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  • 1 Interior depending on age
    • 1.1 From 0 to 1 year
    • 1.2 From 1 to 3 years
    • 1.3 3-5 years
    • 1.4 6-7 years
    • 1.5 8-9 years
    • 1.6 10-12 years
    • 1.7 13-14 years
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Design a child's room for a boy must match the child's age, interests and temperament. In this paper, we propose to consider several options for the design space, design secrets and general tips on arrangement.

Child's room - a combination of several zones, here the child is sleeping, playing and learning.

Design a child's room for a boy

Design a child's room for a teenage boy to be materially different from the situation room for brats younger age.

General rules :

  1. All materials and objects that will be used in the design of a child's room must comply with sanitary regulations, be made from natural, safe materials.
  2. Furniture should not be traumatic and convenient, appropriate to the age of the child and reliable.
  3. You can use bright, but not aggressive colors. The figures on the wallpaper should be not only colorful, but also informative.
  4. The room should be well lit during the day and in the evening, under it is to give the brightest room in the apartment.
  5. Curtains have good light transmission and not be flammable (natural organza or tulle), better to choose curtains made of natural cotton or linen. To darken the room during the day, you can use blinds.
  6. All designs must be well secured, the fabric used in the design of curtains for the children should be durable and withstand repeated washing.
    Design a child's room for a teenage boy

    kid's room

  7. Share a room into zones is possible by means of different wallpaper or styles.
  8. It is not necessary to use a large number of small decorative items.
  9. Choosing interior design, guided by his wishes and preferences, ably adjust and implement their boyish dreams.

For general advice clear. Now let's look at the design on the child's age. We have divided the period from 0 to 18 years into eight parts.

Interior depending on age

From 0 to 1 year

Design a child's room for a boy of 10 years

Designed for children up to a year

Some parents are taught from birth to toddler independence.

The interior for the boy first year of life, give preference to light and calm, neutral tones. The room should be enough light during daytime sleep windows must be closed with thick curtains.

You must be a bed cradle, a changing table and a small drawer or shelf for toys. When you divide the room into zones, try to place the place the game closer to the window, and the bed in the center. Never place the bed opposite the door, there will always be a draft.

Floor must be covered with a carpet made of natural materials. Ideally, the better to make heated floors.

Table for swaddling put next to the crib. The floor can be arranged large soft toys, arrange cushion and upholstered furniture in the form of toys (chair monkey, lion-bed, chair-bear).

The interior should not be present small items that the baby can swallow.

From 1 to 3 years

Design a child's room for a boy 8 years

room design for a child 1-3 years

  • At this age, pipsqueak knows the world, he is attracted to bright colors and interesting pictures. But do not obklevat the room bright wallpaper with prints. The sleep area is better to use the calm warm colors without pattern, otherwise the child will be distracted for a long time to fall asleep.
  • The ceiling can be painted in bright colors or wallpapered with svetovpityvayuschim pattern, falling asleep, the baby will be visible over a starry sky. In the gaming zone on the wallpaper image must be not only bright, but also informative. The most suitable options - cartoon or fairy-tale characters and little animals.
  • Child reading a fairy tale, it will be possible to ask the kid to show animals or characters. When pipsqueak little older, tell stories rather than of to these pictures. On the walls you can hang paintings or illustrations for books.
  • Horse-riding in this age, replacing the crib. Table for swaddling is already useless. It is replaced with a low table and chair for art classes. Place it in the window to the kid had enough light.
  • In the gaming zone add a shelf for toys. So you can teach a child to order, putting together toys in the evening or after the game.
  • Spread on the floor carpet necessarily as crumbs in this age all the games carry it there.
  • When choosing curtains for children's design, prefer bright colors with a pattern.
  • In developing the design project the children's room for a boy, do not forget about adequate lighting in the room. Also provides for a nightlight in the crib that the baby was not terrible.

3-5 years

Child's room for a boy

Designed in the style of cartoon

This age is interesting because the kids try to imitate their favorite characters. They understand that they are fighting for the good.

So, developing interior design children's room for a boy, you can arrange it in the style of the beloved hero.

For this we need:

  • appropriate wallpaper;
  • suitable decor (blanket, toys, pictures on the walls, curtains);
  • accent lighting.

If resources permit, you can buy a bed in the shape of a ship or a car. It is also necessary to add a wardrobe or chest of drawers, chair of folding things. The closet for toys need to allocate space for books.

If your child likes cars, in the play area, you can set the motor track or railway. Also it would not hurt to allocate some space for sports. Swedish staircase takes up little space, and teaches the child to do morning exercises.

Tip! The kids gradually learn to keep order, and should start with toys. If each of them will have their place, the child can easily remember it. Would be rational to divide the cabinet for toys into several compartments, for example, for the designer, box machines, office for the album and plasticine.

6-7 years

Interior nursery for a boy

nautical theme

At this age, toddler get a little more serious, there comes time to go to school. So it is necessary to equip the place for lessons learned. Desk or desk recommended to put in the window, the light on the table should fall in the middle or on the left.

The chair should be comfortable and conform to the growth of the child. Also take care of the training area lighting in the evening.

If you are developing interior nursery for boys and you can not put two beds, use a two-tiered. Pick the most suitable option for your room.

The design of the walls with wallpaper, you can discuss with your child, then he has something to pick. If a child is active and can not concentrate, prefer calm light tones.

Tip! Do not rush to get rid of the cabinet for toys, it is possible to alter or adapt for books.

8-9 years

Design of child for a boy

Designed for little boy

When designing a child's room for a boy of 8 years, pay attention to his hobbies and interests.

If he is interested in boxing or any other sport, equip the area for employment. If you place a little, make a removable structure.

When designing the interior of a child's room for a boy - the wallpaper, choose a more muted colors. The same applies to finishing the ceiling and curtains design. Zone is gradually reduced, at this point you can set a case for a book or a computer.

10-12 years

Child's room for boys

Interior with 2 double beds

Usually at this age children have already decided on the hobby, they almost formed an opinion about how the room should look like them.

Planning design children's room for a boy of 10 years, be sure to consult with him. Of course, some requests may disturb you, but we are adults, and therefore have to find a compromise.

You can offer him one wall pasted with photo wallpapers, which you choose together. Help him to choose items for the room decor.

13-14 years

Interior design children's room for a boy

Room boy 13 years

At this age begin to appear idols. They are eager pasted their posters all available space. So why should this not afford?

Thinking interior room for a boy of 13-14 years, it is possible to give preference to the cheaper option of wallpaper, because after a few years of a child swap tastes.

If your kid music fan, select a place in the music system. On the walls hang posters or let others "very necessary" things.

A room for teens

Design project of the children's room for a boy

teen room design

When planning a design for a teenage boy, will have to negotiate with the owner of the premises. But at this age it is easy to reach a compromise, using logical arguments.

Most teenagers are attracted high-tech style. This style involves a minimum of furniture, simple lines and colors (white, gray, black, combined with brighter shades).

The walls are decorated with framed photographs. The focus is on lighting, it should be plenty. The bed can be replaced with pull-out sofa in a modern design, the color of which will be in harmony with the colors of all the premises.

Curtains select in accordance with the design of the room, or change in the vertical fabric blinds, Roman blinds. Quite simply, strictly and with taste, the teenager will be satisfied.

As you can see, the design design children's room for the boy is not too difficult. The main criteria - is the age of the child, his preferences and character. The rest is your imagination and the ability to find a solution to the dispute.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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