How to mount shelves to drywall: video-installation instructions with their hands, especially attachment to plasterboard wall, Price, Photo

How to mount shelves to the drywall. The use of timber. Mounted on the glued sheets, profiles. Installation on a "butterfly", "umbrella", "Molly" and anchors


Table of contents

  • 1 mounting options
    • 1.1 Perfect option
    • 1.2 Variant with glued sheets
    • 1.3 Option plasterboard and profiles
    • 1.4 All sorts of "butterflies", "umbrella", "Molly"
  • 2 Fixing anchors to the supporting wall
  • 3 The shelves of plasterboard
  • 4 conclusion

Drywall has become one of the most popular building materials. Plasterboard sheets can be used as a stand alone material for the walls and for the construction of walls, ceilings, shelves.

Today we tell about how to attach the shelf to the plasterboard wall, if the plaster is crumbling and can not withstand this kind of stress?

The abundance of shelves on the walls of plaster tells us that there is a way.

The abundance of shelves on the walls of plaster tells us that there is a way.

mounting options

Perfect option

In the photo we see the mortgage pre-pasted board for mounting shelves to wall.

In the photo we see the mortgage pre-pasted board for mounting shelves to wall.

There is a saying: "I wish I knew where you drop, I would have planted the hay." So, if you think in advance the location of shelves, in these places you can put a mortgage bars. This is the best answer to the question, how to attach the shelf to the drywall ?.

We have already said and will not tire of repeating that any construction, let it even cosmetic repairs in the apartment, requires planning. A clear understanding of the sequence of actions not only speeds up the process and eliminates the lion's share of mistakes, but also deprives the problems, one of which we have to solve.

Tip! Embedded best bars screwed on dowels to the wall with screws, pre-drill holes in the wall and the board. So it will be reliable and durable.

If embedded boards are installed, it is attached to the shelf through the gypsum board screws.

On the bars well kept not only the shelf, but also cabinets with Cabinet.

On the bars well kept not only the shelf, but also cabinets with Cabinet.

Variant with glued sheets

Plasterboard sometimes glue to the walls, if they are sufficiently smooth.

Plasterboard sometimes glue to the walls, if they are sufficiently smooth.

Secure the shelf to the support wall through the drywall, which is glued to it, it is also not difficult.

You will need some tools:

  • percussion drill or a hammer;
  • plastic dowels 6 × 80 mm;
  • hammer;
  • Concrete drill 6 mm;
  • Anchor screws 75 mm;
  • Screwdriver or screwdriver.

Now we will define the places where you need to make holes. For this shelf should be attached to the wall in the mounting position and mark with a pencil through the mounting holes on the wall point.

Then, these points of drill holes of 85 mm deep. Develop good hole to plug entered it easily enough.

Important! If the plug is hammered hard, bent or broken, you can get another drill or develop a hole. Dowel must enter the entire depth of the hole.

Insert the dowels into the holes and hammering them with a hammer until it stops. Twists first screw and set the shelf is level. When it becomes smooth, spin a second screw. All of the regiment in its rightful place!

Important! Dowels and screws should be in the body of a brick / concrete wall rather than in the layer of glue.

Option plasterboard and profiles

If you need to hang a decorative shelf, wall or other easy thing, you can use a little trick:

  1. Take an ordinary magnet, the better powerful.
  2. Finding through plasterboard sheet metal profile.
  3. Take screw for metal, exceeding the sheet thickness of 5-6 mm.
  4. Fasten a sheet of plasterboard screwdriver through our accessory to the metal profile.

Heavy shelf or cabinet in such a way to attach the unlikely, but a small shelf for keys or gloves - easily. But how to fix the heavy shelf on drywall, if not paved timber?

Lockers bottom holds a special profile.

Lockers bottom holds a special profile.

Can be assigned to the profile of the uprights, which is attached to the drywall and the bottom - extended profile, as in the photo.

All sorts of "butterflies", "umbrella", "Molly"

The principle of operation of these fixtures is simple. They pass through a narrow opening, screw the screws spreading their "wings", which they hold on to the material.

Fasteners "butterfly".

Fasteners "butterfly".

All of these fasteners are suitable for light and medium-sized objects, and for the really heavy shelves.

Fixing anchors to the supporting wall

How to fasten the shelf to the drywall, we have already found out, now we will try to solve another problem - how to fix heavy shelves on drywall? So, if you have a really heavy shelves or cabinets, appliances or expensive furniture, it is better secured to the wall anchor reinforcement.

Take the sheet thickness, the distance to the wall and for the same length of stock. In the right place to drill a hole through the plaster drill the concrete to the desired depth. For operation using a hammer drill or a hammer.

Dowel screw for gypsum boards - for fixing heavier shelves

Dowel screw for gypsum boards - for fixing heavier shelves (price - from 40 rubles).

Then hammered into the holes anchors to the full depth. Anchor length should exceed the total distance of 2-3 cm. On the back side, typically threaded, and is allocated for the hammer strikes such that the nut is worn freely on the bolt. Then mount shelves of plasterboard or other heavy furniture, screwing it to the wall nuts. The thickness of the anchor - no less than 6 mm.

Now let's look at how to fix the rack on drywall, if you work with the anchors too much trouble? You can spin through the plaster wall in a powerful screw with a cutting edge for concrete.

The shelves of plasterboard

Shelves - functional part of any interior

Shelves - functional part of any interior

If you know how to perform the shelves of plasterboard with their hands, but are unsure of the knowledge of installation methods, it is better to take advantage of fastening such as "Molly" of metal. These mounts come in different styles and designs, with hooks, screws and nuts on the end caps. Choose those that are disclosed on the four sides.

Fasteners should be selected according to the substrate thickness. Then, a hole is drilled in the drywall required size. With special mounting mites dowel inserted in a previously prepared hole. Thereafter, the screw is screwed by means of screwdriver or screwdriver.

Master shelf

You will need:

  • building level-rail;
  • Construction knife;
  • screwdriver;
  • fixing "Molly" or "butterfly";
  • Profile 50 × 25 mm;
  • rail;
  • frames;
  • crosshead;
  • pencil;
  • plummet;
  • sandpaper;
  • elektrorubanok;
  • putty knife;
  • roulette;
  • generally;
  • wire cutters;
  • pliers;
  • tool for mounting "Molly";
  • hammer;
  • grater putty, electrical or manual;
  • respirator;
  • gloves;
  • protective glasses;
  • bucket;
  • Metal scissors or Bulgarian.

Assembly instructions:

  • Develop design of future shelves, determine its size.
  • By drawing on the wall, attach the profiles.
  • Make a frame which strengthens traverses and frames.
  • Adv drywall sheets, cutting the size of the desired part. (cm. also Article Finish plasterboard with their hands: installation instructions).
  • Thereafter shelves must putty interior and exterior paint or cover decorative plasters. (cm. also the paper Finishing plaster for plasterboard - all the highlights).
Shelves - an indispensable attribute

Shelves - an indispensable attribute


If you are unsure of their abilities and have not dealt with plasterboard, never too late to try. If you have the skills to work with plaster and putty, masking familiar with the case, you can safely proceed to the repair, without the help of professionals. (cm. also Article Niche plasterboard wall - stylish and comfortable interior elements)

Mounting flanges, televisions, pedestals, stands for accessories and other elements can be performed by a plurality of a variety of fasteners, most importantly, to choose the correct method of attachment and, of course, watching the video in our article.