Preparing walls for wallpapering and ceiling

Preparing walls for wallpapering: Features


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  • 1 When necessary preliminary work
    • 1.1 strength Check
    • 1.2 A few words about the primer
    • 1.3 We are struggling with calcareous streaks
    • 1.4 Fungus: how to address
  • 2 Preliminary work on the ceiling
  • 3 Summing up

What is important when wallpapering? The quality of materials? Properly prepared glue? Smooth walls?

All this combined effect on the end result and requires careful consideration, it is about the details of the preparation of the walls today and we'll talk.

wall preparation

When necessary preliminary work

strength Check

So, in order to work is a success, you need to:

Surface for gluing must be dry. This is necessary to ensure that in the course of the wall can absorb the moisture contained in the adhesive. If it is damp, simply will not be able to absorb the glue. Find out about the need to dry the surface can be of a simple experiment - with adhesive tape stick to it for the night a piece of cellophane. In the morning, check it in the event that a cellophane appeared drops of water, a room requires careful drying and aeration.

Also, the surface must be durable. This point is important, because the paintings have internal stress. First, their size increases from moisture, and then they are compressed by drying. If the surface will crumble or flake off, finishing starts to flake.

Check the strength can be a sharp object, such as a screwdriver. Of course, it seems primitive, but in fact, this method is one of the most effective. Spend the subject on the surface, if no trace remains, training is not required.

Removal of the old coating

Removal of the old coating

A few words about the primer

Preparing walls for wallpapering includes priming.

Your attention! In order to find out whether the spots showing through the finish, it is necessary to consider the leaf up to the light. In the event that they are quite heavy and dense, it is unlikely that they will be through something seen, but if they are transparent and have veins that spot through them will certainly tread. For these paintings the surface will need to be primed.

We are struggling with calcareous streaks

No less important is the lack of lime sag. With such a problem faced by those who have just settled into a new building. The danger here is that these surfaces are not able to absorb moisture.

Adhere to the surface of a piece of litmus paper, if you see a color change, for your walls are not suitable fabric, which is composed of silver or gold. Determine the ability to absorb moisture, it can be wetted surface. The presence of drops - a sure indication that it requires re-grinding.

Fungus: how to address

Determine the presence of the fungus is possible by careful examination, pay attention to the corners and places near the window.

removal of Nabeul

removal of Nabeul

In the presence of dark greenish black spots or preparation by papering walls must necessarily comprise applying antifungal compositions.

Do not forget that when they use the surface to be dried. Places that are moldy and dark spots should be carefully polished.

Before mounting vinyl canvases sure to remove the old paint.

Preliminary work on the ceiling

How is the preparation for the ceiling wallpapering?


  1. Earlier whitewashed ceiling requires a thorough washing.
  2. For painted ceilings need remover and cleaning with sandpaper.
    preparation of walls before gluing wallpaper

    Preparing the ceiling

Tip! In that case, if the ceiling is composed of a concrete slab, which has not yet carried out the work required alignment and coating plaster. But remember that the crude plaster can not be glued canvas.

  1. The ceiling, which is decorated with drywall, does not require additional preparation.

Tip! Experts recommend primed the ceiling and waiting for it to dry.

Earlier, before the glue vinyl flooring to the ceiling, he papered newspapers. We do not recommend using this method, because eventually occur manifestation of ink that spoil the whole look.

To pokleit paintings were evenly pre-applied markings and do not forget to make allowances.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.