What pokleit wallpaper in the kitchen better options for gluing

What pokleit wallpaper in the kitchen (30 photos): vinyl, natural and paintable


Table of contents

  • 1 Select the appropriate wallpaper
  • 2 vinyl
    • 2.1 natural
    • 2.2 for painting
  • 3 About fashionable kitchens
  • 4 Summing up

Kitchen - rather specific room that requires a careful approach to the choice of finishing materials. On what pokleit wallpaper in the kitchen today and we will tell.

What pokleit wallpaper in the kitchen

Kitchen - premises with aggressive conditions of increased temperature, humidity and fast zagryaznyaemosti surfaces, which is why the main selection factor is the moisture resistance of the coating.

Taking this into consideration options wallpapering the kitchen are drastically reduced, at your disposal there are only various types of water-resistant fabrics: Vinyl, natural and paintable.

Select the appropriate wallpaper


any wallpaper paste in the kitchen

Vinyl with a geometrical pattern

Vinyl - the most convenient way for use in the kitchen. This two-layer coatings which are based on paper or fleece, covered with a vinyl-coated.

Typically this deposition is resistant to water and can easily be wiped with a damp cloth, moreover, wash with detergent, which is critical for other types of coatings.

Conveniently enough that wallpaper glued by applying the adhesive directly to the wall, and the adhesive has properties of vinyl counter mold surface under the webs.

If you do not know which is better to glue the wallpaper in the kitchen, stop your choice on them. They are practical and easily glued.

The degree of resistance to water coverage can be viewed on a roll. Special markers note 3 levels of moisture resistance:

  1. Waterproof material. It has minimal water repellency.
  2. Washable wallpaper. Such a coating can be easily cleaned with a wet sponge, remove dust and dirt.
  3. Resistant washable. It is possible to rub the brush with the detergent.

Now there is no doubt in the kitchen which wallpaper glue - only vinyl.


What pokleit wallpaper kitchen

Bamboo in the design of the kitchen

You are a fan of oriental styles and do not know what wallpaper pokleit kitchen? The answer is simple - use bamboo. This eco-friendly material completely safe and allows you to create a unique atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.

Unfortunately, the properties of such coatings allow not stick them near the cooking surface.

But the rest of the kitchen wall it is possible to cover the natural bamboo leaves, which will transfer your cozy kitchenette in the Middle Ages, turning it into a cozy sushi bar and traditional Chinese Noodle Shop.

Rules sticking and operation:

  • Wash them and scrub brushes are not recommended, but can be wiped with a damp sponge.
  • Not recommended to place the fabric on the corners and overlap too much to bend them. This can easily damage the blade, consisting of real bamboo stalks.
  • Before gluing sheets should lie down in a room and "get used" to its conditions. The cloth will absorb or give up moisture, as well as adapt to the temperature conditions, which will pre-empt the contraction after papering the walls.

for painting

which wallpaper glue in the kitchen

Non-woven wallpaper in a bright light green interior

Non-woven wallpaper for painting - comfortable enough for use in a kitchen environment.

It is known that the paint is sufficiently stable to moisture, temperature and mechanical stress, respectively, will be stable and non-woven fabric.

Painter's canvas produced colorless, but covered terrain. This will allow you to create an interesting texture of the walls and use several shades of colors.

About fashionable kitchens

Determine which wallpaper paste in the kitchen, let's take a look at the exhibition of novelties.

  • Ecostyle and ethnic motifs. Popular imitation of natural materials (wood, bamboo, stone), vegetable, floral patterns, traditional African and oriental ornaments. The color scheme - juicy, natural, rich in shades of green, yellow, brown with accents of trendy pink and blue-green tones.
  • With gentle watercolor motifs. Polurazmytye patterns, flowing into each other are especially good at paintings with berry and floral motifs in cool, rich blue-green hues.
  • Pastel tones. This finish is always in fashion. Choose peppermint, pistachio, purple, sandy, beige, peach, pale pink tones.
  • 3d optical illusions, unusual geometric prints. Yes, this spectacular finish, but look good only in the spacious kitchen.
  • Imitation textiles. Vinyl fabric is easy to reproduce the texture of the fabric, and the characteristic prints like peas, cage, flowers even more enhance the resemblance.

Summing up

Now that you know how to glue wallpaper in the kitchen, and will never make a mistake with the choice. Make a practical and beautiful interior - not an easy task, but you can deal with that, armed with the knowledge provided in this article.

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