Peel off the wallpaper: what to do in this case and why it occurs

Peel off the wallpaper: what to do - use drywall to eliminate irregularities


Table of contents

  • 1 On the need to prepare the walls
  • 2 The search for the cause
    • 2.1 Low quality materials
    • 2.2 violation of technology
  • 3 Using drywall to eliminate irregularities
  • 4 helpful hints
  • 5 Summing up

It often happens that a person enjoys a new kind of his home after repairs and suddenly notices that the wallpaper, sticked with great difficulty and expense, suddenly for some reason start to peel. We will understand why the wallpaper come unstuck and what to do to avoid this unfortunate misunderstanding.

Most web come unstuck due to improperly performed or insufficient surface preparation.

come unstuck wallpaperOn the need to prepare the walls

Loosely hold the wallpaper on the old layer of paint, concrete, plaster, and also require additional training base of solid wood.

With putty fared better. But it is important to understand that the old plaster coated with a layer of primer straight from the tin can not be considered a reliable basis for paintings. Soon, the wallpaper will peel off, because old materials have showered property.

So as not to glue fabric, you must carefully prepare the surface, cleaned of layers of old plaster and covered with a thin layer of primer.

If you do not want to spend too much time, it is possible to conduct a verification pasting. At least stable, in your opinion, a piece of canvas wall glue and allow to fully dry. If the process is successful, you can glue without preparation.

The search for the cause

Low quality materials

peeled off wallpaper

The range of building materials in the store

Another likely cause of peeling can be a low-quality materials. All mixtures must be purchased in good DIY stores.

In such places should be respected storage conditions. For example, primers quality deteriorates at low temperatures. Be sure to check the date of manufacture of building materials.

violation of technology

  • Cause peeling of wallpaper can be a violation of the general operation of pasting. Perhaps you are too hurried and badly dry the surface? Remember that the deposited layer should dry well. Otherwise, wallpapering walls great probability of occurrence of air cushions in areas of joints.
Why come unstuck wallpaper

Irregularities at the junction of paintings

  • Significantly compliance wallpaper manufacturer's recommendations. After applying adhesive to the web, leave it for 3-7 minutes, to impregnate the composition.
  • Nonwoven webs require application of adhesive directly to a wall rather than on the back surface of the sheet.

Tip! Be sure to purchase a paper tape used at the junction of paintings.

  • Remember that the coating must dry naturally for at least a day.
  • It is best to glue before the heating season.

Note! Often on expensive silver canvases exude brownish spots. Reason - in Figure wallpaper reaction occurs between the alkali metal in the walls and, as a result of which the metal is oxidized. Before pasting check Wednesday litmus test.

Using drywall to eliminate irregularities

why the wallpaper come unstuck

Standard plasterboard sheet

Another reason - why the wallpaper come unstuck - voids in the walls.

Because of this kind of fabric defects significantly shifted on the wall, can go in waves or completely come off.

From this situation, the output can be a problem lining the walls of plasterboard, it will give an opportunity to close voids and create a flat surface for gluing wallpaper that do not require pre-treatment plaster.

Of course, the prime Plasterboard ceiling have, and cover up all the cracks, too. However, it will take much less time and plaster.

helpful hints

the finished result pasting

The finished result

Prevent the formation of folds and irregularities on the surface can initially grinding a wall sandpaper and primed wallpaper paste or primer quality.

To align the walls of previously used conventional paper, now you can buy special paper substrate in any hardware store.

In addition, it is impossible to glue the sheets to damp walls, the reason being that the surface will absorb the bad glue.

In order to check whether the wall is dry, you need to take the cellophane and attach to the wall with tape. On the morning of check out, there was not it for any moisture.

Another popular concern is the bad docking paintings. The reason - lack of training walls.

To check the purity of the wall need to take a small piece of tape, paste it and immediately tear. On the adhesive surface has a grain trim? Wall requires further purification.

Summing up

All these secrets and observance of technology will allow you to never wonder why wallpaper come unstuck. We can only wish you good luck and to offer video in this article.