The project is an individual house or cottage: instructions on how to make your own hands, videos and photos

The project is an individual house - simple guidelines for self-development


Table of contents

  • 1 What you need to consider when designing construction projects
    • 1.1 Review of author's projects, which can be applied at the individual building
    • 1.2 Review of programs for self-development of architectural projects
  • 2 To summarize
Author cottage drawing that you can use in the construction of his house

Author cottage drawing that you can use in the construction of his house

Want to learn how to do a project at home on their own without the help of professionals? I'll tell you what factors influence the development of the figure of an individual house. You will also learn how the software can be used to develop a conceptual design. Finally, you can find a brief overview of the interesting projects.

What you need to consider when designing construction projects

Factors influencing the planning of cottages
table_pic_att14925497861 climatic factors. Before you create a project at home you need to know the amount of rainfall, the average annual temperature, the number of sunny days per year and the power of the wind, typical for the area.

From these conditions depends on:

  • glass area;
  • the thickness of the outer walls;
  • type of roofing system;
  • choice of building materials;
  • type of drainage system, etc.
table_pic_att14925497892 geodetic features. Creating a home project should be carried out in accordance with the geodetic parameters, as they determine:
  • configuration and the degree of penetration of the foundation;
  • location of the house on the site;
  • possibility wellbore device independent water;
  • the ability to install a septic tank for sewage autonomous.
table_pic_att14925497913 Seismic activity in the region. Seismic activity determines the architectural features and the size of an apartment house, and also affects the choice of building materials.
table_pic_att14925497924 Necessary infrastructure. It is necessary to take into account such factors as the availability of access roads, the ability to connect an object to a centralized system of water supply and sewerage.
table_pic_att14925497935 operational features. From custom design house, you need to have a clear idea of ​​how the property will be used - seasonal or year-round.

In accordance with the operating features, it provides the heating system and ventilation system of the premises.

table_pic_att14925497956 Budget allotted for the construction. The high cost of building materials and the high price of the rental of specialized equipment required to develop the project of a country house in accordance with the objective calculation of their financial possibilities.

There are many examples of how the unfinished construction of a house for sale due to non-compliance of the project and material capacities of the customer.

Review of author's projects, which can be applied at the individual building

illustrations Description author projects
table_pic_att14925498037 House of cedar (Cedar House). In the picture modernist house designed and built in Poland. A characteristic feature of architecture - the cubic form in combination with a flat roof and exterior finish natural wood.

When finishing facade, as well as in the interior are applied finishing materials in light colors. Therefore, the building, in spite of the cubic form, does not seem cumbersome.

table_pic_att14925498058 Minimalism and simplicity in Japanese. This minimalist house designed in Japan. Therefore, the construction of compact - just 150 m 2, but contains everything you need for a comfortable stay, even a garage for two cars.

The house is built on frame technology and are operated by their owners all year round.

table_pic_att14925498069 Country house in ethnic style. This building was designed by architects Doomo studio (Poland). The house is built and operated as a full-fledged cottage.

Architectural execution object is made in the ethnic style typical of rural Poland. The house, despite internal modernity and functionality in harmony with the environment, as it merges with the landscape.

table_pic_att149254980810 Individual project of architect Alexey Ilyin home. The building is constructed and operated in the suburbs. Mesh rectangular two-storey building. Due to typical glazing, monochrome design object and a small slope of the roof, one-storey building is perceived.

The house, despite the apparent compactness, large and well suited for a comfortable family accommodation of 4-5 people.

Review of programs for self-development of architectural projects

illustrations Software Description
table_pic_att149254980911 ArchiCAD. This software is designed for professional use in the project offices.

The program combines a large range of functions, including modeling of individual elements house design, simulation of surround sketch the whole building, interior design and modeling exterior.

table_pic_att149254981012 K3-Cottage. This domestic software designed specifically for the design of country houses.

Development of design documentation for this software is done in full compliance with building codes and standards. Therefore, with a house built on self-made drawings, there will be difficulties in registration with the cadastral organizations.

table_pic_att149254981313 google Sketchup. If the question is, where do the project for the construction of the house for free, then this program is for you!

The app is free and is designed for beginners. Google Sketchup - the optimal choice, if an application needs to create a single project with their own hands.

A set of tools in the free version is more than enough to draw a sketch to their future home with dimensions.

VisiCon. A very simple program designed for interior planning will help you develop the concept of houses and cottages within.

Instructions to use the software does not require any special skills.

To summarize

Now that you know how to draft a home, without resorting to professionals. Additional information can be found by watching video in this article. Questions you can ask in the comments.