Kitchen Design June 6: Tips on repair

Kitchen Design 6: 6 (57 photos): single-row, L-shaped and U-shaped layout


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  • 1 Principles of arrangement of the small room
    • 1.1 zoning
    • 1.2 A few words about furniture
  • 2 planning Forms
  • 3 Summing up
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Beautifully designed kitchen - a good reason to be proud of the new repair. However, not everyone has enough imagination and skill to make the kitchen design 6: 6 meters.

A small area of ​​the room puts some restrictions on used home furnishings and general design. How to make the kitchen design, so that it was a visually more and create a harmonious composition - we will cover in this article.

Kitchen Design June 6The small interior space designer should not stop, because you can efficiently use all available footage and create a beautiful and functional design.

Principles of arrangement of the small room


The main objective is to divide the room into two functional areas and use the minimum amount of furniture in each of them.

A few words about furniture

Recommended built-in appliances and proximity of all necessary for the preparation of the areas - stoves, sinks and refrigerators. The dining room is often recommended to use a round table.

Note! If you want to decorate an old table, instead of buying new, decor wallpaper will revive the life of old furniture and decorate the interior. Harvesting of beautiful wallpaper applied on the table and covered with glass or Plexiglas. We get a nice piece of furniture design.

planning Forms

There are several options for planning and renovation of the kitchen.

  • Single-row. In this case, headsets and the necessary equipment are located along one wall. It is recommended to use this option in the design of the narrow kitchen with an elongated rectangular shape, with windows on the front wall.

Working and dining part in this case are located along the longitudinal walls facing each other. The main equipment is very compactly located along the walls, creating a space in the center.

Zoning may be accomplished by means of the walls and floor repairs in the kitchen, dining area highlighted with light and delicate shades of textured wallpaper in the labor predominates tile, resistant to heat and water exposed.

Making a light-green color

Making a light-green color

Buffet is best positioned near the window to create a pleasant daylight, on the part of the kitchen will need bright artificial light, convenient for cooking.

  • L-shaped. This user-friendly and efficient type of arrangement allows you to create the work area and the windows and divide the room into two parts - a dining and working.

All necessary equipment, kitchen utensils, sink and cooking surface is in direct reach of the cooking. In another part of the room is placed a dining table, the best round shape, and a few chairs.


L-shaped arrangement

  • U-shaped. If the window is located in the longitudinal wall, this type of headset will fit you perfectly. The equipment is placed along the three free walls, and dining is located directly under the window.

This layout is very efficient in its use floor space and justifies itself in small rooms. Through the use of angular pieces of furniture, the whole area is distributed rationally.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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