How to glue wallpapers: Video gluing, doing the right thing

How to glue wallpapers: video (33 photos), the selection of colors and the process of gluing


Table of contents

  • 1 Select colors
  • 2 rules pasting
    • 2.1 Tools and materials
    • 2.2 The process of gluing
  • 3 Summing up
  • 4 Photo Gallery

Mural has long become a popular material used for interior decoration. Excellent performance and appearance make it possible to stick them in almost any room and enjoy the achieved results, but often the question arises: how to glue wallpapers - video. photo tips and artists today in our article.

how to glue wallpapers videoSo, what is a Mural? In fact, it's just a beautiful color image supported on an ad hoc basis. They allow you to create a unique atmosphere in any room and visually enlarge its size.

So, for the kitchen, you can use pictures of food or the cozy restaurants in the living room will look great beautiful landscape, sea space suitable for the bathroom.

photowall stories extraordinarily diverse, you can find a picture of the living room, nursery or hallway.

For each image, characterized by rich color and sharp lines, which can not be achieved by increasing the usual photos. In the manufacture of the material manufacturer uses special technology to properly formed every millimeter images without loss of definition.

Video how to glue wallpapers

Beautiful Mural in the bedroom

So how do you glue wallpapers? The complexity of gluing is that they come in "exploded" form of several pieces of panels. The image size depends on the number of pieces, as well as the complexity of the work.

Select colors

sticky photowall

Mural in a dark color

Color - an important component of the work of art, which is our picture, which will be glued to the wall.

Usually sticker wall photos of a certain color is made to improve the characteristics of the room: for small rooms using cold shades that allows you to visually push the walls and raise ceiling.

For larger rooms, on the other hand, in the wallpaper using warm colors to create a cozy and homely atmosphere.

In addition, it is necessary to distribute the colors of functional purpose of the room: the kitchen would be more appropriate red and orange, Green suitable for the bedroom, it is soothing and pleasing to the eye, blue - traditional for bathrooms, it allows you to fully relax.

Try to stick to one rule - do not overdo it with flowers. Do not use more than 3 colors in the design of one room, otherwise it will be like a kaleidoscope, and the diversity in the interior quickly get tired of owners and guests.

rules pasting

Tools and materials

To sticky photowall held successfully, we need a set of standard tools.

It includes:

  • glue on a natural basis;

Note! Typically, adhesive photo wallpaper comes complete with panels. Thus, the manufacturer saves himself from the problems of incompatibility of materials and complaints from customers.

  • bucket for mixing the adhesive;
  • Brush for applying adhesive;
  • tape measure and level;
  • pencil;
  • knife;
  • sandpaper;
  • roller for leveling the surface;
  • putty knife.

Naturally, we need themselves wallpaper. It should take care that the colors of the selected image perfectly fit into the interior, and not It contrasted with the color of furniture, floor and ceiling, because the wallpapers in the interior of any room will play accentual role.

The process of gluing

sticky photowall

bright wallpapers

Video - How to glue wallpapers will become your indispensable companion, and we also offer you step by step instructions.

  1. Prepare the wall.

To do this, you must clean the walls of the old layers of wallpaper or paint. To facilitate the removal of wallpaper can be wet with water or with a special tool.

Wall then be treated with sandpaper to remove dust and remnants of old wallpaper. In the case of finding large cracks, use plaster on the water basis for their elimination.

After drying the plaster layer, it is recommended to re cleaning sandpaper. As a result, the wall surface must be smooth, clean and dry, only then you can start pasting.

  1. Preliminary estimate.

Lay out all the panels to get the whole picture and compare it with the size of the wall.

At this stage it is possible to assess whether the image will fit completely or have to cut part.

  1. wall markings.

Continues sticking photo wallpapers - video tells us that it is time to pick up a pencil and mark the wall under the panel.

Calculate the size of each panel and draw a grid with the dimensions of each piece.

  1. Preparation of glue.

Clay - the element on which depends the success of the planned event. Usually photowall manufacturers supply their special glue mixture to the fullest compatibility of the material and the chemical properties of the adhesive. Stir the adhesive in the tank, keeping the attached instructions.

  1. Process stickers.

Since pokleit wallpapers right? Making follows.

Use brush to apply the adhesive to the back part fotopaneli, it is then applied to the wall in accordance with the markings. Smoothes the roller portion of the image from the center outwards.

Bonding is done from the bottom up. After the completion of the whole picture, wipe with a damp cloth front side, removing any excess adhesive. You may need to trim the edge of the knife blade.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you, now you know how to glue wallpapers - video, you no longer need.

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