Furniture design their own hands: learning design bedrooms, a hall and a children's room

Furniture design their own hands (33 photos). Transfiguration of country and old furniture items


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In this article we will talk about the design of furniture with his own hands: what tricks you can use in order to breathe new life into the old cabinets, chests of drawers and sofas. We'll step through the implementation of some of the techniques to give a new image of old things.

Furniture design their own hands

Many of yesterday's students are choosing teaching furniture design as further education. And they are not alone. Today, more and more adults are held on people's vocational retraining to become experts in the field of creative interior. This is not only very profitable, but also a very interesting job.

But to implement it not necessarily trained 5 years to get the designer's degree. You can try to make the restoration of old furniture with his own hands. We will tell you about interesting ideas and rework things in an accessible way, step by step, we will show how to achieve the desired result.

Do not rush to dispose of old sofas, cabinets, racks, chests, tables and other furniture that was used, maybe even your grandmother. Many people have old junk finds a place in the country. Let's see how it is possible to change.

Children's furniture design

Updated furniture for garden

Transfiguration of garden furniture

Design of garden furniture - an exciting experience. Various ideas on this subject are devoted entire issues of the TV series School of repairs.

Old, worn furniture, which was filled with more than a dozen years, not even a reason for the hosts to send it to a landfill. After all, today there are many ways of repairing furniture with his own hands, that will return it a fresh appearance and in many cases, even better than before.

One such method - is the renovation with the help of ordinary paper or fabric wallpaper. This method of restoration is one of the many varieties of decoupage. Pasting wallpaper or application, it is very easy not only to update the old furniture, but also a new way to decorate it.

Furniture design children's room and garden, perhaps the ideal opportunity to develop the creative abilities.

Even if the first time that something does not work - do not worry. Although the method of updating the old cabinets, coffee tables, cabinets and drawers is really very simple.

Education furniture design

Decoupage dresser with traditional wallpaper

Decoupage: materials

For modern design furniture decoupage means you will need:

  • wallpaper (suitable even scraps of old);
  • old furniture;
  • wallpaper glue;
  • line;
  • brush and roller;
  • sandpaper;
  • scissors and cutter;
  • special decoupage glue, as well as water-based polyurethane;
  • dry cloth.

The sequence of work

Before proceeding to implement the planned, you must thoroughly clean the furniture, through to wallpaper does not shine through. Once the surface is prepared, proceed to the technical implementation.

  1. The first thing should be to make the appropriate measurements of the surface of the cabinet or table where you are going to paste wallpaper, and cut into sheets of the desired size.

Note! If desired, you can cut and paste only one specific pattern, rather than a piece of wallpaper.

  1. On the surface of furniture, a thin layer of glue. This can be done easily by a conventional paint roller, because it provides the most uniform distribution.
  2. Pieces of wallpaper should stick to the surface with the utmost care. Wrinkles, bubbles or other irregularities are smoothed out with a dry cloth. In general, the process is similar to the repair of the walls, only papered area is much smaller.
  3. Using a ruler and a cutter or scissors spare parts must be carefully cut Wallpaper.
  4. Give furniture and wallpaper pasted on it dry for at least 4-6 hours.
  5. Further, the surface of wallpaper is applied lacquer decoupage. For fixing performance and increase durability of furniture, top lacquer layer can be further applied fixer - water-based polyurethane.
    Furniture design for the hall

    Painted furniture with acrylic paints

How else can refresh old furniture

Furniture design for the hall - a sea of ​​interesting ideas.

If you have made repairs, but want to completely change the design of the walls in the living room, you can not get rid of old furniture. Just refresh it and make a permutation. How can we transform the furniture for the largest room in the house?

For example, re-paint it with acrylic paints. And if you have artistic ability, and then paint.

The sequence of works:

  1. Putty, designed for wood, it is necessary to close all the small cracks, chips and other damage to the surface of the furniture. All of the mechanisms on the door is better to repair and lubricate, to come back to it when the doors are already painted.
  2. Caulking is dried for several hours. After it dries by fine sandpaper necessary proshkurit the entire surface, which is prepared for painting.

Note! Sandpaper should be very small, not to leave scratches on the surface, since the soil and acrylic paint can not close them.

  1. With vodka, spirits or detergent liquids need to degrease the surface.
  2. Roller acrylic primer applied onto the surface of the cabinet door.
  3. When applying pearl paint roller or spray can you get surface, which shines only at a certain angle Acrylic colors look great on a fairly small and relief surfaces and lose their luster on the flat and vast planes.

To maximize the effect of using acrylic pearlescent paints apply them to the surface of the door is very small (less than 2 cm) flat brush. Thus, the entire surface is covered by the furniture in 2-4 layers.

  1. When Pearl acrylic paint is completely dry (it takes a few hours), it can be applied over any artistic painting. Often designers make drawings with special stencils.
  2. As a final touch necessary to fix the yacht paint two coats of varnish. It is convenient to put a velor roller. Thus it is necessary to make sure that on the surface do not form air bubbles.

After the first layer of varnish dries, it can proshkurit very fine sandpaper. And only then apply the final layer of varnish.

Note! Acrylic paint is inferior in many respects on the yacht properties: he quickly erased, resistant to water, dries much longer.

This creates design furniture for bedroom, living room and even a kitchen.

Do not make pearl coating on cabinets in the hallway. After the paint loves the light and that the sun starts to really play.

Woodcraft of their own design, restoration of old cabinets and resuscitation tables and tables that you have been accustomed to thinking stuff - a very interesting and creative task. If you ask for help from a professional artist or designer you can create at home a truly unique interior.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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