Repair for teen rooms: rework the project nursery for teenage girls

Repair for teen rooms (36 photos): ideas for boys and girls


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  • 1 General considerations when creating a design
  • 2 Boy or girl: choose a design
    • 2.1 Design for a teenage boy
    • 2.2 Design for a teenage girl
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Repair for teenager's room - a task responsible, on the one hand, in front of you is your child who there will always be small, but on the other - to form a personality, which requests must be take account of.

What should be the interior of teenage monastery - this in our article.

Repair for teen roomRoom renovation project - the first thing that needs to be done, starting to finishing.

The teenager - no longer a child, and therefore, its opinion will be taken into account during the preparation of the design project.

Of course, the particular design will depend on the age and sex. Design and repair of a children's room for the boy and girl have common features, but also a lot of differences.

General considerations when creating a design

Teenagers, in contrast to the young children, most of them do not accept the soothing hues and pastel tones. The energy that awakens in man at the time of its formation, requires bright colors and all kinds of extremes in the design (for example, for gluing the walls portraits of idols)


It is important not to overdo it with the elements of the interior, so as not to slip into bad taste and at the same time meet the needs of a young person who will live in it.

Note! Finishing materials worth purchasing is not very expensive, but it is washable and resistant to mechanical damage.

Eco-friendly materials for the repair of the room, too, will never be superfluous. And what about the durability of all relative: it is possible, after a couple of years of a child's tastes have changed dramatically, and repair will have to do again.

Finishing materials shall be:

  • inexpensive;
  • bright tones;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • good resistance to mechanical damage;
  • washable.

Repair teen room is to suggest improvement of many details, because there is going to live is no longer a small child, growing up as a person.

Teenagers are not so important texture of wallpaper, flooring and type of furniture. The interior should be, above all, practical. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the areas for recreation, entertainment and, of course, the workplace.

Boy or girl: choose a design

Design for a teenage boy

room renovation project

Design for a teenage boy

Since the whole world is focused on the adolescent its territory, it is necessary to provide him with some degree of freedom in the design of the room. At the stage of a design project is required to be aware of its wishes regarding the color of the walls, the location of functional zones and the presence of one or another furniture.

Interior renovated rooms with their own hands, designed to stay in her teenage boy should have to answer a number of requirements. First of all, the room has to be quite spacious and bright. Therefore, over the color of the walls should think carefully.

Lighting must necessarily be qualitative, since at this age children in particular spend much time at the computer and notebooks. Do not forget about textiles: the room everything should be in harmony with each other - and the curtains and bedspreads, and even bedding.

In the room of a teenage boy is always a downright mess - it is an axiom. Therefore, it is necessary to have a lot of space to store all the necessary "stuff". You need to think carefully about what kind of furniture should stand.

Interior for the boy the teenager will not look completely finished, if not add accessories. To place will be guitar, sports cups and other boyish things.

Design for teen rooms may differ slightly from the bedroom by an adult. For example, teenagers may prefer wallpaper walls, large posters pasted its idols or plastered textured plaster and painted graffiti surface.

Almost all the boys puberty have a hobby: active sport, computer or music. Therefore it is good if you make in the design area, where they can freely engage in their hobby.

Design for a teenage girl

Repair teen room

Design for a teenage girl

  • Repair for teenage girls room is to, first of all, take into account specific character of the mistress, correctly reflect the integrity of nature and a kind of longing for freedom.
  • At this age, teenagers tend to find their room the most important place in the world where their secrets are kept and experienced emotions. Therefore, the design must be harmoniously combine personal cabinet, boudoir, bedroom and living room, which could come friends and acquaintances.
  • As for the colors of the room, fit bright and soft colors, diluted with bright accents and décor. In many of the girls tend to be corporate style Barbie aged 12-16 years, or hit the other extreme - begin to wear dark clothes, to sum up the pencil eyes, dye your hair black.
  • The interior also prefer gloomy Gothic. Of course, you need to listen to the wishes of the mistress, however, it is worth remembering that in 2-3 years the interior may have to be changed drastically. Therefore, expensive and durable materials for finishing is better not to acquire.
  • The most popular colors for the repair girl's room are pale pink or pale lilac. Sand, golden-brown and green tones will also look good.
  • can be safely used in the decoration of the walls of vinyl stickers, the price - from 290 rubles.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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