Stickers for children's wallpaper, as well as all of the pasting at the corners and decor

Stickers on wallpaper (57 pics): the combination of stickers and simple wallpaper, use of decorative coatings in the interior


Table of contents

  • 1 Manufacture and pasting
    • 1.1 Select picture
    • 1.2 sticking correctly
  • 2 How to combine stickers and wallpaper
  • 3 Using decorative wallpapers in the interior
  • 4 Summing up
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Repairs in the room for a long time carried out and there is no desire to re-glue wallpaper? But I want to upgrade the interior! Help you stickers on the wallpaper that create a unique atmosphere in the room and decorate the walls with intricate images.

This is a great design tool that in experienced hands can work wonders.

stickers wallpaperStickers or labels on vinyl wallpaper - it is a tool that helps you to change the boring interior, decorate a room with bright elements, or you arrange a piece of furniture.

They are made of a thin film of adhesive on the basis of which is resistant to moisture and light and excellent falls on any smooth surface.

These features make it easy to use them in the interior of the bathroom and kitchen without fear of contamination and elevated temperatures. And the color of the coating is retained on the continuation of 5 years.

Using the stickers has many advantages:

  • organichnost. Emphasize the color palette to any interior and perfectly fit into the finished design.
  • easebut. Stick a sticker on the wall - easy and convenient.
  • Availability. Buy a few stickers is much easier than to change all the wallpaper in the room.
  • Practicality. Resistant to moisture and light, very well hold on any surface, allowing you to not limit myself to choose the working surface.
  • Versatility. There are many different variations, which are suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or children's room.

Manufacture and pasting

Select picture

It all starts with the selection of images - beautiful fruit on the kitchen, the characters from the cartoons in the children's room or the beautiful fish in the bathroom.

Stickers can be used in all rooms of the house. Thus, in the living room, you can paste an image of shelves with books or flowerpots.

Hallway to decorate a beautiful tree or a picture stand with umbrellas in the bedroom will be an organic look flower motives, but mostly stickers wallpaper - children, without them it is impossible to imagine an interior room for the youngest members families.

Favorite cartoon characters, colorful animals and plants, strange patterns - all this will make the room look like a child a huge playing field.

Stickers for children's rooms

Stickers for children's rooms

Then the stencil is processed in the program and is applied to a special film. After cutting, stickers can be pasted on the surface.

sticking correctly

Clean the place that will be glued on the dust in the dirt, remove the backing and glue the labels on children's wallpaper, watching the evenness of fit figure.

A couple of minutes, and your child's room is decorated with bright original features. Such labels already quite popular in the West, but we have people with even just eyeing, so your guests will be surprised by the original interior decoration.

How to combine stickers and wallpaper

Everyone knows that the wallpaper sticker - not an easy task. Without a proper experience it is difficult to stick the fabric perfectly flat, no air bubbles or gaps.

Design living room with stickers

Design living room with stickers

If you can not avoid sticking paintings without defects, you will Stickers. On the surface after gluing non-woven wallpaper appeared ugly bubble? Prick it and seal the puncture bright picture.

After drying, a small gap appeared between the sheets? And it can be closed by using the vertical stickers. Even wallpapering in the corners are now not a problem.

All problem areas, you can hide, focusing on bright and beautiful labels. Thus, the stickers - not only beautiful designer jewelery, but also practical interior creation tool.

Using decorative wallpapers in the interior

You can not use stickers to make a beautiful decor, sticky in this case must be carried out very efficiently. Most modern wallpaper can serve as interior decoration without additional accessories.

For the most part it is textured, vinyl fabric with bright pictures and wallpapers with panoramic images. Each of these may be the only interior decoration and organically flow into the environment.

textured finish

textured finish

So, with the help of photo wallpaper can transform a room in the part of the three-dimensional picture, creating a unique atmosphere. A raised cover easily fit into any interior due to the diversity of textures. There are paintings, imitating wood, stone, plaster, tile and other natural materials.

To pokleit quality non-woven wallpaper is required to prepare the wall: remove the old layer of the coating, leveled and primed surface and treat it and antifungal composition against mold.

In addition, the required quality adhesive that can withstand fairly heavy fabric.

Facilitate the task of spreading the adhesive can machine stickers wallpaper. This is a special device that allows you to apply the adhesive to the back portion of the web with just one hand movement. Suffice it to fill in the prepared adhesive mixture wound roll on a roller and rotate the knob. At the exit you get a fabric impregnated with adhesive and ready for the sticker on the wall.

Summing up

And yet, stickers - really an excellent tool for interior decoration without committing or permutations of the tedious maintenance work.

Properly selected stickers fit into any style and will help to decorate your room.

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