How beautiful pokleit wallpaper in the apartment: sticky joint to joint

How beautiful pokleit wallpaper (45 photos): the combination of the choice of colors and textures


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  • 1 Why use a combination?
  • 2 Practical use
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If you are wondering how beautiful pokleit wallpaper, it means that you are not only worried about the practical side of the issue, but also want to renovate the room looked really luxurious and happy eye.

Wallpapering options, there are many. However, you can list the main ways of combining fabrics used to make the perfect interior. And apply these tips in an apartment you will be able to.

how beautiful pokleit wallpaper

Wallpaper - really handy design tool that is simple enough to use, you do not need to create frames for plasterboard structures or spread the artificial stone.

Of course, it is beautiful pokleit wallpaper is not enough simply to stick a plain paper webs on the walls in the room. Creative imagination and let your talent designer run wild on the full.

Combining multiple colors - here's a way to make the room a truly original and even hide its flaws.

Why use a combination?

Asymmetrical overlapping vertical stripes

Asymmetrical overlapping vertical stripes

At first glance, the combination of several types of fabrics - designer whimsy, the way to decorate the interior. In fact, this procedure performs a variety of practical functions, hiding uncomfortable room layout.

Cases where the application of the combination just need to:

  • A small area has a high ceiling.
  • Length and width are disproportionate (too narrow and long room) that interferes with the normal layout of furniture.
  • It requires visual association of the neighboring buildings.
  • It is necessary to divide a large room into functional zones, without using decorative elements.
  • It is necessary to isolate the interior element or one of the planes, which is the background for the design of the central composition.

Practical use

Horizontal combination: large and small picture

Horizontal combination: large and small picture

Before pokleit beautiful wallpaper, choose one of the suggested ways of combining, at the same time taking into account the characteristics of the premises.


The first way - the horizontal alignment.

  • The walls are divided into two parts (optionally proportional) and canvases pasted companion. This combination allows you to hide the high ceiling in the room.
  • Traditionally used a combination of striped and plain fabrics or duo of the large and small picture. Plane often divided in the ratio 1: 2 and glued bottom-up or top-down (in the ratio 1 / 3-2 / 3).
  • Dividing strip between different types of fabrics can be decorative border, molding or strap, which are selected depending on the design space and thickness finishing materials.
vertical alignment

vertical alignment


Another way pokleit wallpaper butt joint - vertical division.

Here there are several possible combination of options:

  • Alternation of the two colors or textures, can be alternated through the strip through one or two.
  • To visually expand the area used asymmetric striping - glued wall background paintings, then the broad sides of the room glue wide strips accent color on one side - in the center, on the other - closer to the corner.
  • Symmetry. On either side of the center of the room on the wide planes are glued two bands of bright color or released invoices. They allow you to reduce the length of the room.
  • Reception "accent wall" - a variant of the vertical alternation.
    One of the walls, which do not have enough speakers, or which is the background for the main element of the interior, is glued bright hue, stands out from the rest of the coatings in the room.

Color and texture

Upholstery inserts in the interior

Upholstery inserts in the interior

Using color selections - very good use of the combination. Usually this technique is used to impart any importance in the interior of the subject, e.g., allocating texture niche or protrusion.

Background for any interior items are also highlighted in color, different from the general color decoration in the room. With the help of colors and textures, you can divide the room into functional zones, it eliminates the need for additional decorative elements, arches and columns.

One of the original options as possible pokleit wallpaper in the apartment is a partial glueing surfaces.

For this purpose, the basic background of bright stick pieces of textured coatings that often appear with frames. They bring the dynamics of the interior, empty walls make brighter and more beautiful.

Sometimes used for this purpose vinyl stickers on the wallpaper, such interior decoration can be glued even on pieces of furniture, choosing the right theme.

Note! It is also possible to combine all previous methods.

Wallpaper - not only for walls

selection recesses and protrusions

Isolation alcoves and protrusions

To decorate the interior of the room, you can use the web to papering the ceiling, niches and arches.

Thus, the arch, which is an independent design element can be converted into a real decorative composition, having stuck textured canvases.

  • To make the transition between rooms imperceptible arch should not be too much to stand out from the background adjacent spaces.
    Use a slightly lighter shade of the same fabrics, which are pasted as background.
  • If you need to clearly delineate the room, use the release invoice, against the background of stripes with fine picture will look quite original arch, pasted over textured sheets aggressive shade.

Now you already know how beautiful pokleit wallpaper and can safely implement their interior fantasies to life. Good luck!

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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