arc is necessary to weld the rack. The last pillar is necessary to make domestic long;
  • Connect all the rack with the opposite end of the arc, ie, in the end should turn out the same rectangles, but with arcuate hypotenuse.
table_pic_att149322679714 Installation of polycarbonate. Since the design of a lightweight, polycarbonate can be mounted "on the ground".

Work is carried out as follows:

  • Cut sheets of polycarbonate according to the frame size. For these purposes, you can use the jigsaw;
  • Secure polycarbonate sheets with screws.

Polycarbonate for visor should have a coating that protects it from ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, price should not be the deciding factor when choosing the material.

table_pic_att149322680015 Mounting structure. Work carried out by the scheme described above - is performed first on the wall marking, whereupon the frame is fastened by dowels or anchors.

Appearance visor made of polycarbonate can be decorated with wrought. Patterns can be done independently by bending the wire.

Option 3: wood

If you do not have the welding machine and you do not know how to work with metal, it is possible to make a wooden canopy. For example, consider how to make the most simple gable design. To cope with this task under the force of each handyman.

The construction is the same as that of the above-described metal frame. Therefore, the design is omitted.

So, a wooden canopy over the porch with his hands is as follows:

illustrations Description of action
table_pic_att149322680316 materials:
  • Timber 30x30;
  • boards;
  • Screws;
  • Varnish or paint.
table_pic_att149322680417 Making the brackets:
  • Slice the bar into segments of desired length;
  • Make rectangles of the segments, as shown in the photo. To connect parts Use screws, they can be further strengthened metal corners.
table_pic_att149322680518 frame assembly:
  • Connect rectangles interconnected by crosspieces made of beams;
  • On top of the slope fasten boards, which will serve as a crate;
  • The surface of the wooden structures need to be sanded and lacquering.
Garnish with a wooden canopy can be threaded

Garnish with a wooden canopy can be threaded

The most beautiful wooden visors those carved. Making detail curved shape as shown in the photo above may be using a conventional jigsaw.

In this production of wooden frame completed. It now remains to secure the frame on the wall of the scheme described above, and to lay the top roofing. For these purposes, you can use absolutely any sheet material, or put "ladder" of the board, as shown in the photo above.

Here, perhaps, and all the information on how to make a wooden canopy for the porch in a private home.


Now you know how to make your own canopy over the porch at the cottage. Additionally, check out the video in this article. For any questions regarding the manufacture of the visor, you can contact me in the comments.