Combining wallpapers

The most inexpensive and simple way to diversify the interior is to combine several types of wallpaper in one room. It will revitalize the room and help to divide the zones: working, sleeping. Combination of wallpaper has recently become very fashionable. This technique is able to create various decorative effects in the room, change the geometry of the room and hide its small flaws.


  1. Combination options
  2. Zoning with combination of wallpapers
  3. Successful combinations in the interior
  4. Select and shade
  5. Photo of combining wallpapers in the interior

Combination methods

Thanks to the designers, this type of wallpapering has long since emerged from the category of innovations. Builders and architects again and again advise their customers to prefer non-monotonous wallpaper in the room, and the combination of several colors and textures.

Firms that produce wallpaper also support this trend and even create wallpaper collections of matching shades or patterns. And often this product is accompanied by an example of a successful combination of different wallpapers. By the way, professionals advise to combine wallpaper just from one collection of one or another manufacturer. But some do not want to follow the cheat sheet and try to create their own unique interior.

Zoning with the combination of wallpapers

Combining wallpaper in the interior can hide some of the shortcomings of the room. If you highlight a wall or an angle with a brighter or more textured wallpaper, then the views of your guests and household members will always be glued to it. This will help to divert attention from another uneven wall or flaw in the corner.

Sometimes one room combines several functions, for example, a living room and a bedroom or a children's and a playroom. To visually separate these zones, designers also use different wallpapers. Here you can apply quite a bold combination, the main thing is that all members of the family are happy. So, if you need to divide the children's room into two parts - for the boy and the girl, then you should use the wallpaper of blue and pink tones. Add a few lamps in the same tones, and success is guaranteed.

Many of the houses built in Soviet times have long rectangular rooms. To visually make them square, you need to paste light wallpaper on one long wall of the room, and on the other - dark ones.

Successful combinations in the interior

When selecting wallpapers for one room, remember - they should at least resemble something in some way. If the color is different, you need a similar texture, geometry and vice versa.

In case you do not accept striking contrasts, choose wallpaper of several shades of the same color to decorate your room. For example, the combination of rich gray and its light shade looks good. Often you can see a similar duo of blue and blue, ecru( beige) and ivory. The combination of wallpaper of two colors is appropriate in the bedroom, living room, kitchen and even a corridor.

Highlight and shade

If you want to select a structure from gypsum board above the bed or "shade" the bright pillows on the couch, use a combination of monophonic patterns and patterned wallpaper. Ideas for this reception are many, and they are all win-win. Photos of rooms decorated in this design, you can see in our article, maybe one of these examples of combining wallpaper you take note.

However, very carefully, you should approach the combination of wallpaper with different patterns in the Khrushchev. Stripy wallpaper and wallpaper with different patterns look vivid. The main thing is that they correspond with color. But a small room with high ceilings can significantly transform the horizontal division of colors. In this case, use contrasting wallpaper.

The combination of different colors or textures of wallpapers within the same room looks very advantageous. However, it is important not to overdo it. Very rarely looks good combination of three or more shades or patterns. With the help of various wallpapers you can completely change the design of the room and highlight really good details of the interior. If you do not really rely on your own taste when choosing the right wallpaper, contact the specialists and you will be satisfied with the result.

Photo of a combination of wallpaper in the interior of