Infrared heaters on the ceiling: a warm installation, reviews about the film, heating which, video and floor mounting

It is quite quick and easy to heat a country house with infrared heaters on the ceiling You can quickly and easily heat a country house with infrared heaters on the ceiling Correctly selected infrared heaters on the ceiling allow you to quickly and economically warm the wooden house. Due to the uniform heat distribution, no additional heating elements are required. You will like this option for those who do not want to communicate with oil appliances or convectors. The correct calculation of the necessary parameters of the heat source will help to achieve a good result.

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Determine the power of a warm infrared ceiling

Regardless of the manufacturer, infrared heaters heat the air for a subsequent increase in temperatureTours in the room. In order to correctly determine the required power, it is not enough to put the amount of heat consumption of the room at the heart of it.

It is worth paying attention to the table an important indicator of how heat loss exists in any wooden house. Correctly it can be calculated by multiplying 0.85 by the coefficient of heat consumption.

Next, you need to take into account the factor associated with the characteristics of perception. The incoming warm air from the ceiling heating element is perceived 1-2 degrees higher than it actually is. In this regard, it is recommended to choose slightly less power than necessary.

Choosing an infrared heater, it is mandatory to take into account its quality and functionality When choosing an infrared heater, one must take into account its quality and functional capabilities

In addition, there are several other factors that make it possible to choose the heater required for its performance parameters:

  1. Optimal heat consumption85 W / m2.
  2. The maximum intensity of the heat flow is 150 W / m2.
  3. The higher the device is placed, the greater the heat flow intensity( ITP) should be selected. For example, if the ceiling height is 6 m, then the ITP is 185 W / m2.

In those rooms where people are constantly expected to be located, it is recommended to install ceiling heating systems on both sides. In this case, it is possible to cover the maximum area with the minimum expenditure of electrical energy.

The principle of the infrared ceiling

The increased popularity of such systems is ensured by the fact that their installation allows us to overcome the traditional shortage of the convection heating mechanism. In a normal apartment with a radiator installed, air is circulated.

The diagram looks simple enough. The heat source creates heated air masses, which begin to propagate clockwise in the room.

As the ceiling approaches, warm air cools down gradually. Once the circle is complete, it is no longer a heating, but a draft. The ceiling heating is arranged in a different way.

Many people prefer to choose infrared heaters, because the heat that they emit, spreads evenly in the room Many people prefer to choose infrared heaters, because the heat they emit is distributed evenly in the room

Its operation is characterized by the following parameters:

  1. Like heat, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room;
  2. Due to the physical parameters of the radiated waves, only objects, not air, are heated;
  3. The floor is always warm when using IR heating systems;
  4. The humidity level is kept enough, thanks to which the ceiling and walls are not covered with mold.

In the case where the system is similar and installed correctly, the efficiency is about 92%.According to buyers' reviews, the minimum amount of energy savings is about 40%.In case of correct operation and observance of the schedule of preventive inspections, the guaranteed service life is not less than 10 years.

Correct installation of an infrared heater on the

ceiling. Install the PLEN and the system as a whole with the help of a master or independently. The second option is chosen more often due to several circumstances. First, the manufacturer supplies the product with detailed instructions. Secondly, in any home there is always the minimum set of tools that is necessary for solving problems of this kind. To avoid common mistakes will help developed by professional installers recommendations.

You can install the infrared heater yourself if you first thoroughly read the installation process You can install the infrared heater yourself if you first thoroughly read the installation process

The process of mounting the heating element is as follows:

  1. Remove the device from the package;
  2. Check if the protective film and other film coatings are intact;
  3. Position the device on a level surface with the heating element facing down;
  4. Make necessary holes in the surface to install fasteners;
  5. Install the screws and suspend all links of the heater circuit;
  6. Fix the heater and tighten all fasteners;
  7. Dry the heat-emitting plate dryly;
  8. Connect the power cable;
  9. Before power supply, it is necessary to check that the electrical network characteristics allow safe operation of the heater of the selected model;
  10. Connect both ends of the wire to the installed terminals of the heating device;
  11. Installation of the device is completed by connecting to a power source with a subsequent test switching.

If everything is done in strict accordance with the attached instructions,

Reviews and information about the infrared warm ceiling

Regardless of the manufacturer, the heating is at a comfortable level for the person. Simply put, the air will be a little cooler at the height of the average man. This effect is a significant difference between convection and IR systems.

You can fully experience the benefits of an infrared system in a house built from a log house.

Depending on the needs of the person, IR heating can be installed in the nursery, bedroom or office. The only caveat concerns the type of heating device.

Typically, infrared ceilings are most often installed in bedrooms and children As a rule, infrared ceilings are most often installed in bedrooms and children's rooms.

There are several such:

  1. Carbon - comments about them indicate that the main heating element is fiber made of carbon. It is placed in the tubes, where all the air is pumped out, so that the system can be installed without any restrictions. All elements are installed during the installation of thermal insulation.
  2. Ceramic, like carbon ones, consume little electrical energy. Their appearance resembles a wire in a ceramic tube. Due to the presence of a protective shell, the system will last much longer. At the same time, the cost of installing an IR heater will not be all that is available.

The undoubted advantage of carbon IR systems is their invisibility. Heating of any room takes place outside the field of view of a person. This is especially true in those homes where there is no desire to disfigure the existing architectural style. Speaking about IR-heating in general, it is necessary to pay attention to certain points.

Warm infrared ceiling( video)

The most obvious drawback of this kind of construction is the inability to fit it into a classic interior or in a room with a lot of decorative elements. At the same time, this fact is not an obstacle to force majeure. There is always an opportunity to rethink the interior taking into account the installed heating system.