Ceiling lighting in the hallway: a lamp in the corridor, a backlight photo

It will be interesting to look in a narrow hallway spherical lamps on legs or cables of different length, located along the entire ceiling: they will become the central decorative element and will distract from the imperfect shape of the room.

How to choose a ceiling luminaire in the corridor

Choosing a luminaire in a corridor is a responsible exercise, because correctly selected light can hide unfortunate planning moments. There are a lot of lighting options: from single lamps to thought out suspension structures.

When selecting lighting in the corridor, one should take into account such nuances:

  1. The luminaire should have the same intensity and match the "temperature" of the glow with the lighting of adjacent rooms. Thanks to this, transitions from one room to another will be comfortable for the eyes, because often the corridor in the apartment is a through passage.
  2. The light should not be dim, because it will not only prevent guests from looking around in the corridor, but will also become an unpleasant moment when searching for the desired wardrobe item.
  3. Lighting should not be too active and concentrated in one place: a bright light spot can easily disorient after a dark entrance or twilight on the street. In addition, white bright light will emphasize all the flaws in the decoration of the room, the joints of the ceiling slabs, uneven walls.
  4. It is better to use diffused light in the corridor. Such an effect can be achieved with the help of closed ceiling plafonds.

If the hallway is a cabinet, then an excellent option is the location of lamps next to it If there is a cabinet in the hallway, then the location of the fixtures near it is an excellent option.

Thus, the lighting in the corridor must be uniform in intensity and distribution of the rays. Evenly distribute the light along the entire perimeter of the corridor can be with the help of ceiling lighting.

Ceiling in the corridor with backlighting

The illuminated ceiling is a stylish solution that can visually make the ceilings in the hall higher, and the room itself is lighter and more spacious. In addition, such an element of lighting has a practical solution: thanks to uniform light, finding things anywhere in the hallway will be much easier.

There are several options for decorating ceilings with the help of a backlight:

  1. Diode lighting looks best in tandem with glossy suspended structures that can reflect and diffuse the light, making the room easier and more visually. You can install the lighting along the ceiling skirting boards.
  2. Drywall constructions allow you to use the lighting more creatively. So, the lighting can be arranged along the perimeter of the figured depressions in the ceiling with the main light, tiers and podiums with spotlights.
  3. Illumination can be not only around the perimeter of the room and ceiling elements from plasterboard. Very unusual looks hidden behind the white plastic ceiling lighting. Often this arrangement is placed in the middle of the corridor. The backlight can be flush with the ceiling, and can be located on suspended installations.

The ceiling with lighting looks good in the corridor, made in the style of Art Nouveau or high-tech The illuminated ceiling looks good in the hallway made in Art Nouveau style or high-tech

The backlight color can be anything from cold blue to warm yellow. The most common option is a white cold glow, which perfectly harmonizes with any interior solutions. The most advantageous ceiling with lighting will look in the hallways, decorated in high-tech styles, minimalism, futurism.

Stylish ceiling lighting in the hallway( video)

Lighting in the hallway is an important element on which the perception of the room depends completely, the level of its comfort. Inspired by the ideas of lighting in the hallway, and create your own unique, comfortable and attractive interiors!

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