Rocking chair with his hands: wood and other how-to instructions, videos and photos

Rocking chair with his hands: 2 simple assembly instructions


Table of contents

  • 1 What are rocking chairs
    • 1.1 Instruction 1: Build a wooden chair on runners
    • 1.2 Instruction 2: Assembling a metal chair Pendulum
  • 2 To summarize
If you want to relax in comfort, do yourself a rocking chair, it's so easy

If you want to relax in comfort, do yourself a rocking chair, it's so easy

What could be nicer than to swing at your leisure in a comfortable chair? Unfortunately, not everyone has such furniture. But I'll tell you how to make a rocking chair with his hands from the available materials. I propose two simple instructions, from which you can choose the appropriate option.

What are rocking chairs

illustrations Variety and description
table_pic_att14931595891 Chair on runners. This traditional construction, where the seat is mounted on curved guide - runners.
  • The advantage of this piece of furniture - easy assembly and low price;
  • Lack - scratch the floor runners with rocking.
table_pic_att14931595902 Chair Pendulum. This is a more complicated construction, in which the fixed base and a seat connected independently. This chair is stable and safe, and it does not spoil the floor.

Instruction 1: Build a wooden chair on runners

illustrations Description of action
table_pic_att14931595933 The size and configuration of the chair. On the proposed scheme I outlined the dimensions of rocking chairs. However, I advise you to adjust the size in accordance with its constitution, to make their own hands kreslokachalku as comfortable as possible.
table_pic_att14931595964 Select radius skids.
  • Rail make diagonal gash, which will include the ends of the veneer strips;
  • Diagonal gashes disposal from each other at such a distance that the plywood arched to the desired radius;
  • Gashes depth should be not less than 3 cm;
  • Gashes do exactly perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the rack, as the curvature would lead to distortions of runners.
table_pic_att14931595975 We set the benchmark. Insert the plywood strip in the gash on the rail. In our case the strip has a length of 1.2 m and the distance from the rail to the greatest slat point bending was 15 cm.

We are putting a design to draw out a workbench and the radius center marking up on the curved strip.

Circled by a radius on the bench lay stacks and fasten them with screws to the table. On stacks fasten the strip of plywood.

table_pic_att14931596006 expose constraints. To slats do not slip on the surface of the table, spread the bars of the same height. Bars fix screws on the table.
table_pic_att14931596097 Sticking runners.
  • Lubricated adhesive slats (. Is not less than 8 units) is applied to the strip, fastened on the stocks and combine marks, exposed on the center;
  • First clamp set in the middle and tighten enclosed bar. Then fix the clamps slats on the edges, but do not tighten;
  • Starting from the center outwards, expose and tighten clamp. After the slat package is fixed, tighten the clamp extreme.

Workpiece leaving at rest for 2-3 days, while the carpenter's glue is completely dry.

table_pic_att14931596108 we combine skids.
  • Homemade runners are putting across from each other according to the markings on the centers;
  • We fix the rails as shown in the photo cross-beams through the clamps;
  • We check as swinging design. At this stage the ends of the rails cut off at a right angle and sticking through slots knobs.
table_pic_att14931596129 We produce reinforcing elements. If you install a seat on wooden runners, they can crack. Therefore, the board cut of amplifiers - the same runners, but less long.

At this stage we do a router slots for connecting to an amplifier with locking pins runners.

table_pic_att149315961410 Glue runners to amplifiers.
  • Adhesive bonded surface lubricates and technological holes insert pins;
  • We connect the skids to the amplifier, connected to the bonding surface over the entire length;
  • At the time of the glue dries details contractible clamps.
table_pic_att149315962211 Making the side rails.
  • Cut template drawings plywood shaped lateral strut. By pattern rascherchivaem 6 and cut resistant;
  • Cut from a tree with the attached preform to grind Milling template;
  • At the end of each rack slots do under the spikes, pre-set in the amplifier runners.
table_pic_att149315962412 Glue the side stand.
  • The groove in the body of the side racks coat with glue and adhesive is applied to the spike and around it;
  • Dress stand on a thorn and tightly pressed against the surface of the amplifier. Similar actions are performed on two runners.
table_pic_att149315962513 connecting the base.
  • Sides with runners connect cross braces;
  • Compound execute on the screws, screwed from the outside through perspiration.
table_pic_att149315963414 Putting seat.
  • Of solid board cut out two sidewalls;
  • The sidewalls cut continuous longitudinal groove on the inner side;
  • Both sidewalls interconnected by inserting and fixing the rails on the adhesive;
  • Reiki is set close to each other without a gap.

