How to glue wide wallpaper and meter, combined, joint to joint, how to deal with gluing of the battery, and when you can open the windows after

How to glue wide wallpaper (48 photos): specificity gluing


Table of contents

  • 1 Advantages and disadvantages of material
    • 1.1 Wide wallpaper benefits
    • 1.2 A few words about the shortcomings
  • 2 helpful hints
  • 3 Pasting awkward places
  • 4 decor question
  • 5 Summing up
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Wide wallpaper appeared fairly recently, but in a short time find the people's love. This finishing material is little different from the conventional blades, but attached significantly reduces the repair effort due to the increased width. In this article we'll show you how to glue wide wallpaper, how to choose them, mark the wall and perform pasting the entire room.

For pasting the room, our compatriot used to manipulate the web width to the standard 53 cm.

how to glue wallpaper wide

But in the foreign markets, this situation is presented quite differently: there are paintings from the roll widths of 70 or even 100 cm, which fundamentally changes the approach to work.

Increased working width sheet has many advantages, such as reducing the number of seams. Consider all the properties of a wide wallpaper.

Advantages and disadvantages of material

as the stick wide wallpaper

Color wide wallpaper

Wide wallpaper benefits

So, we found that the broad wallpapers - this is the usual rolls foreign production increased width of the web.

  • If you are interested in as wide wallpaper paste correctly, make a plan of arrangement sheets around the room. When they are used, we reduce the number of joints to give a "seamless" effect.
  • Glue webs is also facilitated, because is much easier to glue strip 2 than 5.
  • The third obvious advantage is the price. One meter roll will cost you less than two of 53 cm. For rooms large area of ​​significant savings of money and effort.

A few words about the shortcomings

  • It is necessary to carefully prepare the surface for pasting. Before you even apply wallpaper have to go through all the stages of leveling the wall by removing the old coating before applying the primer. Irregularities and defects in the walls of the room lead to a distortion of joining adjacent strips.
  • Despite the impressive width of the fabric, you may not have enough length, which is why have to buy a new roll.
    Fit bands under non-standard-sized room is complicated enough, it is possible overrun of the material.
  • Broad leaf must be glued only with an assistant. In this case, it does not help even "folding like an accordion" - a method that is used when pasting ceiling wallpaper.

helpful hints

how to glue wallpaper meter

Sticker from "A" to "Z"

Let us give you a couple of tips on how to glue wallpaper meter, obtaining a professional quality result.

  • First and foremost, the responsibility of approach to the treatment of surfaces. Remove all the old surfacing materials on the walls, strip of sandpaper, seal the plaster all cracks and crevices.
  • After drying, the need to re-treat the surface and apply one or two coats of primer for better stability of the adhesive composition.
  • It is very important to observe the temperature conditions inside the room. Uneven drying can ruin the whole sheet at once, and this is almost a meter in length.
  • Be sure to take care about the absence of drafts.

Note! Conduct pasting is necessary before the start of the heating season. Near the battery is set sufficiently high temperature that fabric wrinkles, reducing service life.

So, it's time to tell you how to hang wallpaper.

The first step - careful calculation.

example calculation

example calculation

After cutting the sheets can move on to the next step.

It facilitates the work of that wide web in most cases, non-woven, and as you know, non-woven wallpaper does not require spreading glue and well kept on the wall, covered with a layer of adhesive composition.

As for the adhesive, there are special adhesives for non-woven wallpaper, recommended by the equipment manufacturer. Remember that the maximum adhesive wallpaper compatibility and ensures the highest quality and long life of the coating.

During gluing sheets are very convenient to use the two ladders, with such an arrangement provides a good leveling of the strip surface.

But after wallpapering, when you can open the windows? We remind the different types of coatings to dry at different rates, and some quite days, and some will need three days.

The main thing in any case until dry to prevent drafts in the room, otherwise on the surface of the paintings will be twists and bubbles.

The drying time of different types of wallpaper:


If the room temperature is in the range of +15 to +30 ° C, and the humidity level rises above 60%, the webs will be sufficient for drying two days. In other circumstances, the period of waiting for the next phase of work to repair increases.

Heavy, denser pattern vinyl webs, suggesting the presence of complicated decorative elements may be to dry for a week. Working in the room is allowed after 48 hours, however, carry out any manipulations connected with the walls, it is possible only after 7 days.


The average duration of wallpaper drying is from 18 to 72 hours.


  • paper basis - 18 hours;
  • vinyl paper + - 24 hours;
  • Nonwoven + vinyl - from 48 hours.

Note! Do not try to artificially accelerate the process of forced heating, as this has a negative impact on the joints and the figure. The coating is easier to transfer high humidity and low temperature, than their swings, and the movement of air streams.

Pasting awkward places

how to hang wallpaper for battery

Sticking wallpaper for battery

When using wide blades complicates pasting difficult places in the room: the angles, areas above the opening for the battery.

But the ceiling broad sheets glued easier. In this process still takes part two, and the number of sheets that have glue drops significantly.

So, how to hang wallpaper behind the battery. In this case, we will have to cut the roll into smaller bands.

The best option would be cut from a single web destined for gluing flat wall portion. There is even one difficulty - Match drawing. If the dimensions you can still guess, it's to make the figure coincided - is problematic.

Before you hang wallpaper butt joint, be sure to classify drawing on canvases. Depending on its size may require adjustment to 30 cm.



The first sheet is adhered to the free wall portion and aligned on the vertical reference point. Second adhered as close to the first edge and joins.

At this point, you need to monitor not only the evenness of fit and a minimum size of the joint, but for the coincidence pattern.

Currently advantage manifests nonwoven webs, they can be moved along the wall for 10 minutes after the stickers. If you are a beginner, do not use adhesives with additives to accelerate drying.

decor question

how original wallpaper paste

The seams are almost invisible

Few know the technology stickers upholstery fabrics, we must also know how their original paste to get a beautiful and spectacular interior.

Often use several types of fabrics in different shades and textures, which makes a variety of design space and enlivens the atmosphere.

Before gluing wallpaper combined, evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the room.

For example, horizontal striping visually reduces the height of the room, and the vertical - expanding the narrow passages.

Admission accent wall will highlight the main piece of furniture, and wallpaper coating inserts will be independent of the interior decoration.

Summing up

Now that you know how to glue wallpaper meter - video in this article will be the final chord. Good luck in your work!

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