Pasting of walls different wallpaper: combined, glass, two colors, is it possible to glue a decorative stone on wholemeal coating on the plywood as a paste over the arch

Pasting of walls different wallpaper (39 photos): the creation of beautiful interior


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  • 1 Combining different types of wallpaper
    • 1.1 When the relevant combination
    • 1.2 The most popular options combining
  • 2 Decor archways
  • 3 When the type of important basics: work with plywood
  • 4 Summing up
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You do not know how to decorate a wall in a renovated room? How to create an original and practical interior, which will last a long time and will be pleasing to the eye? In this case, you will help pasting wall wallpaper different - a technique that has long been used by experienced designers.

Before you combine different types of wallpaper, elaborate the concept design of the room.

Pasting of walls different wallpaper

Wallpaper - a wonderful decorative tool that can transform the interior of the room, to hide its flaws and highlight the merits.

The variety allows you to create a unique design, turning the room into a work of art, pleasing the eye home owner and guests.

So, it's time to learn how the wallpaper sticker - video and photo tips, prepared by our experts will be your reliable assistants.

Combining different types of wallpaper

as a wallpapered wall

Accent with different wallpaper

When the relevant combination

Not only the desire to make the interior unique and extraordinary design makes use papering the walls combined with wallpaper.

To a large plane is not merged into a solid color stain, use the alternation of different textures of the same color.

So, when using the same combination of:

  • room has a small area and high ceiling;
  • disproportionate length and width interfere regulated;
  • necessary separation room into functional areas;
  • should be given the dynamics of a large plane (one of the walls);
  • It requires isolation of certain interior elements;
  • It is required to visually merge two adjacent rooms.

The most popular options combining

Thus, we consider how to apply wall-paper hanging in two colors.

The first option - horizontal division walls. This is a classic design course, which is appropriate for a large room height.

The wall is divided in a ratio of 1: 2, thus joining the band must necessarily run in the lower part of the room.

Traditionally considered a combination of:

  • striped wallpaper below, plain wallpaper - top;
  • web in small patterns - bottom, large flowers, stripes - top;
  • 2/3 - drawing large flowers, 1/3 - single-color cloth, possibly the location of the bottom up and vice versa.

Note! To separate the various coatings and additional decorative effect using moldings or decorative borders. Depending on the thickness of the web can be bonded on top border or crashing into the surface. By varying the thickness of the top and bottom of the bar, use of the composition.

Pasting of walls combined with wallpaper

Classical horizontal division

Second fairly popular design option - vertical striping. Is often used to visually pull the walls.

Tip! Choosing what pokleit wallpaper in the hallway, prefer washable canvas with dark color combinations at the bottom and the top of the light.

There are some good options for the vertical alignment:

  • Connection of two walls. In the design of the premises used by the two dominant color on one wall apply alternating erasing a sharp distinction in the color transition. It is possible to glue the strip in one or two.
  • Asymmetric alternation. On one of the walls in the center of the strip is glued bright Accent.
    On the opposite glued small strips of the same color as the rest of the space sealed with the background canvas. Acceptance allows you to expand the room visually.
  • Symmetrical rotation. To give the room some of the dynamics in the background in the center of the room surfaces are glued bright wide strips. Located on both sides of the room, they visually narrow the room.

Note! Today, often carried redevelopment with the creation of drywall partitions, so the question whether it is possible to hang wallpaper on plywood appears more often. Yes, such a procedure is possible. In addition, you can use this framework as an element of the alternating colors.

sticky fiberglass

Original combinations of colors Covering

We continue to get acquainted with the original design techniques. Thus, selection with the color or texture.

This may be used steklooboyami pasting walls. The material has an original surface and allow to underline one of the interior elements: a protrusion niche or arch.

If the background is used mottled coloring, lip, wallpapered with the same tone, but the other structure, will clearly stand out.

Isolation of a separate part of the walls a different color is used in several cases:

  • you must perform the zoning space, dividing it into functional parts;
  • We need to allocate part of the decor, which merges with the general background;
  • requires the allocation of key components, the interior of which is built around.

If you use full taping steklooboyami walls, the combination is carried out at the stage of coloring.

Desktop Companion:

  • reduce the size of the room helps the selection of several walls contrasting trim;
  • combination of several figures or reliefs help delicately emphasize the nuances of design;
  • Rooms for a smooth transition into one another without visible constraints (doors, arches) is made out of color release, and it does not look too sharp, bright color contrast is balanced spots.
Pasting of walls steklooboyami

Children's room and glass wall with a picture

Sticky fiberglass can be used to create a wall mural.

Creating color spots on the perimeter walls and framing them in beautiful frames allow to give speakers the walls and dilute the situation. With the right mix of colors such decoration will be a self-contained part of the interior.

Of course, design - is a complex process that does not allow to use only one technique. That is why most of the designers combine the above methods to get the original and bright room.

Decor archways

like wallpaper paste over the arch

Wallpaper wood in the arch

By accentual secretions can be attributed to the decoration of interior arches.

So as wallpaper paste over the arch?

Tools and materials:

  • scaffolding to move;
  • roll of wallpaper;
  • glue. appropriate to the type of wallpaper;
  • roller and brush for smearing glue and smooth fabrics;
  • a knife and a ruler for marking and cutting sheets.

The sequence of works:

  1. Resistant platform - something without which you can not do the job. You will need a table or the stage of a pair of boards.
  2. best suited wallpaper with understated pattern for decorating the arches: fine or abstract.
  3. Before wallpaper paste over the arch is properly verify compliance with upholstery fabrics purchased glue. For light fabrics suitable universal glue, vinyl and fleece require glue PVA-based.
like wallpaper paste over the arch

arch project Color Wallpaper

  1. Align the wallpaper in the arch with a pattern on the wall, mark the size of a pencil and start to cut the sheets for the facade.
  2. First glued front and back walls of the arch, be sure to leave a couple of centimeters at the edges of the sheet to make a neat hem.
  3. Then - decorated arch center of one stripe. Starting from the floor on one side of the web is smoothed by gently coving to end.

Now that you know how to paste over wallpaper arch and ready for practical application skills.

When the type of important basics: work with plywood

how to hang wallpaper on plywood

Wallpapering on plywood

Concrete, brick, plasterboard, plaster and painted surfaces, each of these materials has especially when wallpapering.

Let's start with the question of how to hang wallpaper on plywood.

  • process feature is the need to cover the seams primer or seal them with paper bands.
  • Nails into plywood surfaces should be drowned in thickness and to cover varnish. You can also primed surface for better grip with her cloths. Now you can start pasting the plywood wall.
whether it is possible to glue a decorative stone to wallpaper

Decorative stone wallpaper

Finish plywood decorative stone:

Decorative stone - a great material that is often used to accent highlight the interior areas. Is it possible to glue a decorative stone on the wallpaper? Our answer is - no.

Wallpaper glued lap to the final stone of the composition, because the stone is unable to hold well on the wall when she papered smooth material.

Summing up

Now that you know how to paste over the wall wallpaper, a little practice enough and you will be able to give advice to less experienced builders. We wish you a successful repair and success!

In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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