How to glue wallpapers komar: whether trendy, some glue and how to breed

How to glue wallpapers Komar (45 photos): choice of plot and color


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  • 1 That offers Komar
    • 1.1 collection photowall
    • 1.2 Wallpapers Non-woven
  • 2 Choosing a plot
  • 3 color Wallpaper
  • 4 Komar: advantages
  • 5 laminating technology
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When all tired wallpaper, materials seem monotonous and impersonal, and want to see the interior was beautiful and original, then it's time to pay attention to wallpapers. The German company Komar is a leader in the production of finishing materials for the walls. What to choose and how to glue wallpapers komar - about this we will talk in this article.

how to glue wallpapers komarWhether glue wallpapers fashionable? Absolutely. Now they as a type of wall design are gaining popularity.

After all, they give individuality, exclusivity your style, highlight the taste.

Mural can correctly put accents in the interior. The picture in the wall can easily become a dominant of a room.

The right choice and photowall layout hides many defects of the walls - small cracks and roughness, helps make the room more comfortable, bring new tone.

That offers Komar

collection photowall

For children:

  • Star Wars;
  • Kids;
  • Disney.


  • Scenics Edition;
  • Landscape;
  • Wellness;
  • Floral;
  • Troplical.
Komar in the interior

Komar in the interior


  • Wood & Stones;
  • Imagine Edition 2;
  • Into Illusions Edition;
  • Textures.

Wallpapers Non-woven

  • News;
  • Urban;
  • MunichDesignBook;
  • Lifestyle.

Choosing a plot

komar wallpapers like glue

Mural mosquito in the living room interior

First of all, select the title you want to see on your wall. Plots photowall surprising diversity, in this regard, not to get lost sometimes difficult.

Theme is determined only by your imagination. If you are an admirer of nature in your home you do not want to be without scenery can purchase cloth with the image of the forest, the sea, a favorite time of year.

You want something extraordinary? Buy fabrics with the legends, portraits, views of the city, favorite fairy tales or myths.

Mural depicting the colors are the most romantic and fashionable. Such Mural look great with large massive furniture, however they are generally placed in living rooms.

A bedroom is best to choose subjects with relaxing tones and images, in the bathroom - paintings with sea views, a game or a baby - with their favorite cartoon characters.

color Wallpaper

Mural komar like glue

Beautiful interior of a living room with a mosquito photo wallpapers

Now came the turn of the color picker. It is important to take into account the functional purpose of the premises.

  • In the hallway It decided to choose the fabrics in warm or contrasting colors. This color scheme is not to oppress the household. For corridor should choose finish in the same color scheme as the hallway.
  • In the kitchen preferably finishing in bright or contrasting colors.
  • Bathroom suitable coating of white, pink, light blue or light green colors.

Consider, first of all, photographic wallpaper have to like you and be in harmony with the general interior of the apartment or house.

Komar: advantages

Komar wallpapers - like gluing, mark up, and take care of these with serious issues arise each, one in the hand gets a roll of wallpaper photo wallpapers of the German giant. Coatings are rich subjects, saturation of colors, color fastness. Durability, reliability and elegant design favorably distinguish this brand from the competition.

laminating technology

Now before us is the most difficult task - finding the answer to the question of how to glue wallpapers mosquito. It's no secret that this issue can not cope is not for everyone, but we will help to make sure that this process was "painless".

Do fashionable glue wallpapers

Decorating the room mosquito photo wallpapers

So, the first step will prepare all the necessary: ​​wallpapers, glue them brush for its application, the rubber roller, stationery knife, ruler, level, pencil. So, how to glue wallpapers?


Step 1. Prepare the surface. Clean up of old wallpaper, cracks zashpaklevyvaem. Our goal - even, smooth, dry basis.

Step 2. Dilute glue. Beginners repair will be asked how to breed glue for photo wallpapers. The answer - breed under 60 grams in 1.5 liters of water, it should not be very fluid. For gluing of fabrics to be used in the supplied packaging adhesive.

Step 3. We decompose on the floor drawing. Rascherchivaem wall smooth vertical and horizontal lines on which we will focus.

The basic process

Step 4. The first list, select from the middle of the bottom row. We smear it with glue and leave for 2-3 minutes. We attach the first element. The resulting bubbles and wrinkles smoothes soft rubber roller from the middle. Now the rest of the sheets sticking. Experts advise, place the overlapped sheets 2-3 mm, after drying, they are often at odds.

Step 5. Now it is necessary to leave the painting to dry completely. To avoid cracks formed, and deformed pattern, the entire process of gluing and drying should occur at room temperature.

So, if you choose wallpapers mosquito - like gluing have no secret for you.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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