How to decorate the walls in the kitchen are some tricks

How to decorate a wall in the kitchen (30 photos): ceramic tile, paint, wallpaper, decorative plaster and other finishes, design apron


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  • 1 Ceramic tile
  • 2 painting walls
  • 3 Wallpaper
    • 3.1 choose wallpaper
    • 3.2 Why interlining?
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  • 5 A few words about the kinds of finishing
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How to decorate a wall in the kitchen, this issue is of interest to many people, who have decided to make repairs on their hands.

The kitchen is a little different from other rooms in the apartment, because there is a high humidity and temperature changes, and soot, and fat splashes.

How to decorate a wall in the kitchenSo, all the finishing materials for walls and floors of the room must endure these difficult conditions. While maintaining the aesthetic and decorative properties.

How to decorate the kitchen as efficiently as possible from a technical and aesthetic point of view?

Prosper in all cope with this task ceramic tile, paint and wallpaper.

Sometimes use decorative plaster, paneling, special wall panels and OSB boards. Also, in recent years it began to be used for finishing the kitchen facilities, natural and artificial decorative stone.

Ceramic tile

How to decorate a wall in the kitchen: Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tile

So, more about all these kinds of wall decoration. Palm belongs to ceramic tiles.

Tiles manufactured in various sizes, textures and colors.

Earlier, when the question arose, what better to decorate the kitchen, the answer was unequivocal - cover the tile.

Now, however, a typical repair is not urgent and more people prefer to use ceramic tiles Only in the area of ​​the so-called kitchen apron, combined with stucco, painted or covered with wallpaper walls.

painting walls

Painting - the second most popular answer to the question, than to decorate the walls in the kitchen.

It is the most affordable material that allows you to get a huge range of colors and shades. However, the color is not the only factor that requires attention in the selection.

The paint is required to be water-resistant and washable. Glossy paint washes easily, but unprofitable way emphasizes all the defects of the walls, so the choice is made in favor of semi-gloss or matt paint.


How to decorate a wall in the kitchen wallpaper


Next on our list is followed sedately wallpaper. From the category of fast, simple, versatile.

choose wallpaper

Of course, the usual paper wallpaper totally unsuitable for the kitchen. Ideal for kitchens - vinyl wallpaper.

Due to its coverage are easy to wash even a sponge and detergent, they do not come unstuck from excess moisture. The fact that they are covered with a special PVC film, which protects them from dust, dirt, soot, grease, sunlight and moisture.

Why interlining?

Non-woven wallpaper appeared on the market relatively recently, but has already gained popularity. They are not only strong and light, but also are able to hide wall imperfections. Nonwoven breathable, and therefore, the walls "breathe".

When wet they do not swell and do not come unstuck. Another kind of wallpaper - a glass wall. They are easy to clean, maintain multiple repainting and provide water resistance. In addition, they are absolutely fireproof, unlike the rest of the wallpaper.

Decorative plaster

Another popular, although more expensive way walls in the kitchen - a decorative plaster. This material looks quite impressive.

Walls before application of the plaster require pretreatment and testing for strength, flatness, purity. Prior to applying the decorative wall covering layer is treated with a special primer.

A few words about the kinds of finishing

Battens can be seen as an answer to a question than to decorate the walls in the country.

Wall paneling can be either plastic or wood. The last option is ideal for holiday country house, because in the apartment so the kitchen will look somewhat out of place.

Wall panels may also be of different types. Today you will find a plastic, wood and even glass items easily. Regardless of the material used to produce wall panels, they require specific interior solutions for organic design.

OSB appeared for a long time, more than 50 years ago. They are used both for the inner and outer walls, floor and ceiling.

OSB or OSB is a plate of oriented chip. According to its characteristics, it is perfect for the kitchen, because it has a high degree of water resistance, does not flake, is resistant to fungus and not deformed.

How to decorate OSB? If desired, they can retain its original appearance with a simple pattern, in this case the surface is not coated with a thick layer of lacquer. As an alternative, you might consider dyeing and finishing plaster.


Place the stove and sink - the most demanding finishing kitchen areas.

They are most exposed to high temperatures, steam, fat, water.

Of course, the classic paper wallpaper has no place in this area. Thus, the widespread kitchen aprons. Despite its unromantic name, kitchen apron can be a highlight of the kitchen, and even a major design element. Do not believe me?

  • Apron can be finished with wood. Especially effectively looks noble wood with a pronounced texture: linden, maple, ash. But do not forget that the tree requires additional processing and impregnation, otherwise very soon you will see the unattractive cracks and violation of the uniformity of the coating. In the future, the apron can be covered with transparent varnish to preserve the texture and additional surface protection.
  • Quite original look of glass aprons. Modern glass processing technology allowed to make this material with temperature-resistant and impact-resistant. So, it will take its rightful place on the kitchen wall. Your choice of apron can be tinted, mirrored, colored, engraved, or optical effect.
  • Laminated panels are suitable for those looking for an inexpensive way to finish. Apron laminate can have different colors and textures to simulate a wooden or metal surface.
    How to decorate a wall in the kitchen apron


Tip! Very effective technique that allows you to increase the space and create a cozy atmosphere of unity of style - a wall panel and worktop the same color and texture.

  • Performed apron made of MDF. This material has already proven itself as a moisture-proof and shock-resistant, according to its characteristics, it is not inferior to any decorative stone or ceramic tile. Price - from 430 rubles.
  • Ceramic tile is perhaps the most common material for finishing the apron. As mentioned above, the ceramic has all properties that are necessary for the walls in the kitchen.
  • Particularly popular in the recently conquered ceramic mosaic with simple or complex patterns.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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