What pokleit wallpaper in the bedroom: how to paste

What pokleit wallpaper in the bedroom (39 photos): types, choice of color and trim features


Table of contents

  • 1 Types of wallpaper for the bedroom
  • 2 choice of colors
    • 2.1 selection principles
    • 2.2 The effect of color
  • 3 fashion wallpaper
  • 4 EXAMPLE bedrooms furnish
  • 5 Summing up
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To deal with what pokleit wallpaper in the bedroom, you should try to imagine an ideal relaxation room.

For some it is a spacious room, full of light, with maximum comfort and a small number of parts. And someone be presented room of small size, compact, comfortable bed with duvets, the dominance of dark colors, mesmerizing twilight.

What pokleit wallpaper in the bedroom

What pokleit wallpaper in the bedroom? We will try to find the answer to this question.

Types of wallpaper for the bedroom

how pokleit wallpaper in the bedroom

Wallpaper in the bedroom for romantics

The modern market of finishing materials is truly wide. Root choice should, perhaps, with the manufacture of the material.

The types of materials:

  • paper;
  • non-woven;
  • vinyl;
  • textile.

Let us briefly consider the specifics of each material:

  1. Conventional paper coatings are the most suitable value for. These paintings are presented in a variety of textures and colors.
    Perhaps their only drawback is not considered the longest service life.
  2. Non-woven trim often choose for themselves creative nature.
    Practically all kinds of such material to be repainted, which, of course, will please the supporters of free and leave a platform for self-expression.
  3. In comparison with paper, vinyl sheets are more dense and will ideally lie where it is necessary to hide small defects and irregularities of the walls.
  4. Textile wallpaper interested people who prefer absolute ecological finish.
    Such coatings are produced using natural materials, fibers, filaments.
    For this reason, they will be able to create a fresh atmosphere in the bedroom and unity with nature.

choice of colors

selection principles

Before pokleit wallpaper in the bedroom, you need to pick up the coloring and texture. If you plan pasting wallpaper in rooms with finished interiors, it will be necessary to consider a shade of furniture and layout of the room.

Picture wallpaper for the bedroom can be small or large, the size depends on the size of the room.

The strip will make the wall longer than visually, while frequent small patterns, on the contrary, will make the room smaller.

Also, do not neglect solid color option. Smooth surface can always be supplemented with interesting touches - pictures, family photos, ikebana and other decorative finds.

The effect of color

To decide which wallpaper glue in the bedroom trust their own feelings. Romantic natures preference better to give soothing pastel tones - beige, light blue, pale green, peach. It does not interfere as little unobtrusive gilt or silver gleam.

For dynamic and interesting emotional people can become rich choice of bright colors - red, purple, deep green.

Very useful variations may be yellow, green and orange - colors that can excite and stimulate the imagination.

What pokleit wallpaper in the bedroom

Option wallpaper in the bedroom for creative people

Tip! Particularly original solution may be trim all four walls in different colors.

fashion wallpaper

  • The trend of a variety of embossed surfaces, intricate patterns and even embroidery.
  • In plain and combined canvases dominated by Oriental and African themes, the abundance of decorative elements. Latest versions of the exotic and ethnic motifs. It may have different contours, designs, drawings and hieroglyphics.
  • A large number of present light shades - beige, aquamarine, azure, blue, yellow.
  • Important trend - a mixture of wallpaper with different types of surface. The combination of textile, acrylic, fiberglass fabrics will add zest to any bedroom.
  • Creative solutions, extraordinary development continue to gain leading positions. Paintings with 3D effect and bulky wallpapers until recently used only in modernity, but today they are relevant for different ideas and styles.

EXAMPLE bedrooms furnish

Very interesting way to furnish a bedroom can become Wallpapering in two levels. In this case, the wall is visually divided into two horizontal zones, and paste over each of these paintings with different colors.

Usually here applicable combination plain strips of the wallpaper with a complex textured pattern. Begin to wallpapering on the lower part of the wall, forming a kind of curb.

Summing up

The answer to the question of what kind of wallpaper paste in the bedroom, in many respects depends on your character, remember this. We can only wish you good luck and to offer video in this article.

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