Ceiling design in bedroom with dressing room: installation of suspended and plasterboard

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  • 1 Factors influencing the choice of finishes
  • 2 Design
  • 3 Creating a multi-level ceiling of plasterboard
  • 4 Tension system
    • 4.1 Benefits
    • 4.2 Variants of suspended ceilings
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During repairs, bedroom ceiling design has a special role. That is what we see up in the morning in pastels. This means that the finish has to be perfect and well designed.

ceiling design in the bedroom can be made out of any style and even become the realization of your most secret fantasies design.

Ceiling design in bedroom

But there are some points that can both significantly influence the final result of appeal, so become a sign of bad taste. For information on how to decorate the ceiling, so that it became the pride of the apartment and how points should pay special attention not to "be in a pool," and will be discussed in this article.

Factors influencing the choice of finishes

  1. room height - the first thing that needs to attract the eye. Such a parameter may narrow the range of possible options. So, it is not recommended to use the design of suspended ceilings in the bedroom at room height up to 3 meters, as already not very high room will be further reduced by 15-20 cm. The same recommendation can be given regarding the multi-level structures, although there are exceptions.
  2. Lighting - no less significant factor. In the case of a small flow of natural light in the bedroom, the ceiling is made simple, without unnecessary frills. At the same time help the room become more spacious and bright glossy stretch can design, Nevertheless, to cope with a problem they will not be fully effective without a well-arranged lighting.
  3. Flooding neighbors top. If you live in an apartment building and are not faced with this problem - it is rather an exception. If the trouble happens to the apartment often and the room is in the risk zone, tensioning system will be the only way to get out of water dry.


From a psychological point of view, the overall design of the bedroom should be carried out with a predominance of pale pastel colors, gentle and relaxing soothing shades that have a positive impact on the emotional state of a person and provides a comfortable environment for Sleep.

The ceiling is not an exception. It should not be bright and sparkling, it should relax. Warm colors and bright shades of the materials best suited for finishing.

However, it is only words of psychologists, which agree only in part. There are ardent supporters of bright colors, unusual shapes and eccentric decisions. If you belong to those, the modern technology removes all restrictions for you.

Creating a multi-level ceiling of plasterboard

If the landlord embodies design with the use of drywall, if you want to save, you can lay up several sheets of material for the construction of tiered ceiling.

The effect will be, of course, not as impressive as when installing the tensioning system, but can still be maintained at the proper level. The fact that the repair of the ceiling plasterboard will be cheaper, not worth mentioning.

Unlike tensioning structure mainly consists in the complexity of execution gloss or mirror surface, which without problems created by pulling special films.

Design of stretch ceilings in the bedroom

Multilevel plasterboard

Tip! To make the right drywall often rounded shapes lightly moisten it with water to create a slight force in the bending zone and leave the list for some time. After drying, it again will be tough and will get the desired shape.

Tension system


This is one of the most popular ways to design ceiling in the bedroom. Tensile structures can be of different colors and textures, but the bedroom is still better suited glossy material. It will create the illusion of a more spacious and wide room.

It may be used matte fabric, because for indoor comfort and harmony optionally arrange a reflective surface.

Stretch ceilings in the bedroom may well be functional. So, embodying the design bedrooms with walk-in closet, a two-tier level of tensile structures can serve as a boundary between functional areas of the room.

Variants of suspended ceilings

Let's look at a few interesting options:

  • Starry sky. As a way to create a romantic and tranquil mood, suitable for a relaxing break. Twinkling stars above your head as well as possible will contribute to comfortable, intimate atmosphere. This type of ceiling applies to textured.
    Design a bedroom with dressing room

    Suspended ceiling, "Starry Sky"

  • Cloudy sky. Textured finish for those who loves to watch the clouds, rather than the stars. Figure looks very realistic and will decorate the bedroom for any repairs.
  • Landscape. Here, any natural solution, for example, falling leaves and beautiful fresh flowers and plants can be implemented.

Tensile structures can repeat the texture of stone, leather, wood, metal, water droplets and to do so with the utmost realism.

Bedroom Design Drywall

Textured stretch ceiling "Flowers"


The lighting for the bedroom is usually picked up in two types: general and local. Both the first and second may be installed on the ceiling. Often, as a general lighting selected small size chandelier, while the local organizing in the form of recessed luminaires.

Lighting chandelier in the presence of glossy ceiling only emphasize the beauty of the surface. The light will be nice to play on the reflective material and scattered around the room evenly.

Another way to decorate the ceiling finish is a contour LED lighting. However, it can be realized only if there is a multilevel system or specially adapted for this border around the room.

Bedroom design in kindergarten

Ceiling lights in the bedroom

Tip! Incorporating modern design bedrooms in kindergarten, you can organize interesting a dim illumination of the ceiling perimeter, which will serve as emergency lighting.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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