As pokleit wallpaper to paint on hardboard: how to use a PVA glue

As pokleit wallpaper in the paint (45 photos): especially sticking to the oil, water based paints and other coatings


Table of contents

  • 1 Base Type: when appearance matters
  • 2 laminating technology
    • 2.1 Sticking on the oil coating
    • 2.2 Sticking to the water-based finish
  • 3 Work with other surfaces
  • 4 Summing up
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Repair in older homes always raises a lot of questions, one of them - as the wallpaper pokleit paint. After all, this uncomplicated finishing mix often used in the delivery of apartments Soviet times.

how pokleit wallpaper paint

When wallpapering the walls, which had previously been painted, you can do the following: take the spatula, remove old paint, fix the plane to cover up irregularities and filler, sanded, primed and get excellent basis.

variety of colors

variety of colors

Base Type: when appearance matters

Before stick wallpaper on paint, determine the type of coverage:

  • Oil - has the structure resistant, moisture resistance, good sits on the surface and forms a protective layer. It has a strong odor.
  • Latex - is made water-tight manner and impregnates the substrate after drying. Odorless, it repels moisture.

If you delete a spatula material eliminates seams, is oil-based, if torn off very poorly and almost merged with the structure of the walls - latex.

laminating technology

Sticking on the oil coating

Removal of the oil coating strips

Removal of the oil coating strips

Oil coating - very tenacious material even years can not keep up with the wall. On the one hand, it's good to get a reliable basis, but excessive smoothness of the coating will only hinder.

In this case there are only two options, both on the paint paste wallpaper:

  1. Using a spatula remove the horizontal trim strip. The distance between the stripes - about 20 cm strip width - 5 cm. This leads to a more reliable basis.
  2. A more effective option - to walk on the surface of a large sandpaper. This produces small bumps and cracks. Then the mixture is applied primer with PVA glue, it will securely attach the web.
sanded wall

sanded wall

For wallpapering use wallpaper paste composition of the PVA and mixed in a ratio of 2: 1.

Sticking to the water-based finish

In this case, we will have to make a little more effort. If you do not know how to glue the wallpaper on the water-based paint, remember.

First, the surface must be neutralized using a mixture of primer material and a solvent (1: 1) and then dried and applied to the base net primer.

The resulting rough surface will be a reliable basis for any type of coating. For bonding webs using a mixture of PVA wallpaper paste and 1: 1.

Work with other surfaces

Before finishing fiberboard

Before finishing fiberboard

Owners of wooden houses quite often faced with the question as pokleit wallpaper on fiberboard.

Wooden walls themselves are not a good basis for the sheet finishing material, do not give a proper grip and rugged enough for high-quality fastening webs.

What to do in this case? There are several options:

  • pre okleit cardboard;
  • frame mount plasterboard, losing part of a free space;
  • use fiberboard.

The last option looks attractive enough and quick to implement. The material is cheap and easy to use, and for adhering the canvas you need only apply a thin layer leveling plasters.

Disadvantages fiberboard:

  • Fiberboard - very soft material, because of the humidity in the house of his "leads", the surface becomes rough, it comes in waves.
  • This is a great place to live for harmful insects and mold.
  • It requires additional processing.

Note! Nails, which nailed sheets of material, often appear in the paintings of rust. To avoid this, the cap utaplivajut in surface and paint over oil paint.

Pasted wall of fiberboard

Pasted wall of fiberboard

If you do decide to, do the smooth side of the face, cover it with varnish or primer composition and can safely hang wallpaper.

If you choose to use vinyl or non-woven materials, do not forget to buy a PVA glue wallpaper, as they are quite heavy and not hold the usual glue.

Now you know how pokleit wallpaper and paint ready to apply their knowledge in practice. We can only wish you success in the difficult repair business.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.