To glue the bamboo wallpaper - wallpaper to create a beautiful interior

To glue the bamboo wallpaper - wallpaper to create an unforgettable interior (33 photos). Variations and features of use. Preparing walls


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    • 1.1 A few words about the design
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If you still have not decided what coverage to choose for the walls, will help you decide. Today will talk about one of the new materials that have emerged in the field of decorative coatings. To glue the bamboo wallpaper - wallpapers that will appeal to lovers of natural and unique decor.

We also tell you about the advantages of this material, and the nuances of working with him.

sticking bamboo wallpaper Wallpaper

bamboo educational program

A few words about the design

Bamboo fabrics are natural mind. They are suitable for those who wants to create an eco-friendly interior, beautiful and safe.

Without this it is impossible to present a natural finish interior, for example, African bungalows, as well as the oriental style. For registration of Japanese design, they are an indispensable element of the interior.



  • resistance to moisture and temperature;
  • dust properties;
  • a variety of colors.

Variations and features of use

Textures and shades

Textures and shades

Consisting of thin strips of wood, bamboo fabrics have become a discovery for lovers of beautiful interiors. The process of their manufacture is fairly complicated - the plant is cleaved into thin strips and left in a special room for drying.

A few days later, when excess moisture leaves from the stems, they are sorted by color and glue into sheets. Sorting by color is mandatory, not used in the production of artificial colorants.

Another difference is the insistence to the room acoustics. Before mounting, it is desirable to leave them in the room for a few days to get used to the temperature and humidity of the room.

Thin fabrics easier to stick, they usually create a pleasant ripple, and allow to emphasize the texture of thick.

Unlike many types of coatings with complex glue, bamboo paintings are simple in this aspect.

natural partition

natural partition

Interestingly, the bamboo designers used even at wallpapering the ceiling, in the decoration of walls or sliding furniture systems. This is due to the fact that the material has the abrasion resistance and creates an interesting style, which is considered very popular today.

Wallpapers are used in areas with frequent temperature changes, for example, in the kitchen.

environmental fact also gained weight in the selection. Cloths are absolutely safe for children and pets, do not contain elements that cause allergies.

Preparing walls

Ready for pasting surface

Ready for pasting surface

Before pokleit bamboo wallpaper, you need to prepare the walls, but their preparation does not require special care, as in adhesive vinyl or paper webs.

The only condition - smooth wall treated with special means, prevents the appearance of mold. As the adhesive, it is desirable to use "liquid nails" - this is the most convenient and the best option. When mounting on particleboard staplers typically used.

Note! To extend the life and preserve the color finish, treat the surface with the antistatic agent having dust properties.

bamboo wallpaper glue

The photo wallpaper with bamboo pattern

Consider the issue step by step - Wallpaper bamboo: sticky

  1. Handle wall primer, then let dry.
  2. Make markup in exact accordance with the sizes.
  3. A uniform layer of adhesive applied to the sheet, leaving to dry for 10-15 minutes.
  4. The dry web gently pressed against the upper part, smoothing the cloth downwards.
  5. Stick extra inlay (curbs, moldings).

These wallpapers can also be tinted varnish and stain, because the surface texture and colors to a different experiments.

All who choose bamboo, make sure that this fabulous material that is a true gift of nature. It represents the connection of beauty and durability. According to Feng Shui bamboo housing helps owners sturdy health.

Now that you know what the bamboo wallpaper - sticking - easy. You can safely get to work!

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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