Mural in the interior of the kitchen: enliven the design

Mural in the interior of the kitchen (45 photos) design features


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Pretty effective way of registration of the walls in the kitchen are the wallpapers. After finishing the primary wall should choose a specific model wallpaper, suitable for interior of your kitchen.

Also Mural in kitchen interior can be used as decorative ornaments: inserts on walls or facades, to accent a wall or as a substitute for pictures and posters. Consider the application of wallpaper later in this article.

Mural in the interior of the kitchenFirst pictures of food or cubbies used in catering establishments to spur buyers appetite and create a cozy atmosphere.

Modern kitchen design does not prohibit, but rather encourages the use of photographic wallpaper with a pattern in the design of the kitchen. They allow you to decorate and improve the mood of visitors and tenants.

Previously, these wallpapers are not used in the design of the kitchen facilities: it was thought that industrial paints, which are used to create them, can be toxic to humans.

Original wallpaper in the French style

Original wallpaper in the French style

In addition, aggressive environment: high humidity and temperature fluctuations that adversely affect the image. Modern wallpaper is completely environmentally friendly and safe for humans, in addition, the wallpaper material not affected by moisture and is resistant to thermal and ultraviolet influence.

Mural is often used to create a particular style of interior kitchen. For example, decorate the kitchen in the French style, so the wallpaper with the image of the cozy street cafes are popular among home owners.

They allow you to create a unique atmosphere of comfort and move the person out of the kitchen on a quiet street in central Paris.

When placed next to a wall of a round table and chairs with carved legs, you can create the illusion of finding the right inside the picture. In addition, this effect allows you to visually expand the space, which is especially important for small kitchens.

You can use wallpaper with a special pattern showing a receding corridor or a large multi-dimensional landscape to enhance the great room effect.

Mural with marine issues

Mural with marine issues

For different styles of kitchen interior with their own hands will suit different picture: Gothic style will match the gloomy corridor, and country - mountain landscape image or a lake.

Mural can be used not for its intended purpose, and to decorate the interior and facades kitchen units. It's enough to paste pieces of furniture inlays with beautiful images, which are suitable to the interior.

With photo wallpaper is easy to replace pictures and posters on the walls of the kitchen. You can use any picture that you pasted on the wall and is made of wooden frame.

Appetizing wallpaper with the image of berries

Appetizing wallpaper with the image of berries

Such figures may correspond to any functional area, for example, over the sink, you can stick something on the theme of the sea, and the food image is more appropriate over the kitchen table.

Tips for using the wallpaper:

  • Mural can be used for zoning space, focusing on some interior.
  • The picture should not be too large so as not to overload the space and fit well into the interior.
  • Inlays with bright pictures replace traditional pattern with still lifes and landscapes.
  • With photowall can adjust the geometry of an unsuccessful dishes by extending or expanding the room.
  • Desktop cool colors visually increase the room, so for pasting the kitchen is better to use an image with a predominance of blue and green colors.
  • Warm shades of wallpaper are ideal for small kitchens with poor natural lighting.
  • In modern design fit well in monochrome or black and white images.

Summing up

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