Wallpaper glue: what is better for the textile and which - for natural, and how to plant?

Wallpaper paste: selection, surface preparation technology and stickers


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  • 1 A few words about the composition of
  • 2 How to choose the right glue
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    • 2.2 When important part
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  • 4 gluing technology
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Which is important for wallpapering? The quality of the selected fabric? The evenness of the walls? The correct choice of adhesive and its preparation? Question - integrated and today we'll talk about adhesives, good and not so good.

The most common and the most popular is the wallpaper glue KLEO.


In the application of the special adhesive for natural wallpaper used in the interior decoration materials of natural origin.

By purchasing adhesive wallpaper consumption necessary to provide for a reserve.

A few words about the composition of

Wrapping vinyl wallpaper glue is a substance quite complex composition. This is due to the fact that the industry is constantly improving the production of coatings technology and expands their range.

The structure includes four components: base, bactericide, PVA, a fungicide. The main component - the basis, consists of material forming a viscous clear solution.

The remaining ingredients give the basis of the required properties. One of the best foundations, especially for expensive adhesives is methylcellulose.

How to choose the right glue

classification of glue

The question of what the wallpaper paste is better to put incorrect, because different types of fabrics used a type of glue.


Each group has its own color classification packaging: blue, yellow, red.

  • Yellow packaging - a compound that is used for gluing paper webs.
  • Blue packaging - for embossed paper and vinyl paintings.
  • Red packaging - specially formulated for textile wallpapers, as well as glass fiber, non-woven metallized, laminated coatings.

When important part

Dry types are produced from starch and karboksometiltsellyulozy (CMC).

Adhesives from starch made of natural raw material and harmless to human health and the environment.

They come in several forms:

  • The cheapest and quality mixture for gluing vinyl wallpaper consists of raw starch. However, it requires a long pulping (40-50 min.) And only dissolves in boiling water.
  • Composition of the modified starches dissolves very quickly even in cold water. He high-quality, simple to prepare, but it is quite expensive.

on the basis of CMC glue is of two types:

  • Traditional characterized by low cost, but requires a long swell based domestic CMC (about 3 hours).
  • Imported CMC - instant, high-quality, but quite expensive.

surface preparation

surface preparation

surface preparation

It is important to properly prepare the wall sticker:

  • thoroughly clean it of dirt and old coatings;
  • remove old stains and mold available;
  • washed well surface;
  • if the wall is porous, it should be primed with liquid adhesive solution and dried.

gluing technology

Quality and reliable Wallpapering ensures correct application of adhesives. If isolation leaf from the wall, it breaks on the paper, while the lower part remains on the wall, then firmly glued wallpaper.

sticking stripes

sticking stripes

Before proceeding read the instructions carefully. It details how to breed glue for some types of fabrics used, and also shows the estimated consumption of wallpaper paste.

Observance of technology - a guarantee of quality work.

Your attention! For good impregnation of fabrics after applying the adhesive, leave them for 3-10 minutes. The time depends on the glue, and the type of wallpaper.

The next step - applying the composition on the strip. The adhesive must be applied with a thin uniform layer from inside to outside. Surplus removed with a soft dry cloth.

Tip! The next stage - gluing. Cloth glue, usually perpendicular to the floor with a plumb. In its absence, the impregnated used adhesive sheet. His hang parallel to the wall and pressed from the middle to the edge and top to bottom.

Kleo for joints

Kleo for joints

Next fabric are aligned on the previous one. In the process of sticking within a few minutes it is possible to align strips correction pattern.

In remote locations, for pastings strips were peeled off, when connecting several types of webs adhered decorative narrow bands is used for the adhesive joints.


If you strictly adhere to the technology of works on the label and use high-quality material - you will get a durable and attractive wall coverings.

Normal humidity of the room, the lack of near heaters walls allow you to do repair room no more than 4-6 years.

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.