What pokleit wallpaper hall: how to make a beautiful and stylish gluing

What pokleit wallpaper Hall (photo 42): marking coatings and laminating process


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  • 1 Just about the difficult choice
    • 1.1 select the Basics
    • 1.2 Fashion trends
  • 2 marking
  • 3 The importance of high-quality gluing hall
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Pasting wallpaper the walls has long been the most popular way of finishing. Many species and subspecies, gluing and combinations of technologies can puzzle even experienced master, so it's time to dot the «i» and tell us what wallpaper pokleit hall.

Misconception that only expensive wallpaper can look attractive. Can look wonderful and paper webs, if the work is done without flaws.

What pokleit wallpaper room

Just about the difficult choice

select the Basics

If you are interested in what pokleit wallpaper in the room, but do not want to sink into the painting, give up the idea to buy now popular metal and fiberglass types of coatings.

Bamboo will look really exotic, but for them to be relevant in the situation room.

Worth a closer look at vinyl and textile coatings which are likely to provide in the room comfort and convenience.

Fashion trends

  • Having dealt with what the wallpaper paste in the hall, let's take a look at the exhibition. After all, that's where you can learn everything and a little more about the wallpaper fashion.
  • The presence of saturated and vivid patterns. Such webs are used as accents. Despite the popularity of minimalist themes, plain fabric designers find boring and monotonous.
  • The presence of bright and pastel colors in large quantities. Bright finish perfectly fit into any interior, filling the room with a maximum of light and expand its space.
  • It remains in vogue thematic focus. Interiors in English, Oriental, Scandinavian style still relevant and continue to attract traditional.
  • The color and texture of natural materials. Now they are used as accents in all the rooms. High practicality, durability makes them popular when combined with other coatings.
  • Another trend - use webs with different types of surface. Mixing glossy, matte, shiny, stripes makes the room brighter and more refined.
  • New solutions - widescreen wallpapers and cover with 3-D effect that has recently been considered a business card modern styles today are found in the interior of any kind.


how pokleit wallpaper in the room

Wallpaper with a large pattern in the living room interior

Those who are interested in the question as pokleit wallpaper in the room, need to pay attention not only on the material, but also in markings which should be present on the packaging or on the back side paintings.

For example, a wavy stripe indicates that the roll is made of moisture-resistant material, the two - the wallpaper can be washed, three - blade washable and very resistant.

marking wallpaper


The wavy line to the bottom brush pririsoval indicates that the coating has a strong abrasion and can be cleaned with a brush.

The importance of high-quality gluing hall

What pokleit wallpaper in the room

Niche allocated contrasting wallpaper

Wallpapering in the hall should be carried out with utmost care and precision.

Note! Choose a fabric with a small figure or no. This will save you from having to customize the image and save the material.

as a stylish wallpaper pokleit

Vinyl stickers in the interior of the hall

When the sheets are cut, laid, webs numbered, coming directly to how beautiful pokleit wallpaper in the room.

We begin on either side of the window opening and move in a clockwise direction. Wallpapering is in such angles that the web is passed to the next wall at a distance of no more than three centimeters.

If the output is greater excess should be cut, because the wall irregularities are almost always present and after bends webs in the corners, the extra inches on the next wall are very curved, and sometimes not at all paste.

So we reach the socket, unscrew the screw and remove the casing. The best option - to lay the cloth on the wall socket and make several diagonal incisions, so they did not go beyond the edge of the socket housing. Carefully cut triangles that have turned out, leaving little overlap, which retracts under the hull after the installation of the fastening screw.

Behind the radiator can be made adhesive wallpaper is performed with vertical incisions. Obtained strips will be easier to handle, but the seams for extra battery will not be visible.

Summing up

Now that you know how stylish pokleit wallpaper, we also still offer you the video in this article and wish you good luck.

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