If desired, the slats are placed with a gap to perform after weaving willow twigs.

table_pic_att149315963715 We collect all the details.

Seat through the adhesive and thorns with Bobkov butted props. At the same stage cut and install armrests. Subsequently, the chair can be covered with varnish.

Instruction 2: Assembling a metal chair Pendulum

illustrations Description of action
table_pic_att149315964516 Harvested materials and tools. Materials required:
  • profile 15 × 30 mm;
  • steel strip (thickness 3 mm, width 30 mm);
  • bars (round timber) 12 mm;
  • tube with an inner diameter of 32 mm.

The tool will need a Bulgarian with a cutting disc for metal, welding machine, clamps and measuring tools. In order to work with pipes needed profilegib.

table_pic_att149315964917 Drawing product drawing in full size.

As shown in the photo, we draw on a level floor sidewall chair. To simplify the task, you can lay on a side chair and a circle with a back seat.

The dimensions do not give specifically, since it is necessary to use the size of the seat on which you sit comfortably.

The less curved parts will be in the design of a product, the easier it will be to collect it.

table_pic_att149315965418 Making the housing for bearings.
  • By bearing width measure out and cut out of the pipe 8 by the number of rings harvested bearings;
  • On one side of the bearing cap is welded. For plugs may be used washers of suitable size.

If you weld on the puck, make sure that the central hole in which the diameter of the rod was less harvested.

table_pic_att149315965719 Putting the side of the seat and backrest. Make the drawing on the arch profile and weld two identical sidewall. We put details on drawing and check the correct assembly.
table_pic_att149315966420 Prepare sidewall base. Arches on benders profile, as shown in the photo. Thus we do the same 4 parts.

By the way, the curved part was used for decorative effect, and if there is no bending tool, the sidewall can be cooked in the form of a trapezoid.

table_pic_att149315967021 Putting seat.
  • Profile to the desired width of the chair (in this case 50 cm) cut into 5 jumpers;
  • Welded jumper to the sidewalls and weld on the metal frame of the chair parts together;
  • At this stage of the radicals arch profile rail and welds on the sides of the assembled structure.
table_pic_att149315967222 Sheathing seat frame. Cut pieces of steel strip, similar in length and have jumpers welds in the seat frame, as shown in the photo.

The interval between the welded pieces of steel strip select at his discretion, but this distance should not exceed 5 cm.

table_pic_att149315967523 Weld the bottom support. Previously prepared pieces of curved weld profile on the 2 pieces together.
  • To the ends of the bent parts welds on the flat piece of profile to obtain a structure in the form of a bow (1);
  • Two ready sidewall weld webs (2) in the lower and upper part;
  • On welded base set already finished chair in the lower part of which is welded to the transverse webs (3).
table_pic_att149315968424 Welded movable hangers. Bearing Units, together with installed rods welds at the bottom of the chair and the top of the curved side walls. Bearing assemblies on the chair and on the sidewalls join pieces of equal length rod.

welding quality when connecting the suspensions must be very high, since it is these details have to load from the weight of the seat and the person sitting in it.

table_pic_att149315968525 Footrest. In principle, it is possible to do without supports, but keep your feet on weight uncomfortable. Therefore, the profile pieces and the steel strip is collected and welded stand considering the length of your legs.

At the end of the assembly can be welded hook or loop to lock the chair in a fixed position, if you will need to seat not swayed.

To summarize

Now you know how to make wooden and metal chair with his hands. Additional information can be found by watching the video in this article. If you have questions, you can ask in the comments.