Design mirror with your hands: the photo wall in the interior

Design mirror with your hands (42 photos): the creation of frames, painting, technique drawing the mat picture on the mirror cloth, an option for the hall


Table of contents

  • 1 Creating a stylish frame
    • 1.1 materials
    • 1.2 The sequence of work
  • 2 painted mirror
  • 3 Application technique matt pattern on mirror sheet
  • 4 Mirrors handmade hallway
  • 5 Summing up
  • 6 Photo Gallery

Mirrors - a stylish and functional elements of the interior of any home or apartment. Can I design a mirror with your hands to emphasize the individuality of the interior more? Sure. About interesting ideas decor mirrors we discuss in this article.

Design mirror with your handsAlways quite difficult to choose a mirror that would ideally fit into the interior. The size is not suitable, the frame stands out from the general style, the form is not pleasant. Exit - to acquire the mirror sheet and decorate it with your own hands.

The decor mirrors their own hands will not take too much of your time and will not require any special artistic skills. Although, of course, if they are, it will be useful.

Independently decorate mirror cloth wrought flowers you will most likely not be able (if you are not a painter, metal). However, approaching the process with imagination, the mirror in the house can be transformed into a work of modern art.

Design mirrors - this creative and incredibly interesting to do, which is nice to dedicate time. You can choose any materials to create a stylish frame and decorate the canvas. Suitable really everything matches, shells, nuts and bolts, wire, sand and even salt dough. Let's see what are the ideas on this subject.

Creating a stylish frame

mirrors design

Stylish frame with his hands


  • acrylic paints;
  • wax for gilding surface;
  • stencil with patterns;
  • brushes;
  • lacquer;
  • potal;
  • glue pot.

The sequence of work

  1. Before starting work, it is necessary to paint the frame in any color and with the patterns cut stencil.
  2. Using this ink and golden hues insert pattern on a frame.
  3. Drawing must be given time to dry. Then, after 10-15 minutes, put on the resulting pattern for a special glue pot.
  4. The glue dries for 30 minutes. The fact that the glue has dried and you are ready to further work is defined as material. The adhesive must still be sticky, but not wet. All treated areas they need to apply the pattern potal. During the application should smooth out and fix it at the same time.
  5. Treat the edges of the frame with special wax for gilding. It dries almost instantly, giving the entire surface of the frame an elegant, slightly aged look. Even more pronounced effect antiquity frame can be given if, following application thereto of sweat treat the surface of very fine sandpaper.
  6. Upon completion of all works of decorative frames cover the surface layer of protective lacquer.

Note! Water-based paints are absolutely incompatible with the Potala, therefore, can not be used. For such lacquers include the most common - acrylic.

painted mirror

mirrors in interior design

Mirror with painted flowers.

Such a design of mirrors in the interior looks very impressive.

A mirror can become a worthwhile idea to repair one-bedroom apartment and even intereroobrazuyuschey point about which will line up the rest of the room environment.

How the work is performed?

To paint the mirror, you will need:

  • circuit for the glass;
  • paint stained glass painting or acrylic;
  • pencil;
  • old wallpaper;
  • masking tape;
  • copy paper;
  • colorless glue.

Stages of work:

  1. Put cloth on the old wallpaper and cut around the outline. That it will continue to create a sketch of the painting.
  2. Outline border, which is arranged pattern and cause circuit pattern.
  3. Put a mirror blueprint, top - sketch and fix construction masking tape, so she was all the time in one place.
  4. Figure circle loop and put it to good dried out.
  5. After the contours are dry, they can be filled with the selected color.

Application technique matt pattern on mirror sheet

photo design mirrors

Design mirrors: photo

These masterpieces are very rarely found in retail stores for the sale of accessories for the interior. The best is probably the variant - furnish the apartment with his hands. Let's see how matt pattern on the glass can cause.

  1. Primarily recommended to treat the edges of mirrors with fine sandpaper dipped in water. So you do not cut yourself in the process.
  2. Draw on self-adhesive paper stencil future picture, cut and paste it onto the surface of the web.
  3. Very gently move the stencil on the surface. For this we first need to fix the stencil by masking tape on one side, the other side of the stencil must be cut or bend portion of the substrate. Sticky end of the stencil carefully glued into place on the mirror, and then peel off the other end of the stencil, fixed with adhesive tape. Peeled off of the substrate and with one hand while holding the stencil paper on the weight of the other hand to press it to the glass platen. Try to avoid straining the film, so that the air does not come under the stencil and under the paper is not formed bubbles.
  4. Carefully remove the remaining backing and stick the stencil on the canvas completely.
  5. After the paper will be stuck, you must once again walk on her roller to smooth out bubbles and wrinkles.
  6. Seal polythene, adhesive or waterproof paper all the open spaces of the mirror sheet, which are not intended for matting.
  7. Further, in the film of the stencil (not only on the glass !!!), apply a paste for matting. It should be applied next to the image.

Note! Apply the paste should be very careful. Try not to miss a single drop on the open surface of the mirror, otherwise it will remain traces in the form of white spots.

  1. Spatula need to quickly distribute the matting paste around the pattern on the surface of the canvas.
  2. After 15 minutes the paste layer can remove and assemble it back into the box (it is suitable for reuse). The very same mirror also should be washed with running water and mild soap. Only after that can be removed with the stencil film.

Mirrors handmade hallway

Design wall mirror

Mirrors handmade hallway

Mirrors - this is probably one of the best articles intended for creativity.

By purchasing in a store cheap or completely uninteresting mirror or look at the attic mirror cloth, which all have long forgotten, you can turn it into a real highlight of the interior.

We have shown only a few ways how you can work with mirrors. However, the decor of the principles of this element of the interior is not less than a hundred.

Glass or frame can be artificially sostarivayut, decorate with shells, crystals, grains and even salty test, invent interesting design ideas mirror sheet shelves, lamps and curtains.

Just to show imagination in order to make an ordinary mirror in the hallway or the bathroom really memorable thing.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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