Kitchen Design 20 sq m: Samples kitchens and living in Japanese and Chinese style

Kitchen Design 20 square meters (33 pictures): skins are in different styles


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Kitchen Design 20 sq m - quite an exciting experience that allows you to expand your imagination and create the interior of your dreams.

design Features

The island layout is needed to make optimal use of a large area and streamline your movements when cooking.

Kitchen Design 20 sq m

Its concept came into our apartment from restaurants. They cook spend all day on their feet and the space should be organized as comfortably as possible. The main rule - access to the work area must be free from all sides.

Note! Insular tables, cabinets are generally used for cooking, and the walls are cabinets and shelves for products and built-in equipment.

"The Island" - is part of the kitchen, made in the style of the selected furniture and using similar materials.

In addition to increased operating room amenities, the island is zoned space in the rooms combined. In this case, the design of the kitchen-living room of 20 square meters is twofold - working part operatively settling and the input should be as aesthetically pleasing.

kitchen design living room of 20 square meters

Kitchen island layout

Bring oriental flavor

Kitchen with island layout can be executed in classical and modern style, very popular right now and oriental motifs.


Japanese style is underlined laconic and graceful ease. In fact, such a design is the direction of Art Nouveau. It is characterized by smooth simple lines of furniture facades, lack of curved and decorative elements. Welcome facing natural materials and colors.

About decor and decoration

In the design of such facilities can use tree-bonsai, bamboo blinds, fans with the characters, prints and posters with scenes of anime. The design of the walls in the kitchen and can be supplemented with images of Japanese nature, pattern, necessarily on rice paper, dry branches and wood elements.

Kitchen design in the Japanese style

Kitchen in Japanese

Note! The main Japanese minimalism - is to increase free space. At the forefront functionality. All built-in appliances must be compact and fit easily in your headset. Despite the brevity, the room must be practical and roomy.

In Russia, popular and kitchen design in the Chinese style. In this case, the entire interior of it is built on the ancient traditions of Feng Shui - the doctrine of a harmonious organization of living space.

The current China - a country overpopulated. Living rooms are usually small, the kitchen and even less. Accordingly, the multifunctional furniture in them, sometimes to extremes. It is often the transformer.

This can be understood, if you create a kitchen design 93 series or Khrushchev, which have an area of ​​6-11 m², but for a large space such a principle is irrelevant.

Based on this foundation for the kitchen interior design is better to take the traditional Chinese style with spacious rooms, a classic range of colors and special rules of illumination.

Traditional Chinese color palette - it's red, black and gold. For fine arts peculiar dull and quiet landscapes and depictions of animals.

Materials need to use natural, such as kitchen tables and countertops can be made using marble, natural stone, marble and porcelain tiles.

In addition, the interior design of small-sized kitchen must include both a real tree.

Summing up

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