LED luminaires for suspended ceilings: video-installation instructions with their hands, photos

LED luminaires for suspended ceilings (45 photos): Features installation. Diode tapes and other types of


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Topical solution modern lighting fixtures are increasingly the suspended ceilings. A prominent place is given to LED lamps.

It is well known that light from them has the danger of the eyes. The great advantage is also the absence of glare and flicker.

Stretch ceilings c spotlights

Stretch ceilings c spotlights

Many advantages of LED lamps for ceilings, is admired by designers, builders, and ordinary citizens.

In today's market presents a large number of models that allows you to easily choose what is suitable for interior. For registration of the design apartments are used partially and crystal decorative forms.

Typically, LED lighting for suspended ceilings meet this criteria:

  • lamp is below the web tension;
  • base closes the opening in the ceiling;
  • consumption of 220 V network;
  • LED light bulbs are used in conventional luminaires.

diode tape

Modern diode lamps for suspended ceilings are tape which is installed under ground.

LED luminaires for suspended ceilings

LED strip stretch ceiling

It looks like open multicolor belt

It looks like open multicolor stripe


  1. One color - warm or cold light.
  2. Color - glow red, green, blue.
  3. Color RGB - glow in different colors and shades.

Strips are of two types: open and waterproof.


Mounting tape

Mounting tape

Consider how to connect fixtures for suspended ceilings open diode.

First we need to determine the future place of the strip and its length arrangement. All models are multiples of the circumcision, each has its own multiplicity.

Based on the length and the power supply unit is selected, which should correspond to full load. A multicolour band set still, and a controller.

ceiling surface should be consistently clean. If the selected base made of metal or electroconductive materials require isolation.

All tapes are on the reverse side an adhesive surface for mounting on the basis of.

On the canvas made the mark corresponding to the already established bases. The reinforcement ring is attached to fixing structures. The next step - in place of the bonding ring to cut a hole.

The bending radius during installation should not exceed 2 cm.

If there is a need for cutting, a cut in the place of the spikes. To connect two bands using a soldering iron is not more than 10 seconds, heating to 250 ° C.

The latter is connected to - a connection to the power supply or the transformer (to the controller, if connected multicolor ribbon). For the power supply and controller to connect both wires. If the polarity of the connectors is broken and the tape went current, it may become unusable.

By connecting a parallel connection is typically used. If the connection - serial, the load is distributed evenly, this may make the attenuation Electrosignal. The correct connection of the strip will guarantee a long service life of devices.

classification of luminaires

GAUSS MR16 GU10 220

LED lamp GAUSS MR16 GU10 220

The photo lamp GAUSS MR16 GU10 220V 4W with a power of 4 W:

  • Analog - 50 W;
  • Voltage -220 V;
  • Radiation Light - warm 2700K;
  • The average model price - 350 rubles.

On mounting type LED lighting for suspended ceilings are dotted and tape. Point is divided into internal and external lights.

  • Lamps with external lamps emit fascinating light. Internal also have some limitations, and the light power of temperature.
  • The housing of such models can be matte or glossy. Devices with external lamp are more preferred because they do not have thermal effects on the ceiling cloth.
  • LED luminaires for suspended ceilings in the film called LED tape. The service life of an average of 5 years (50,000 hours). Replacement can be made easily, but the elements can not be interchanged.
  • When you create a unique interior, you can choose the LED elements with different emission color. "Ceremonial" lighting scenario in the design of the ceiling in the living room is created using colored lights.
  • For the "everyday" classic white suit radiation color with warm and cool shades.
2070 MULTI

2070 MULTI (multicolor) - Spot light

Spot lights - it is a novelty in lighting technology. LEDs are built into the base, which may be incorporated as a halogen lamp in conjunction with, or independently. Radiation LEDs makes the room cozy and relaxed atmosphere, which is particularly important for the design of ceilings in the bedroom.

Main advantages:

  • modern look;
  • economical power consumption with high output (consumption per meter - 6 W).

Tip! By purchasing such devices, be sure to pay attention to how reliable the internal side. It is recommended to buy only certified products with a guarantee.

Summing up

On the correct lighting system depends on comfort in the apartment. Prefer economical, convenient and versatile option, and the video in this article will help you not to make a mistake.

Photo Gallery